Apr 25, 2017

Tornado vs. Hurricane

In case you were wondering - or hoping - this blog isn't about the weather. Actually it's about my kids. I always joke with Rob that Addison is my tornado and Connor is my hurricane.

Addison's destruction comes suddenly and out of nowhere. It's just suddenly chaos and often you can follow her line of destruction. On the other hand Connor is my hurricane. His destruction is constant and all over. It's everywhere and all over.

A lot of the differences between them that I see is actually that Addie at the same age was on the brink of her regression and less active than he is now. I won't lie and say that I don't think about that Connor is just about the same age as Addie when she went regressed. I know the chance of what happened to Addie will happen again is non-existent but it's hard not to think about it as we approach 18 months.

But overall there are so many differences I see between them. Beyond one being a boy and one being a girl - I still know nothing about little boys - they are so different.

Addie has always been curious but she is cautiously curious. She never just jumped in. She would watch and observe before she would even consider getting involved, and usually even then I had to coax her into it. Connor just jumps in. He is definitely curious and impulsively so. He heads right into it - even faster if you tell him no - and you can see the determination on his face to figure it out.

Addie was always very independent. Her behavior was very repetitive (still is sometimes) and she was always very content to sit and look at books or play by herself. She wasn't one to really cuddle. Connor on the other hand loves to sit on my lap. Addie loved movies but would sit by herself to watch them; Connor likes to sit on me to watch. He wants me right there all the time.

Addie was always a good eater. Connor is for that matter. But Addison would eat just about anything and everything, however she had trouble knowing when it stop. We always talked about the fact that it was because we struggled early on with breastfeeding before we switched to formula. Connor is a little pickier. He likes what he likes. He will try new things but he rarely tries anything new without me having to force him to try it. He won't ever pick up something new to try.

It goes along with the curiosity thing, but Connor is a lot more daring. He wants to climb and explore. he wants to figure out stairs. He literally tries to check things out head-first. Because of Addie's regression and delayed gross motor skills, this was something we never dealt with with Addison.

There are so many things that make them different. I don't see it as a little boy thing or a little girl thing. I see it as their personalities. I could have had a little girl just like Connor. Of course compared to my very laid back Addison who went through a regression, any kid is active. Despite how different they are, I couldn't love them. I will admit that sometimes Connor completely wears me out. At 4 1/2 years ago, sometimes Addison drains me too. They are as different as night and day sometimes but yet they sit there and belly laugh together. They giggle and chase each other. They interact and can't wait to see each other.

I love my hurricane and I love my tornado. And despite their destruction I can't get enough of them.

Apr 24, 2017

Oh Monday

So I'm going to straight with you - I either have a horrible case of allergies (which is completely possible since I read that KC has the worst allergies in the country right now) or I have gotten sick. I feel like I was hit like a fast moving train over and over and over again, so I don't know what this is but I would be more than happy to be rid of it.

Where I'm going with this is that I feel awful. I mean like seriously bad. And actually I have a little boy who seems to be fighting the same things I am right now so I'm tired (not to mention I'm not sleeping great thanks to the drainage and really sore throat and runny nose).

Typing this much on a Sunday evening when I realized I had nothing ready for the blog on Monday has about taken it all out of me. So I have decided instead of sharing pictures of my favorite little guy who doesn't get near the amount of blog time that his older sister had gotten by the same age.

So enough of me and more of my blue-eyed goon....

Apr 21, 2017

The Tale of the Microwave // Happy Friday

If you know me at all then you know that I have a tendency to break things. Sometimes I don't know my own strength, sometimes it's just bad timing, sometimes it's my own stupidity. But I have a horrible habit of breaking things. It's pretty much all things too. I'm not picky about what I break. Check out this blog to read more about some of those things. That doesn't even go into the technology I have broken.

Anyway my talk about breaking things is leading to my story about the microwave.

We have had this microwave for a long time now. In fact Rob had it before we were together. It has traveled with us and served us well. I will admit that I may not have been the best at keeping it clean but sometimes the problem is out of sight, out of mind when it comes to cleaning the microwave.

