Jun 19, 2019

May Bullet Journal

It's midway through June so it seems like it's just the time to start talking about my May bullet journal. I had one and it was very much the same as what I had for the past months but I thought I would share anyway. 

For May I decided to actually follow my May monthly stickers I did for my sticker shop and go with a purple lavender theme. I really liked the colors in my kit so I wanted to stick with that with my bullet journal too. 

My monthly spread was the same as it has been. I had my goals and to dos which I didn't really do great on this month. Then at the bottom was my habit tracker which as you can see I didn't even finish filling out. The end of the month got crazy for me. And I dropped a habit so I just colored in that line so I would know looking back later that I changed things and didn't just neglect it.

I didn't really add a ton of memories into my memories spread because I had a few of those memories and pictures throughout the month on my daily pages and I didn't want to double the pictures. As you could probably tell the blog lately has been lacking on content (there is a couple different reasons for that which I won't get into now) but my blog post page reflects that.

Since January I have been doing a doodle challenge and as you can see I started one this month too but then fell off of doing it. I just didn't love the theme. I struggled all month with other things and the doodles just didn't matter. I did think about going back and filling in the pictures but I just don't care enough to do it. Sometimes this happens and even though half-filled in things can sometimes drive me crazy in this case I'm okay with it.

I had a plan to do a 30 day yoga challenge this month in the evenings in addition to my morning workouts. And it started all well and good until I realized how much I hated yoga. I dreaded the evening coming and spending 30 minutes when I finally get some time to myself doing yoga. I wanted to do other things, so I just stopped. No regrets. 

And then we jumped into my regular planning. I still prefer doing it daily - that's about all my brain can take at once these days. I used a bit more stickers to mark important things and of course my Royals stickers with when the games are on.

I have been trouble keeping things clean lately so I thought I would make myself a cleaning tracker which I didn't do a great job of actually using. I would love to have a way to keep track of what I really need to clean and do cleaning wise but everything I have found just doesn't work. But that's what happens with bullet journals and that's okay. It's all trial and error.

And there you have it. As you can see my theme for June is a bicycle which it is really more of an outdoor, fresh air theme than just strictly bicycle. But overall May worked well and is pretty much like all my other months. When you find something that works you just stick with it.

Jun 17, 2019

Making the Cut: 21 Day Fix

Well once again I completed another workout! This one was a little crazy with 21 straight days of working out. The days I would usually take off to rest were actually active recovery days meaning I did pilates and yoga on those days in order to keep my body moving throughout the entire program.

Image result for 21 day fix

This one was completely new to me. It was 21 Day Fix from Beachbody. I had never actually done a Beachbody workout before but I heard a lot of good things about this program and about other programs from them so I wanted to try it out. I will say going into this post that I didn't follow any meal plan. I know with Beachbody there is Shakeology and the container system, but I didn't follow any of that. I don't generally follow meal plans that go along with the programs I do although I know it would give me better results, I just struggle to find a way to make it work for the whole life or my life in general.

I definitely had some things I really liked about the program and I had some things I didn't, but that's normal with any workout program. I definitely liked that I was doing a different workout every day. So in total I only did the cardio three times - once a week - which meant anything that I didn't like I didn't have to do a whole bunch. I do tend to get bored so being able to mix it up every day is huge for me. Especially coming off of 6 Week Six-Pack where I did the exact same workout every day for three weeks.

Monday: Full Body Cardio 

This was basically a cardio workout with weights, so you better believe it was a bit challenging. But challenging is good. Challenging means that it's doing something. But the first day of doing this workout I knew it was going to be tough on Mondays. It definitely wasn't as bad the second and third week. But it was one of my least favorites of all the workouts.

Tuesday: Upper Fix

This was definitely a good solid arm workout out. There was core mixed in but I definitely felt it most in my arms. Often I walked away from the workout feeling like my arms were noodley (or at least that's how I phased it.) Cardio isn't my favorite so getting a good strength work out is definitely up my alley so I liked Tuesdays.

Wednesday: Lower Fix

I was a little nervous about leg day. I had a knee surgery once upon a time after all so sometimes legs can be challenging for me. I was afraid it would push it too much and I would hurt myself or that I would just hurt so badly that I would struggle to get through the rest of my day. But surprisingly it was a good mix. I felt like I had a good leg workout but without my knee ever hurting during that three weeks.

Thursday: Pilates Fix

I was completely prepared to hate this day but I actually liked it. It was challenging for all parts of the body. It was all pretty much on the floor so you didn't really get your heart rate high but it was still a good solid workout. I liked it.

Friday: Cardio Fix

Oh Fridays were hard. It was good in the sense of a burning some serious calories before pizza night on Friday but man I really really hate cardio. It was much like a HIIT workout though so you would go hard then have a short break to catch your breath. It was hard but I have definitely done worse cardio.

Saturday: Dirty 30

This was all about the strength workouts and this one I did really enjoy. I have no clue why I was named Dirty 30 if we are being honest but I liked it so it didn't really matter much to me what it was named.

