Mar 15, 2019

The Three Month Comparison // Happy Friday

It's hard to remember Addison and Connor at three months. That was so long ago!

They are definitely siblings and you can really see it this month. I don't think Addison and Connor look too much alike but I see a lot of both in Emma. She is definitely a mix. And she happens to also be the only one who is truly smiling for me but that girl definitely is happy and smiles easily.

I just can't believe she is actually three months and we are already well on our way cruising to four months.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

Mar 14, 2019

A Day in the Life: 6.5 Year, 3.1 Month & 3 Month Edition

6:45 -- I turn off my alarm so I can snooze a bit longer instead of getting up and getting my workout out of the way.

7:53 -- I wake up and know I need to get up to exercise but with no plans today I'm not in any rush.

8:03 -- We get a call from KB Complete that they are coming out to check out our air conditioning now which means we need to get up and get dressed. That will put off my exercise for a little bit but I'll get it in after they leave.

Rob pops up and gets dressed quickly. I'm a bit slower actually getting up.

8:14 -- Connor is up and a bit cranky.

8:29 -- We make our way downstairs for breakfast.

8:37 -- Since I'm waiting to exercise I plan because I didn't do it last night.

8:51 -- KB Complete is here now. The girls are still sleeping and Connor is all about following along. I continue to mess around with my bullet journal.

9:15 -- I get my cutting done for an order I have waiting to go out.

9:30 -- Emma wakes up. While changing her, Addison shows up. Addie gets dressed while I feed Emma.

9:55 -- KB Complete is done, Emma is done eating (6 ounces), so I'm going sneak in my workout now.

10:37 -- Done with my workout. The kids and Rob are playing away.

10:46 -- We put Emma in the swing to take a nap while the rest of us just hang out.

11:13 -- I sit down with my lunch. Everyone else ate breakfast late (Connor had a snack when Addie ate) so they aren't hungry yet. And it's Wednesday which means it's Mysteries at the Museum day which is my favorite binge show.

11:30 -- Addie is hungry now.

11:38 -- Emma is awake again.

11:48 -- Rob and Connor now want lunch.

12:33 -- Everyone is done eating and we are just hanging out until naptime/quiet time

12:39 -- Emma is ready to eat again before her nap.

1:08 -- Naptime/quiet time for all three. The big kids go to their rooms and Rob sits with Emma until she falls asleep (which takes a long time these days because she is going through a Wonder Week and just wants to be held)

1:20 -- I start working on new releases for April (always trying to get ahead) and watch more Mysteries at the Museum

2:52 -- The big kids are up. Addison goes back to playing in her room while Connor comes down to play with mega blocks. I am now working on taxes (which I finished - yay!!) and Rob takes care of a few things he had been putting off.

5:02 -- I finally finish and get them submitted and pull the meat to start dinner. After I completely finish I start on dinner.

Addison has come down and her, Connor and Rob are working on puzzles together in the dining room.

6:02 -- Emma is awake and dinner is ready. Rob feeds her while Addie and I start eating. Connor rejects dinner.

6:25 -- Emma is done eating so I sit with Emma while she plays on her play mat while Rob eats.

6:50 -- We head out for a walk because it's a beautiful day.

7:11 -- We are back home again. I start working on dishes, the kids go back to puzzles while Emma goes back in her swing.

7:47 -- The kids head up to get ready for bed with Rob while I hang downstairs with Emma who is sleeping in the swing

8:15 -- The big kids are down!

8:19 -- Emma has a top-off bottle since she ate only 2 hours ago.

8:35 -- Emma is down although she takes more work before she's actually asleep. (We don't rock or hold her until she's asleep. We put her in her port-a-crib in our room and sit next her holding the pacifier or with our hand on her until she's actually asleep or close enough to sleep to just settle. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes, sometimes it takes longer.)

8:56 -- And Emma is down

Rob goes out for a run after she gets down while I play around with some shop stuff, work on some blog stuff then do some planning for a bit.

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Mar 11, 2019

Emma Lynn: 3 Months

Dear Emma::

You are an amazing little girl. I could end this here and that would describe you pretty good. It's not to say that you are never a handful and I never get frustrated with you when you struggle to sleep, but that doesn't mean you aren't amazing.

It's hard to believe you are already three months. These last three months have flown by. You have changed so much already. And you have grown so much! It's not until I look at the pictures of you that I realize how big you have really gotten.

You are a little champion sleeper at night. You usually go somewhere between 7 to 12 hours at night, which is pretty amazing. Naptime is definitely a different story. Some days go great where you nap in your port-a-crib during naptime and other days it doesn't work out that way. It's definitely our biggest struggle. Usually in the morning I can get you to nap in the swing for awhile then for the afternoon I always aim to get you down, but that's touch-and-go. Your evening naps are always a fight too. You have lately have been wanted to be held all the time. It's a little exhausting and something I definitely can't do with all the other things I have to do deal with around the house and with your siblings. So despite the amazing nights you give me, naps are a fight still.