Recently I have noticed that that the microwave has been acting a bit strange. I thought it was because we had a Kleenex box on top or because I'm just full of bad luck. But every once in awhile it would make a popping sound. It wasn't all the time and it wasn't every time it was used, and I thought it was just the plate off line but otherwise I didn't think much of it.

However it was a couple weeks ago now that I tried to heat up some chicken nuggets which so happen to be Connor's favorite lunch meal. It was almost immediately it started making a popping noise. But this time it didn't stop and was getting louder. Honestly I was afraid the thing was going to blow up so I rush over and stopped it. I opened the door only to be greeted with smoke. Now I don't know a lot about microwaves but I know they aren't supposed to smoke. I also knew that it wasn't because I burnt the chicken nuggets because they were in for about 20 seconds total.

But now I had a broken microwave or maybe it was just me. So I called Rob. It's always going to be weird when I have to tell him that "I haven't burned down the house but..." Since it was lunch time he decided to come home and figure out what was going on.

So he came home to check out the microwave. I made a sandwich for Connor by this point hoping he would eat it (up to this point he wouldn't eat anything but chicken nuggets for lunch). Rob decided to move the microwave to the dining room away from our eating kids to test it out. Meanwhile the whole time Addie is telling Rob all about the smoke and how we don't want to catch on fire.

Rob gets the microwave going and it immediately started doing the same thing. So he turns it off and we officially call it.

After many many years of good heating, it was time for our faithful microwave to retire. Rob went out to get another one and we replaced the microwave and that was that. Of course it took us a couple of weeks to finally remember to put it out with the trash but finally we have said good-bye to our good microwave and start our new heating part of our life with a new one.

And now cheers to you for getting to end of this very pointless story.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

Apr 20, 2017

A Pain in the Knee: Part XI (aka Life Since Discharge)

It's been awhile since I have written about my knee and in case you were wondering, my knee isn't 100%. In fact it's going to be awhile before it is back to how it was (or actually better), but I am making progress.

So since I left this story last I had been discharged from PT and cleared from the doctor to continue life normally. In fact I had no limitation placed on me at all since I was out of the danger zone with my knee. It was all about doing things at my own pace as I feel comfortable. 

I had been itching to get back to exercise for awhile now but I had been hesitating to do that until I was done with PT. I knew I had to continuing working on my knee but I was ready to be done with my PT exercises and push my knee a bit more. So after much consideration I decided to do just that. I stopped my PT exercises which I felt like I was stalling with it and just frustrated all the time.

So I have progressed to just working out. In a few weeks I will have more about my workout itself but the point now is that I have stopped doing the PT exercises which wasn't pushing my leg anymore and instead working out 5 days a week. Just in case anyone was wondering there is so much leg work in my exercises that I'm still definitely getting the work in. But I'm able to push it more because there is more than just simple squats.

I am also walking on a daily basis and if you have seen my house then you know I have a lot of stairs which is great practice itself. So my leg is getting all kinds of work on a regular basis and like I said I'm not in any danger with my leg now because it is strong enough now.

As for the strength in my leg, you can still tell that the muscle isn't there yet. My knee still swells sometimes - depends on the weather and how much I'm on it and if I got smacked in the knee by my 1-year old that day - but mostly it looks almost normal. The muscle is just just quite there. It's definitely getting stronger though. I can know get up off the floor holding Connor. I can walk up and down the stairs alternating feet holding Connor (although I don't do it too often because habit...?). I can squat and lunge. I can do little hops and have been working on jumping jacks through my workout. Running is a not there yet. I can do a small jog in place but it's awkward and feeling awkward. My leg wants to snap back straight without any control, so that's still coming along. Sometimes it still wants to give out on me but that happens less.

So I feel like it's doing much better. There are still some things I struggle with. It still gets stiff in the mornings and aches like crazy when I first start working out (it does stop doing that and stretches out over the course of the workout). I feel the weather changes. Sometimes if I leave it bent or straight for too long then it starts to hurt, but it's much better.