Sunday: Yoga Fix

You can ask my husband, after every Sunday workout I was really angry. I really and truly hate yoga. The truth is that I don't have the patience for yoga so it's just not my idea of a good workout. Every time I did this workout I always thought about stopping because I would really rather have an off day than an active recovery yoga day. I really hate yoga.

So overall this was a good workout. I lost some inches, but I know it wasn't as much as if I had followed the meal plan (or actually container system - whatever) but I just didn't. I didn't want to figure it out and change how the whole family was eating. I just wanted the exercise part of it. And I did mostly enjoy the exercise part of it and I think I would do it again. I don't think I would just do it over and over and over again because I like having off days. I like having days were I can fully let my body rest. I don't mind 6 days in a row for some workouts but 7 days is just a little much for me.

Jun 14, 2019

The Six Month Comparison // Happy Friday

Dare I say that Emma actually looks more like Connor than Addison this month?!

I say this with all the love in the world but Addison was my chucky monkey. She has definitely thinned out over the years and now she's just tall, but once upon a time she was my chubby baby. Connor was chubby than Emma is now so she's my smallest, although she always seems to be the same height as her siblings.

I will say that she is easily my happiest. She is just so easy-going and content with everything. This month it's just a little harder to see the similarities between the three of them then in the past months.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

Jun 12, 2019

A Day in the Life: 6.8 Year, 3.4 Year & 6 Month Edition

6:00 -- My alarm goes off. It's time once again to get up and workout. I'm starting a new program today and I'm actually pretty excited about it. About the same time as I head downstairs, Emma wakes up so Rob heads in to feed her.

6:48 -- I'm done working out. I head back upstairs. Much to my surprise, Emma went back to sleep. Rob is in the shower so I start taking my measurements (I always do measurements on the first day of a new workout).

7:12 -- I'm back sitting in bed with an icepack on my knee and Rob heads to work. I'm shocked the house is still quiet.

8:55 -- I actually woke back up myself after laying in bed reading for a bit. The house was still quiet but it was time to get them up so we could get to the grocery store this morning. I did hear Emma starting to make noise. As I got close to Addie's room, I heard her reading but Connor was still passed out.

9:15 -- Breakfast time for all three kids. The big kids had a waffle, breakfast sausage and yogurt. Emma had a four ounce bottle and some rice cereal.

9:40 -- We head off for the grocery store.

10:30 -- I always promise the kids that if they do a good job at the grocery store (bribing at its best) then I will let them watch something when we get home. They have been picking this Avengers show lately that they love. Emma bounces and I put the groceries away.

11:00 -- The kids decide they are hungry so I make lunch.

11:11 -- While I made lunch Emma got a bit cranky so when I was done I took her upstairs for a nap. We got a clean diaper, read and sang then she was out.

11:36 -- After lunch it was time to get to work. The kids keep themselves busy while I start printing orders.

1:34 -- Emma is awake and ready to eat again. She has an 8 ounce bottle. Once she is done eating she plays on her playmat. The other two meanwhile are bouncing off the walls.

3:30 -- We leave for Emma's doctor's appointment. I like them better in the mornings but we had to move it today which I knew meant we would be there longer than I wanted.

5:04 -- We are home again. Emma goes right down for a nap. She was more than ready plus even more tired after getting shots. I get her down then start dinner.

5:38 -- Rob walks in which is great timing since Emma is awake and ready to eat again. He feeds her a 6 ounce bottle.

5:54 -- Time for dinner. I made crab rangoons, General Tso's chicken and rice.

6:23 -- We are done with dinner and just go back to hanging out. Rob heads outside to mow.

7:24 -- I take Emma upstairs to bed. I give her a 6 ounce bottle, pajamas and read. She didn't fuss at all tonight. Tired girl.

7:50 - I head back downstairs and clean up dishes.

8:02 -- Time to clean up. Normally the kids would be in bed but tonight we are waiting for sunset because we want to see Jupiter in the sky.

9:23 - We get back inside and get the kids to bed. They liked seeing Jupiter and even more they liked the augmented reality app that Rob had downloaded to see the night sky.

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Jun 10, 2019

Emma Lynn: 6 Months

Dear Emma:

I can't believe we are already halfway to a year! It is going by so quickly and you are changing so much. I say this every month and I have said this to your brother and sister too, but you just need to slow down. You have definitely had a lot of big milestones this month.

You are now sitting up with a little assistance. You are needing very little assistance actually, but I wouldn't quite call you a sitter yet. But you are so close. You love to sitting. You love to be able to see everything and I just put toys in front of you and that's all you need. However you have also become a little bit needier these days too. You just always want me right there or always want your dad to be holding you. So that's a bit tough sometimes but we are working on more independent play.

Another bit thing happened this month with you now eating rice cereal. You still aren't sure about how you feel about the rice cereal but it's hard to believe you are actually to the point where you are eating foods. Another sign that you are just growing too fast.

Along with all the other things you are doing, we have officially moved you out of your infant car seat into a transition carseat. You still have months of facing backward but you were just out of space in your infant seat and had grown out of it based on your height so we got you a new one and you see to love it. You are a little more upright, you can see everything better and you have more room in general. Along with that, you are now sitting in the front of carts. I have to put your blanket in one side and my purse on the other but you are loving your front row seat.

