Jan 16, 2018

This Time Last Year

A Pain in the Knee: Part VI (aka Knee Surgery & Recovery + Being a Mom = Really Hard)

This seems like so long ago but also not so long ago. I was still in a brace at this time last year which seems crazy. How did I function? I guess I wasn't so wrong when I said it was really hard because it was, but we made it through. But seriously look at at that baby face Connor. How was that a year ago? He has grown so much so fast!

Side by Side // Happy Friday

Even crazier is that I was pregnant this time two years ago and I was 32 weeks! This was one of the many side by side comparisons I did to compare how I was pregnant with Addison and how I was pregnant with Connor.

She Got Her Hands Dirty // Happy Friday

This was a huge thing because she had problems with sensory things including getting her hands dirty so the fact that she used stamp ink and didn't mind that it was her hands was really really big!

Making the Cut: A Lifetime Resolution

I didn't have a pictures from this but during this blog I talked about why I started exercising and how it needed to be more than just a year plan but it was about it being a lifetime commitment.

A Little Extra: Pizza Crust

This is a seriously good pizza crust recipe. It's easy and only takes 2 hours. I highly recommend it. I have a really good pizza sauce recipe too.

How Bout Them Reads: Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1)

Apparently I used to share more about books after I read it. I enjoyed this book apparently.

So that was how the last few years have looked. Not exactly exciting but there you have it.

Jan 15, 2018

A Lost Boy Mullet Boy No More

I love my son's hair. Truthfully I had a hard time with the idea that I had to cut it, but I knew the time had finally come. He was being mistaken for a girl. It was long and unruly - it was in his eyes and itching his ears. But I would be lying if I said this was an easy choice I made finally getting his hair cut, silly as it may seem. His long and unruly hair was just so Connor but I knew it was time.

I decided I definitely wanted to go with a place that specialized in kids' hair because I wasn't sure how he would do. So I found a place and just went with it. He is just about to turn two and he understands a lot but knowing what we are talking about when we tell him that he is going to get his hair cut just isn't one of them. He would mostly just point to his hair and say 'hair.'

When we first got there, he wasn't sure what was happening but he chose the Batman car - good choice kid - that was playing Mickey on the TV in front of it. And almost immediately he tried to bail out. He didn't want to wear the bib despite our attempts to convince him it was a cape, so we just went with it. He was going to get his hair cut like it or not.

He tried bobbing his hair to avoid her touching his hair. He tried to swat her hands away until we had to kind of hold his hands and just plain distract him with other things.

But we got through it and it went well. I wasn't sure what I wanted exactly for his hair cut so we got something basic that just shortened it up. Truthfully I don't love it. I will definitely go shorter all over next time but it's better. Although I do miss his long hair that I used to play with while he sat there with me.

He did good overall for his first time (which happened to be the first time either kid had their hair cut because Addie's is still just growing). She was fast and did well with him bobbing and moving so much so we will definitely go back again but I have a better idea of what I want next time which will help.

But truthfully it's still pretty unruly. Short or long hair that's just Connor.

Jan 12, 2018

Snow Day // Happy Friday

I really meant to post yesterday but time just got away from me. That happens sometimes so it is what it is. But now it's Friday and boy am I ready for the weekend.

If you live in the Kansas City area then you probably had a snow day yesterday. Wednesday night I found out we wouldn't have to go out in what was being forecasted as a bad day. On one hand I dreaded it because the kids have been a little trying lately and both all day didn't sound like a ball. But mostly I was really really okay with it. In case you didn't know for some reason, I had knee surgery just about a year and month ago and I'm not 100% yet, so the idea of walking on any slick surface brings me some serious anxiety.

So we had a snow day where we didn't leave the house. We watched a little Mickey because why not?! Then the kids asked for some dancing. I have a playlist on my YouTube that basically is full of Just Dance kids videos that they love. And who am I to say no to getting some wiggles out?

As a kid I loved snow days and as I parent I still kind of like them because I don't want to go out when the weather is crummy either. But it does sometimes means long days. But they had fun and what's something.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

Jan 10, 2018

Every Day Conversations: Part XV

It's been so long! But there's quite a few here that I have been collecting over the course of several months now. So enjoy!

"Moms need to share because mom's need to share everyday." A

"What are you doing?" R
"Nothing." A
"That is never true." R

"You're a big galoot!" B
"No. I'm a normal galoot. You're a big galoot." R

Rob quietly stands on his tiptoes.
"How would you like living in a world living where I'm taller than you?" R
"You are taller than me?" B
"Yeah but not this much taller." R

Rob looks at the peanut butter.
"Isn't it unforunate that some people are allegeric to peanuts?" R
"Sure for those people. For everyone else that means more peanuts."