Can't say that I feel 100% awesome about the fact that I did this surgery in the first place. I know one day I won't say that and know that it was the right decision because no more worrying about my knee but those days that it just really bothers me, I have a hard time seeing that it was the best idea. But those days of hating that I had the surgery are mostly behind me.

So that's the short and sweet about my leg. I still wear the compression brace. I'm doing it less around the house but I still wear it quite a bit when I go out. I did do my first short walk without my brace the other day with no issues or pain or even it aching.

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Apr 19, 2017

Let's Create...Or Play with a Container

So my little goon is almost 14 months and we were having a long morning so I decided to let him have his first experience with play-doh. Yes, a lot of things could go wrong with this experience but with Addie at school, I could concentrate on him and make sure nothing horrible happened with the play-doh. I just thought it would be a good time to have this new experience. It was actually around this same age that Addie got her first experience with play-doh.

So I pulled out to small containers of play-doh, opened'em up and let him go to it. 

His interest in the actual play-doh lasted about two minutes - and that's being generous - before he put a piece in his mouth. I stopped him once but the second time he was too quick for me. He was not pleased with the taste and actually didn't want to even tough the play-doh after that. 

So he went for the container. 

Every time I tried to put the play-doh back into the container he freaked out. He wanted it out but didn't want to touch it. It was a bit confusing. But he's one of mine so I guess it makes perfect sense. 

He did finally come around to the play-doh again and went back to poking it a few times. 

He once again decided it wasn't worth it and just like with his sister, went back to the container which kept him entertained for quite awhile.

I couldn't get him away from the play-doh container. In fact he screamed his head off when I had to take it away so we could go pick up Addie from school. He was not happy and I had to hide the containers. 

So that was our first Connor experience with a play-doh. He was definitely not impressed at this point. In truth Addie hasn't been big on the play-doh. I know they do some at school and she likes to play, but here at home she was never been all that into it. 

I'm not exactly heartbroken about it since that means a little less clean-up at least in regards to play-doh, but maybe Connor will be my artist who wants to play play-doh all the time. You never know. But at this point he's more trying to figure out if he could structuring destroy this container. 

Apr 18, 2017

This Time Last Year...

2011 - Eggs + Sour Cream = Very Good Eggs

I was on a cooking kick way back when I started this blog. I was determined to learn to cook and some days went better than others. I still share some of my cooking experiences and recipes now but way less than I did back the. All I know is that this was a delicious one that we liked.

2012 - The Day the Apartment Flood - Part Two

I remember this happening with much...fondness wouldn't be the right word. I remember getting a call from Rob while I was working at the church office (I was a secretary there at the time) that our apartment had flooded. The dishwasher for the apartment above us didn't drain...well it did, just into our apartment. Our carpet was soaked and we had to had it aired out. We also had to have our ceiling repaired since the carpet people tore it down, without telling the apartment office. Weird. But anyway, this helped surge us forward to finding our house. Plus I was pregnant - I think about 10 weeks at this point.

2013 - A Bit More Welcoming

I was still doing a lot around here to help make it feel more like home. This is still one of my favorite projects. I did finally finish the white canvas above the numbers (our anniversary date). And I update the canvas every now and again. I think I got a good enough picture for a new canvas that actually includes Connor.

2014 - Happy Friday

Apparently it was Good Friday and Rob was off. Just last Friday was Good Friday and I didn't post (although I had planned on it, but it just didn't happen), but this year I did post. I didn't really say much but I posted this adorable picture of my favorite little girl (how is she not that little anymore?!).

2015 - My Life // Happy Friday

I shared a little about what I do and how my life is.

2016 - The One with the 42 Month Old Who is Thriving

This was a happy one because the word thriving was written in the title. I have a whole series that follows her regression and her progress back. I loved being able to share how awesome she was doing. There will probably be another post about her coming soon but let's just say that the word thriving could still definitely be used.
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