Jul 20, 2017

Big Stuff

So today is a huge day for us! We are closing on our old and new house! Which means moving day is upon us and we are going to be busy moving the rest of today and tomorrow. So I won't be putting up a blog post tomorrow because we have to get started early getting things moved. We have until Saturday evening to actually move but we want to get things moved as quickly as possible. We are actually doing the majority of the moving with a moving company only moving on big stuff.

But we are going to be busy. We are definitely excited and I can't wait to share our new house with all of you. I didn't go through all the process like I did when we bought this house but life has just been crazy so it just didn't happen.

We will be getting the internet on Monday which means no post on Monday but I will be back just as soon as I can to share about the new house and get back to posting on schedule. However it does mean that I have to close the shop for a few days again. Things will be all over the place and I just can't do it all. I have to get the family moved and at least find the box with my business in it before I open again.

But I'm planning to open the shop again on Monday too. I'm looking forward to getting things back to normal as quickly as possible. But for now have a great weekend and I'll be back just as soon as I have time to sit down and write a blog post!

Jul 19, 2017

Making the Cut: 30 Day Core

Another workout done! (Although I should say that technically I have been done with this one for some time now. Rob and I did this one together and finished this before going on vacation last week but since I took a blogging break and wanted to share our pictures from vacation I'm just now getting around to posting this. But still that first sentence applies - another workout done!) And just like with the previous one I have done this one before. You can read about the first time doing this one here. But the good news is that unlike the previous one I liked this one for the second time doing it.

Barefoot Core Focus
I think I forgot how hard this workout is. Since I always watch workouts before I actually do them, I had an idea of what all the moves were and they didn't seem that hard. But the thing about Moms Into Fitness is that they are hard but very simple. You aren't struggling to figure out what in the world you are supposed to be doing and getting your body into some crazy position but you are going to feel it!

This one has a warm up then 6 minutes of lower body, 6 minutes of upper body and you end with 6 minutes of core. And each are hard in their own ways. The lower body I struggled with because of my knee but I got through it and it's only going to make my knee stronger the more I push. The upper body was just stinkin' hard and all you use is your own body weight but nothing like pointing out to yourself how much you weigh until you are using it to workout. After the first time I did this workout I was definitely most sore in my upper body. Then the last 6 minutes of core are killer. My core was screaming at me the whole time but I was able to push through it. 

It just throws me off every time because it looks simple but boy is it hard!

Cardio Torch
I love this workout because although I hate cardio as a rule, I like the way it is set up. You do three exercises a minute each then you have a minute and half of those same exercises (30 seconds each) where you go as hard and fast as you can then you get a break and you start another round and do the same thing. This cardio is a fairly low-impact which I'm definitely good with, but you definitely feel it and feel like you got a good workout by the end of it. 

I like doing the Moms Into Fitness workouts because I always feel like I got a really good workout and have something to really feel proud of in the end.

I knew this one was with weights and I was all set in my mind to do this with my 5 pound weights but once we got going I realized that definitely wasn't going to happen. This workout is a killer. Just like she says during this workout while I'm doing upper body I'm ready to move on to lower body and while doing the lower body I'm ready to go back to the upper body.

The hardest parts for me was definitely the work on my triceps and my glutes. There is all kinds of lunges and squats which is hard when it comes to my quad and my knee as I'm still working on getting my leg back. But it is definitely my glutes and triceps that feel it the most.

 Cardio Core
This cardio move is a lot like the first cardio workout we did in the first two weeks where you do 3 minutes - one minute per move - then 30 seconds of those same exercises are as hard you can before you get a short break and back at it for another round. This one has the bonus of planks however and jumping - lots of jumping. So right there that makes it a heck of a lot harder.

Also at the end of this one there is additional core for a couple minutes that includes - you guessed it - planks! It really gets the abs burning because this cardio definitely uses a lot more core throughout. So it definitely kicks it up a notch from the cardio of the first two weeks.

360° Core & Flexibility
This is all core and flexibility and it is a killer to get through. 30 minutes of core loading. It's definitely hard but once you survive it and you know that you are strengthening your core in the end, you definitely feel good about that. It's really hard and painful and you feel everything. It hurts to laugh or move after but I also always feel really good.


I had actually forgotten how much I liked Moms Into Fitness workouts. Her moves are rarely complicated but you really feel it and sometimes struggle but you know you are truly getting something out of it. Once upon a time I wasn't sure how I felt about Moms Into Fitness (of course that was early pregnancy workouts too) but now I love love love her workouts. I love all the results I have gotten from her workouts and how I feel when I finish.