"Sometimes I have the overwhelming desire to stand at the sink and turn the water on and off while you are in the shower that water keeps changing on you." B

"Did you like the big messes?" B talking to R about the giant messes in the kids room at bedtime.
"Yeah thanks for that." R
"So here's what happened...the power was out for six hours."

"My hair looks really brown." B
"Well your hair is brown..." R
"It's the same color as the faucet. And shiny." B

Sings the banjo tune from Deliverance.
"Do you know what movie that's from?" B
"No do you?" R
"Yes but I can't remember the movie."
Fake bites my leg. "Do you know why I bit you? Me either."
"Okay here's what happened. I sang it, asked you then realized I didn't remember what the movie was so I was really hoping you knew."

"I know what happened to your hair. You got a haircut." A
"No I spontaneously lost all my hair." R
"Male pattern baldness." B sing-song

"Who are you working for?" R
Carrots: ....
B started laughing.

Talking about Connor who woke up at 11pm
"I don't think he's very happy and his arm was through his neck hole." R

"You swab!" A
"Do you even know what that means?" B
"Yes. It's pirate...in French." A

"Connor you are the cutest Captain America that has ever been thought of." B
"And he's a boy!" A

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Jan 9, 2018

2018 Bujo

At the end of 2017 I took a break from my bullet journal and went to just using a Happy Planner. As much as I loved the Happy Planner, I really missed using my bullet journal. I felt like a mess without having my all in notebook, so I was pumped for 2018 to come and for me to get back into a bullet journal again.

So I got myself another bullet journal and got to work setting it up. I seriously had so much getting to set up and just couldn't wait until the new year in order to actually use it. I don't have a ton of spreads yet but I thought it would be fun to walking through what I do have because quite frankly I'm pretty proud of how it's going and this is definitely my favorite of the three I have.

For my very first page I found this sticker and knew this was exactly what I wanted to start this bullet journal.

I don't do the traditional future log because this just isn't how my brain works. I love the traditional calendar look. It takes me awhile to put together all 12 months but I am always pleased with how it turns out.

I talked a little about this page before but this is the first page after the calendar because it's good to see what my focus is. I need some with my block numbers but I'm pretty pleased with how this page turned out. The goals was stamped out and the word empower was laid out with stickers.  

I am crazy proud of myself for this one. I was looking for a different idea in terms of tracking my books and I found this picture on Pinterest and I knew this was what I wanted. It took me forever to draw out and it's definitely not perfect but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The only downside was that I realized I couldn't write the book titles on the books because they were too small, but I thought I would just color in a book once I finished one. I'm not a big fan of how I colored in the cushion at the windowsill (I wanted a navy blue and this turned out too late), but I can deal and still love how this turned out.

I decided I would instead of writing my titles of books I read on the books above I would just write down the titles on the next page (I like to keep track). The books and owl was from a stamp set I got from The Sassy Club and it is seriously cute.

The next page is my January monthly start. Everything you see is either traced or stamped. I would love to be able to letter like that but it's just not in my wheelhouse yet so I printed out the January and the little monster and used my tracing paper to copy it into my journal then I colored it in with colored pencils and Tombow markers. There are also snowflakes on the page which is hard to see, but those are stamped on.

It took me a long time to figure out how I wanted to do a monthly page. In my last few bullet journals I always did them the same but I definitely wanted something different this time. I saw something similar to this on Pinterest (who doesn't love that site?!) and got it all laid out for me. The monster is again traced. I thought about coloring him in but I couldn't decided so I decided to wait. I was also thinking about putting a quote in where the globe sticky note in (it just has some skincare stuff on it), but again I couldn't decide and figured I could always come back. I like how this page turned out a lot.

In my last bullet journal I had dropped the habit tracker but I decided I wanted to give it another try so I add it back in here. The title is going downhill slightly which kind of bothers me but oh well - it is always traced out. Again I can't letter like that yet.

I wanted to add in a memories page which I plan to add in pictures and other big things that happen over the course of the month. I had tried this way back when I first started using a bullet journal and it never turned out like I wanted to but I really am looking forward to adding it back in.

I wanted to try doing a mood tracker this month too. Of course it doesn't look great with the fact that three days were colored in with grumpy or moody. But those were rough mom days with the kids. (There seems to be a listening problem around here and any parent would grumpy after repeating themselves for the tenth time that day.) I just thought it would be interesting to see how my mood was overall over the course of the month.