You are eating pretty good. You are slowly wanting more. There are days that you eat 6 ounces almost every feedings and there are days that you only eat 4 ounces each time. You are still all over the place there, but you are eating good and you seem to be growing and happy so that's all that matters.

You are spending more time awake these days. You just want to see it all. And in fact you seem to always be doing sit-ups because you are always trying to sit up to see everything. You can see as far as the rest of us now and you want to take it all in. You often lay on your playmat now and swing your arms wildly trying to hit at the things that are hanging. You enjoy that quite a bit. It's fun that you are awake a lot more now. I enjoy seeing those eyes of yours.

You are a pretty easy, happy girl. Once we get your napping situation figured out, things will be a breeze with you. Or at least until you change everything again by learning something new. But for now you eat and sleep. You take in the world. You smile and have even started giggling some. Your brother and sister can't get enough of you and often fight to who is going to sit next to you.

We all love you so much, little girl.

Love Mama

Mar 8, 2019

January & February Bullet Journal // Happy Friday

I kept meaning to put up a post about my January bullet journal spreads but time got away from me. Turns out February was a short month in so many ways. So I thought I would just share both months at once.

So I decided this year I wanted to do a very simple layout. Last year I loved doing all the tracing and coloring. I did a bit more to the theme of each month. But this year I wanted simple. For January I just went with one blue Tombow marker and a couple snowflake stamps here and there.

I kept my months the same as last year. I like the actual calendar layout to each month because I can really see how the month is going. Last year I had goals and to-dos on the main calendar page and the habit tracker was on its own page. But this year I decided it was just too much extra space. It meant a slightly smaller calendar but I liked having it all in one and not taking up an additional page.

I carried over the Memories page because I just loved having those little pictures and moments in each month. I also added in a page where I could write down blog topics each month. It just gave me a way to see what I had planned coming up and what days I still needed to fill in. I wasn't sure how I would like it or if it would work but it turns out that it worked out pretty good.

I also brought back the doodle challenge. I decided to try out a new one - I really hated the abstract "Draw something fresh" kind of thing. Just tell me what I should draw and let me take a stab at it. It's not perfect but the hubs and I got some good laughs out of it and it was kind of fun in the end. (Read more about it here.)

I also decided to include a page dedicated to whatever I was decluttering that month. It's always nice to have something to check off when you finish. (You can read about the actual clothing declutter here.) Then I got into my dailies. I just like having a simple list of what I need to go each day. I just need something simple. Sometimes I include a picture I found online. And like on this page I made notes about whatever was going on, which on this day was about the peer application I filled out for Connor to get into preschool next year.

I also include spreads like this picture clean out. I have been trying to get through all the pictures on my computer and delete ones that are duplicates or blurry or whatever else. I still have a long way to go and I've been working through 2013 for awhile now but I'm getting there.

Then it's just mostly dailies. Just lots of lists. I do want to note that I don't keep my shop stuff in this journal. I tried using a bullet journal for my sticker shop stuff but it just didn't work, so I actually use a Hobonichi and maybe sometimes I'll talk about it but this bullet journal, although sometimes has a few notes here and there for work stuff, is mostly just personal stuff.

I have also been working through editing my NaNoWriMo book from two years ago and it's taking me awhile - hard to believe with a 6 year old, a 3 year old and an almost 3 month old, I know! But I wanted a way to see how far I have come and how much I have left to go. I'm almost there and even have to color in another one of those boxes because I finished with Chapter 24 recently.

It was a pretty simple month and it worked well. So I carried that same thing over to February. I got a pink and a red marker this time and used heart stamps I had. I don't love how the hearts turned out as much as the snowflakes but it worked. And truthfully I never look at this page so it was okay.

February was the same way as well as far as the calendar and habit tracker. If it works then go with it. Why change it now?

Sometimes I do wish I had more room for the Memories page but at the same time it's nice to really pick my favorites. And truthfully I didn't exactly put a lot of effort into this month. I just wasn't feeling very creative and wanted to move on to March. I wanted to get away from the pink I guess.

Even though the wintery animals were very hit and miss, I decided to do the doodle challenge again. And I have to say that I love how this month turned out. It was a Wily Wonka theme. There are a couple that I don't love - like the yellow teacup, the cupcake, boat and candy cane twisty tree. But I love love love my Oopma Loompa. I mean come on, for me he's pretty dang cute. It was fun this month and I did coloring this month because you can't do Willy Wonka without coloring it in. (Also spoiler alert, March is going to be another weird month of drawing and there is going to be a lot more bad than good but I'm trying!)

I added a simple Valentine's Day spread. I didn't really use this spread at all, but I had planned to plan out our meal that night but I ended up going with the food in our Date Night In box so I didn't need it. (Read about our Date Night In box here.)

Also I was ready to move on with the declutter to books, so I made another spread. (Read about that declutter here.)