You are still napping three times a day with only one of those naps being a long nap. You fight your evening nap every day because that's definitely your least favorite but I'm not ready to give that one up yet. Because you are now having rice cereal a couple times a day, you are stretching out your eating so you eat every 4-5 hours now and have upped some of your bottles up to 8 ounces.

You are so aware of everything. You like to watch your siblings and often get upset when they leave the room where you can't see them anymore. You have also become very chatty. I'm always trying to listen close in case your first word pops out, but so far it's all just gibberish. But it's pretty dang cute gibberish.

You are so well loved around here. You are so easy-going and just love being in the middle of the family. We can't imagine without you even though you do often throw up on us. You make us all laugh and I know I can't wait to see more of your personality as you continue to grow. I love you so much little girl.

Love, Mama

May 24, 2019


I have a hard time believing that kindergarten is behind us. I mean technically I have two more kids so really I have more kindergarten but right now kindergarten in is behind us. And I'm not sure who's more upset - me because my girl is growing up or Addie because she loved her teacher and class so much.

This year has been an amazing year for Addie. I will admit that I was really nervous going into this year. My oldest was going to school. Granted she had been doing preschool for two years but this was different. It was a different school. It was all new teachers and friends. It was all day. Suddenly I wasn't the one spending most of the time with her during the day. I couldn't make sure she was eating her lunch or making sure she was doing okay. It was a tough transition for me from for a long time having her so dependent on me just to communicate to suddenly standing back and letting her doing it all herself.

But I got through. And it turned out that Addie loved school. Her teachers noticed quickly that she was a stronger reader. She ended up in a reading group with just one other student where they read books with a third grade reading level. She struggled at times with boredom because some of her friends were just getting their alphabet down where as she came into kindergarten already reading. But they recognized her strength and pushed her, not letting her get lost in the sea of kindergarteners.

She has had a blast all year long, loving computers and P.E. the most while art and music were always her lows. It was just been an amazing year for her. I had been sad when we moved schools about leaving her last one but we definitely didn't downgrade. This school has been amazing and I love where we are. She has just continued to grow and is more than ready for first grade. And I can't wait to see where she goes next.

May 20, 2019

Making the Cut: 6 Week Six-Pack

I'm officially back to exercise! I guess technically I've been back to working in for awhile now. I had been doing some postpartum workouts but I got bored. I was ready to move on so I did. Do I regret moving on? I guess it depends on the day.

I decided to start with my regular exercise programs with Jillian Michaels' 6 Week Six-Pack for a couple different reasons. First of all I remember this being a tough workout and I needed something that would challenge me. I needed to sweat and feel that rush of accomplishing something I wasn't sure I could actually do. And the second reason was because I've had three kids. I've never exactly had the strongest or firmest core but the last time I did this workout, I remember really getting some good results. And is there woman alive that has been postpartum and has felt a hundred percent confidence in her midsection?

I started off pretty strong. I felt good and confident in the workout. It wasn't as bad as I remembered it being. I was sure that I could handle the six weeks (three weeks per level). I will admit that by the time I got to the last week of the first level I was ready to just give up. I was already feel burnt out and I wasn't feeling like I was getting any results.

For the most part the first level really wasn't bad though. I learned during the second week that I was cheating out with my arm on a couple workouts more than I should have which meant my core wasn't getting really worked. I also learned that I had to change some of my workouts. I have been having hip issues so doing cardio in plank kind of hurt so I found other ways to get my cardio in which wasn't in plank. I knew I wasn't losing some of the core there but at least I was doing something.

But like I said I was pretty discouraged after the first three weeks because I just felt like I wasn't seeing any improvement despite how hard I was working. Rob then encouraged me to recheck my measurements after those weeks. He reminded me that my weight never seems to reflect a change. So that's what I did and I found that I lost at least an inch from each other the areas I measure. So that definitely helped with my morale going into my last three weeks and level two.

I was dreading level two a little bit but also looking forward to. After doing the exact same workout every day for three weeks, it gets a little dull and you are just ready to move on. Of course the first day of level two comes and it completely kicks my butt. I am sweating more than I ever did in level one and my calories burned shoots through the roof.

But over time I started to figure out it wasn't as bad as I remembered. Or at least it wasn't awful for my abs. The rest of me was really sore but my abs were fine. Which then led me to be frustrated that this wasn't doing what I wanted this workout to do. I was getting a leg workout and my bum was sore but my abs weren't feeling anything. The soreness went away but me feeling it in my abs just didn't happen.

By the time I was done with my three weeks I definitely didn't have a six pack which was okay. I didn't really expect to. But I was slimmer. It may not have been an huge amount or at least not enough to really notice a difference to anyone else but the measurements don't lie. This workout as a whole did make a difference, so that definitely was nice. After six weeks of struggling, it was nice to see that it all mattered and wasn't a waste of time.

But I'm definitely excited about moving on. I'm trying something I have never done before and I'm looking forward to it.


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