May 10, 2019

The Five Month Comparison // Happy Friday

I put this together then stared at it for the longest time. There are so many pictures were Emma looks exactly like Addison at this age. But definitely harder to see that here.

Addison definitely had a bit of chunk on her. She was probably my rolliest baby. And I've been trying to figure out if I think Connor looks smaller or Emma, but I think they are probably about the same size here with Emma just a bit smaller.

I don't see a ton of similarities from Connor to Emma. Emma and Addison could be the same person but Connor definitely stands out as the most different (maybe because he's the boy. maybe just the luck of it), although he does go through phases where he looked a lot like Addison. It will definitely be interesting to see how Emma changes and to see if she continues to look like Addison or if she'll branch off and how quickly that change happens.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

May 9, 2019

Emma Lynn: 5 Months

Dear Emma:

You are changing so fast. Too fast. But you have been amazing since day one and that hasn't changed. You are just as amazing if not more so. You are so happy and easy-going. You just want to watch everything and see the world around you.

It has been a huge month for us. We moved you right before you turned four months but this was the month we started cry-it-out. Luckily we didn't have to do anything crazy because you caught on and started self-soothing pretty quickly. Naps were hard at first but I figured out you were just cold and needed a sleeper sack and everything has been golden since. You take three naps a day. Your morning nap is anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours. Your afternoon nap is your long nap about 2-3 hours. It's the evening nap which is really challenging. You just don't want to nap in the evenings. There is just too much going on and you don't want to miss anything.

This month was also huge because you have started rolling. Most kids go from their tummy to their back first but you decided to go outside the box and went from your back to your tummy first. It was a couple days later that you went from your tummy to back, but you are going both ways now. You have just discovered rolling to get out of sleeping. The first night you discovered it, I felt like I went in a million times when it was really about seven or eight different times to roll you back. Even though you can roll both ways apparently when you are trying to not sleep, you only roll on your tummy.

You are officially what we call a happy spitter. You just throw up for no reason and you are perfectly fine with it. Your big sister was the same way. I feel like we are both always covered with throw up. I'm starting to think that's my new smell. I have gotten to the point where unless we are just completely soaked through I don't even bother changing either one of us because you are just going to do it again. You may be a happy spitter but I'm not all that happy about it.

Despite all the spitting you are doing, you are eating great. You have started to stretch out how often you want your bottles so it's closer to 4 or 5 hours. You have about 6 ounces each feeding. But more importantly you are starting to get interested in food. You are really watching everything we eat and even trying to make a grab for it every once in awhile. Rice cereal is probably not what you have in mind when you are studying our food but soon enough we will be letting you have some of that.

I don't know if it's being the third kid and you just learn to go with the flow or if it's just all you and your easy personality, you are so chill. You are happy and content. You never really fuss much unless you need something. You are as happy as can be just sitting and taking it all in. You have definitely been amazing. Everyone in this family loves you more than you even know. And I know I can't wait to continue to watch you grow and change and be the person you are going to be. I love you so much.

Love, Mama

May 8, 2019

A Day in the Life: 6.7 Year, 3.3 Year, & 5 Month Edition

4:16 -- Emma is awake for her feeding. She pretty much wakes up at this time every day; she is so close to actually making it all the way through the night. Another month or so and hopefully she won't need this feeding.

5:30 -- Up again and feeling like it's too early to exercise.

6:15 -- I'm done with my workout and glad for it. Now I head upstairs to shower and have a little down time before the madness begins.

7:00 -- The madness begins.

7:09 -- Down for breakfast. They have been having waffles or pancakes with scrambled eggs and yogurts these days.

7:19 -- I go get Emma. I have to get her fed before we have to take Addison to school. She's in a good mood. Of course when I got to feed her, she mostly just messes around and throws up on me but she had enough to get her through.

7:36 -- Everyone finishes getting ready for school and a grocery run right after. I'm impressed the kids were ready so early. Rob heads off to work.

7:57 -- Off to take Addison to school.

8:15 -- As soon as Emma, Connor and I get back to the house we get right into the car and head off to the grocery store.

9:25 -- We are home again and I have a tired girl on my hands. She seems to always fall asleep about two minutes from the house but luckily she's never asleep long enough for her to not go back down for a morning nap in her crib when we get home. So I take her upstairs to nap.

Meanwhile I put groceries away and meal prep. Connor plays for awhile then comes over to join me. I think he's mostly there to see what food he can sample.

10:11 -- I finally finish with that task so I start my next one which is cleaning up and getting orders cut. Connor builds a train track and pops in and out while I clean my desk.

10:33 -- Emma is awake. I give her a 6 ounce bottle.

10:52 -- I go back to cleaning, only with a helper (even if the picture is out of focus...oops).

11:27 -- Time for lunch. I make Connor a hot dog, chips, and carrots with Ranch. He devours it and needs more to eat before I even get my sandwich made.