I also love how she advises you throughout the workouts to really listen to your body. If things are timed and you are done then that's okay and jump back in with the next move. Trust yourself and how you feel. This isn't just about being skinny, but about feeling good and being a better mom and being healthy.

So as you could probably guess, I enjoyed doing this workout for the last four weeks. I will admit that this workout was short two days but that's okay. I'm sure I will do this workout again sometime because I am always happy with the results and how I feel at the end of it. So if you are looking for one that is definitely hard but effective, this is a great one!

Jul 17, 2017

Our Vacation in Photographs

In case you were wondering we headed to the beach. Just like last year we went to Orange Beach, AL and even stayed in the same condo we did last year. We definitely had a blast and Addie has even been talking about going back next year. It was a much needed and fun vacation!

Jul 7, 2017

Every Day Conversations [Kid Edition]: Part VIII // Happy Friday

"I need daddy to check my room." A
"Can mama do it?" B
"No I needed daddy cause he can bend."

Dusting random things including a picture of Rob and me on our wedding.
"Mama I'm dusting your marriage!"

"Mama turned off my rock and roll and won't give me a kitty kat bar. I'm going to destroy her."

Upset and about to cry.
"What wrong?" B
"Daddy said it was time for bed and I just want to get the party started."

"See you told me!" Said in the way you might say "See I told you."

After her and Connor climb up to sit on the couch with me and Rob. "We're like a family!"

Part I -- Part II -- Part III -- Part IV -- Part V -- Part VI -- Part VII

Just a side note: there won't be any new blog posts next week. Feel free to play check up with posts you haven't read yet or really go back and read some oldies (but goodies!). I will be back the following week for at least a couple of posts before things might get quiet again (we aren't sure when we are getting the internet at the new house and with all the moving and such, blog posts may not happen for a bit.) I'll do the best I can but I think you all understand. 

Anyway, enjoy next week and I'll be back in the following week!

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

Jul 3, 2017

The Walk-Through

So I couple weeks ago I talked about how we decided to sell our house and buy a new one. It definitely seemed crazy but we are also very excited about this move. We have been talking a lot lately about the house and what we are looking forward and the move itself. But we haven't actually seen the house again since the day we made an offer on the house. So we were definitely excited about doing the walk-through and seeing the house again.

Since we are buying a brand new house we weren't doing an inspection you would normally do but we would be doing a walk-through on the house to make sure everything was perfect and there weren't things that that the builders needed to fix before we moved in. This was also going to be the first time we took the kids to the house. Connor was completely clueless about what was happening but Addison was definitely excited about seeing the house and picking her room.

So when the time came last week for our walk through we loaded the kids up and headed to the house. The yard finally had sod down and the numbers were up on the house. When we arrived a crew with cleaning supplies was leaving. We headed inside and I was almost giddy (although I didn't actually jump up and down and squeal - even if I thought it) because the house was even more beautiful (and bigger) than I remembered. Addie was instantly shy with the people there but she managed to squeak out to me that she liked it so far.

Turned out she really liked the house - actually they both did and easily got comfortable, going to running around the main level. And she was excited to explore the bedroom floor and pick out her bedroom which connected to Connor's room via a bathroom.

We meanwhile took the time to walk through each room, talking over things about the house and looking for things that needed to be fixed. There was a few things in each room but mostly just little chips or spots that needed to be touched-up. And we had to go over a few things like the sprinkler system which we had never had before.

All in all the walk-through took about an hour (which was good because right after we were meeting the landscaping company at the house to go over the landscaping - and hello I'm clueless there but got through it). By the end of it I was definitely even more excited about moving in and getting our family into the house. The kids loved the house and I will love having the living room and the kitchen on the same level, and even having a bathroom on that same level. It will be glorious!

But alas we have to wait still a few more weeks before we close and move but we are making progress here - slowly, I got sick this weekend and got nothing done and of course it is our last weekend at the house since our other weekends are busy. But I'll get it all done.

And the best part is that when we bought this house I almost regretted it immediately but I definitely don't feel that way about the new house. I am just ready to go and want to move in now!

Jun 30, 2017

The Sixteen Month Comparison // Happy Friday

I can't believe we are already up to sixteen months! Time is flying with this little boy! So here's another comparison post of the two of them! I am definitely seeing more differences these days, including look at all that hair on the little boy that Addie just lacking at the same age!

So there you have it! Another comparison (although lacking in content a bit - it's been a long week so forgive me for that!)!

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!
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