Then we get into the daily pages. I am definitely going into the simple in comparison to my last one where I used more stickers. I plan to still add in extras but less than I did before (which will definitely help with the size of the journal by the end).

I was so excited to get back to meal planning in my bullet journal again because once I stopped using a bujo I didn't have a good want to do meal planning so it didn't happen and that was not so great. I'm using the same layout I used before but it worked so why change it?!

So that's basically what my bujo has so far and I love it. It's simple but it's fun. I look forward to planning in it everyday and spending time playing with new spread ideas. So I'm definitely pleased with how it has turned out so far and I am so happy to be back into it. It's been a good start to 2018 and I feel a little less of a hot mess so that's definitely something.

Also check out:
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Jan 8, 2018

How to Boil Water: Blue Apron #14

Fresh Fettuccine & Prosciutto with Kale & Tomato Sauce

I liked this one a lot. Prosciutto is delicious in case you were wondering. I actually am not a fan of kale at all but I didn't really notice it in this meal and I would definitely have it again. I thought it was good and it was easy to make.

Mushroom & Cheese Quiches with Oregano-Roasted Potato

I think my biggest complaint with this meal is that I had to go out and buy mushrooms because Blue Apron forgot to send me some. But otherwise it was good. The potatoes were all kinds of delicious. I thought the oregano on it would taste weird or not be good but it really was delicious. The quiche was good although I didn't finish it because I got full about halfway. It didn't taste too eggy which is good for me since I don't like eggs. It was good.

Spicy Shrimp Bucatini with Cabbage & Toasted Breadcrumbs

This was a bit underwhelming and just not as great as I was hoping truthfully. The shrimp was good and the flavor was good, but it was just pasta with shrimp. I did think the cabbage was weird in it but it wasn't so horrible that you couldn't eat it. It was good but it wasn't great.

Mushroom Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Persimmions Salad

This entire meal was delicious. I'm not usually a fan of grilled cheese but in this case I really enjoyed this one. But I love some grilled onions and mushrooms. I have also learned that I really like persimmons because it's just good. There was definitely no wrong with this meal, and both Rob and I enjoyed all parts of it.

Lumaco Rigata Pasta with Mushrooms & Collard Greens

This was pretty good.  I'm not a big fan of things like collard greens and kale and the like, but this meal overall was pretty good and I enjoyed it. I have learned since this meal that I have a love-hate relationship with capers. I have decided that I like capers mostly. I definitely like the aftertaste which is a little weird but I'm so-so on the initial taste.

Roasted Turkey Breast & Farro-Endive Salad with Brown Butter Apple Compote

So I completely lost the picture for this one. That's okay it wasn't that great anyway. The apple compote was delicious but the rest I could have done without. I had trouble with the turkey. I burnt parts of the skin when cooking it then undercooked the middle in the oven which meant I had to put it back in - twice. All leading to it being a bit dried out. And farro is blah. So yeah not awesome.

Seared Chicken & Mashed Potatoes with Mushroom Pan Sauce

The chicken is dry, but that wasn't a shock since I had to put it back into the pan for a bit. I just can't seem to get a good handle of cooking chicken recently. I have no idea what happened but we moved to a new house and suddenly I can't cook chicken. It was okay but not awesome. I do love a good mushroom so that was at least something.

Vegetable Lo Mein with Bok Choy & Carrots

This wasn't all that good. Honestly it was with this meal and fighting to get our kids to eat dinner that prompted me to make the decision to take another break from Blue Apron. The meals are so touch and go with us and I'm struggling to get the kids to eat again so I'm just needing to make food I know they will eat.

So that means these posts will go away from awhile but I hope to share more about what we eat in a week and other cooking posts but I'm definitely putting these Blue Apron meals on hold for a bit.

Jan 5, 2018

My Chef // Happy Friday

There is nothing quite like having a 1, almost 2, year old around the house.

We have had our little kitchen since Addison was probably around the same age. We were trying to do everything we could to get her up and standing and she definitely loved standing at the kitchen. Although we didn't need to use the kitchen to get Connor up and standing, he definitely loves it.

For months now he has been trying to wear an apron that my mom made for Addison which is clearly too long for him causing him to constantly trip. So for Christmas Connor had his own homemade apron in his stocking which even better for him is a superhero apron.

Turns out he loves it but he can never wear it without his chef's hat. I just can't resist the cute!

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!


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