I'm trying out a new sandwich and it's delicious. Blackened deli chicken, lettuce, sandwich pickle, red onion, tomato, dijon mustard, and smash avocado with horseradish.

12:04 -- It's time to get the kids down for naptime.

12:13 -- Both kids are in their rooms. I have some folding to tackle before I have to get to work.

2:45 -- Emma is awake and ready to eat. Connor is also awake - I don't think he ever slept - but he's still playing in his room. She is having another 6 ounce bottle.

3:22 -- Time to go get Addie.

3:49 -- Home again. We head outside right away. We gotta get out there before the rain starts later this week.

4:33 -- We all head inside so I can put Emma down for a nap.

4:23 -- Back outside again for a bit longer.

4:41 -- I head inside to start dinner.

4:53 -- The kids come inside and start fighting. I finish vacuuming while I wait for the oven.

5:12 -- Emma is awake and I go back to cooking again.

5:33 -- Rob is home.

5:40 -- And sometimes we eat dinner like this.

5:56 -- The big kids go back outside and I take a few minute to sit before doing the dishes.

6:00 -- Rob feeds Emma another bottle.

6:47 -- We head upstairs. Addie goes to shower. Rob gets Emma ready for bed. Connor starts cleaning his room.

7:30 -- Emma is down and the other two continue to get ready.

7:55 -- All the kids are down, just in time for storms to hit. I work on my blog and do a little more work before I read and go to bed around 10. Rob comes up from downstairs around 9 and I have no clue when he went to bed because I passed out.

And that's it.

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May 7, 2019

April Bullet Journal

It's time again for another bullet journal look through. I can't believe how fast April flew by. I can't believe we are in the final countdown until school is out. It's just nuts. 

For this month I decided to go with a rain theme because April showers and all that. I was originally going to go with a yellow theme but I just couldn't find a yellow I liked so I found this mint and loved it. I found washi tape to match and odds and ends to go along with the month. It's one of my favorites for sure. 

My calendar page is the same (although very blurry this month because my picture taking skills are lacking sometimes). But basically no changes from the last few months - if it works, why change it?

Again it is my memories page and my blog post page. More of the same from previous months.

This last month's doodle challenge was picnic theme. It was much easier than the video game characters from the previous month, thank goodness. I think it went pretty well overall although there are some pictures better than others.

Each month I have been doing a 30 day challenge of some kind. During the month of April my goal was to drink more water. As you can see you pretty much failed at my daily goals but at least I know for sure that I need to do better and drink more water.

The other page is my Easter layout which is just where I collect my head of what I need to do and food and all that. It's simple and works.

And then into my dailies. My dailies are pretty much exactly the same the last few months because they work and I like them. I have my to dos on the left and other bits and pieces with stickers on the right. Those are usually things I want to remember or I want to stand out or something I have a cute sticker for I want to use.

This page includes my Konmari: Toys page which I'm almost done with with now. This page is marked with my Captain magnetic to help me find it easier.

So there you have it. That was what my April bullet journal looked like. It was pretty much the same. Although I am featured in more pictures and random cute die cuts. This is definitely my favorite bullet journal so far. I have definitely found my groove.

May 3, 2019

Three on the Third // Happy Friday

1. I convinced Connor to go to his room while I tried to get Emma down one day (the days before cry-it-out and she was also in our room at the time). While I'm sitting there with her, I could hear Connor's door. I go to check on him and tell him to stop hitting the door when Stella comes running out. I asked him why he didn't let Stella out and he told me because then he wouldn't have a cat in his room.

2. Have you ever written a word so many times that by the time you finish whatever you are doing it no longer looks like a word? I was designing word stickers for the shop and I'm pretty sure the word swim will never look the same to me again.

3. Addison asked me for peanuts for a snack the other day so I told her yes. I gave her a bowl and we went back to playing outside. She sat on a swing while she ate her bowl; Connor meanwhile had decided that he wanted to go inside. I told him to clean up first. He started back down the stairs but falls. He was fine but upset about falling. About a minute later, Addie runs over with her bowl of peanuts but trips on a rock, also falling, her peanuts flying everywhere. She too was fine, and somehow we manage to make it inside without anymore problems. Connor immediately asks for peanuts too. I give him some and almost immediately he trips on a stool and falls, peanuts flying everywhere. I can't help but laugh about peanuts everywhere again. To which Connor says, "it' s not funny mama." Which only makes it funnier. Needless to say I'm never giving them peanuts again.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

May 1, 2019

Photo Every Hour

5:30 || getting my morning sweat on

6:30 || greeted by my faithful cat in her usual spot

7:30 || breakfast for the littlest

8:30 || errand

9:30 || working and playing

10:30 || more food

11:30 || planning

12:30 || working

1:30 || peeking in

2:30 || more work

3:30 || walk home from school

4:30 || packing orders

5;30 || finishing dinner

6:30 || family evening walk

7:30 || icing my very sore knee and the Royals


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