A spread I did use was Connor's birthday spread. It was an all-in place for my to-do list and presents we got him. I used stamps from The Sassy Club but Connor is my little monster.

I used the same header as I did in January because I liked the simplicity of it. However, there are days that I used more stickers to point things out or because it's just cute. And there's days that it's just lists. This week I felt like stickers so I used them.

I used watercolor on my Valentine's Day pictures spread. This notebook works with watercolor pretty good but you just don't want to go too heavy with the water. I liked the color under the pictures instead of just a plain page.

Overall I definitely used more stickers to highlight things each days including those weigh stickers which I use to marker what my workout is for the day now. I like having those things clearly pointed out and easy to see.

I also like including pictures. This was my little man's birthday picture so I wanted to include it because that face is something else and it makes it happy to flip back through and see more than just writing. I like the memories in addition to the lists of what I did that day.

So there you ave it. Overall I have gone much simpler this year and so far I am loving it. It is working really well.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

Mar 6, 2019

Bye Bye Books

The decluttering has continued here with the next category. For now we are following the Konmari method categories. After finishing with all clothing in January, it was time to move on to the next category: books.

I knew this catergory was going to be a chore. I also knew that this category was going to cause some disagreements between Rob and myself. Although I am the big reader in the house, he kept all his college textbooks and even though he has never referenced them, he has kept them all and wanted to keep them all. I, however, found that pointless and a waste of space and wanted them gone. Clearly we didn't see eye-to-eye.

Rob's textbooks took up two moving boxes downstairs. In addition to those two textbook boxes, I had four boxes worth downstairs. We also have two bookcases in our bedroom and each of the kids have their own bookcases in their rooms.

I technically started with the kids' books but that was pretty easy. For the most part we kept everything since they are all at different ages and we are reading all variety of books. I threw away a few that had been a bit more destroyed, and I got rid of a couple duplicates we had plus just a very small handful of others that I either didn't like or we have never read with any of them.

I decided the next place to go was to the boxes downstairs. At first I decided that I would just go through the boxes downstairs but this has been a cold winter and it was just plain cold down there, so ultimately I carried the six boxes upstairs so I could go through them in the comfort of the main floor.

The point of Konmari is to get things out of the house, but we knew we had a lot of books that were going to be leaving the house so we decided that instead of just getting rid of them right off the bat we were going to actually try selling them online first. We decided to give the regular books six months and the textbooks one year. Whatever didn't sell in that time we would either take to Half Price Books to see about selling them there, take them to a library or just to Goodwill where we normally donate everything. For the things we decided to keep from those boxes, we would either find room on the bookcases in our bedroom or have a small one downstairs in the basement to actually put them out. It was pointless to keep books that were just kept in boxes.

Rob went through his two boxes first and after me pushing for them to all go, he was able to agree to get rid of about half of what he had packed up. I would take the compromise at this point. The four boxes that were left were all my boxes and it wasn't so hard for me to part ways with those. The books I had packed were books that I had either had listed online to sell at one point or was good with parting with because I knew I wouldn't be reading them again.

So I started going through the books left. I listed them online, wrote down the title in my notebook with what box they were in and neatly packed them away. I found a couple I wasn't sure I was ready to part with just yet so I put them downstairs but in the end I packed away four boxes to go back to the basement.

The process of just going through those boxes took me about a week, but that's life with having an infant. Nothing is easy or quick. But I got through them and they were ready to live out their next six months in the basement before they left forever.

After finishing with those boxes, we finished going through the books on our bookcases in our room. Both Rob and I were able to clean off about one shelf worth on each bookcase which gave us the room to put the few addition books we were keeping back out again.

The nice part was that almost immediately we had a couple books sell which gave us some hope that we would be able to get sell some of our books after all. But I wasn't completely done with the books section yet.

We had no phone books so that was easy. The next was going through magazines. I had an end table in the living room with a pile of magazines. I quickly sorted through those and recycled more than half easily. As for cookbooks, I didn't get rid of any. I'm in a meal planning crisis so I didn't want to get rid of any of them until that was settled. I haven't been using any of them in awhile but that doesn't mean it's not going to change once I get past the meal planning crisis.

And with that I finished. The books weren't exactly out of the house but we had a planned and we were good with that. It felt good to have all the books cleaned and organized and sorted. It will definitely feel even better in six months when the books are all gone and that's four less books we have around the house.

So there you have it. It's now time to move on to the next category which is paper. I'm really excited about going through all the paper and getting it all organized actually. So be on the lookout for that in another month or so!

Mar 4, 2019

Four on the Fourth

1. I am hoping to get Connor in as a peer at the local school preschool next year so I filled out an application then had to do a questionnaire. One of those questions was what is an example of a three or four word sentence. The first thing that Connor said to me then was "The vampire sole my ears." I don't know if that helps his chances or hurts them but I hope someone gets a good laugh over it at least.

2. There is a show called Mafia's Greatest Hits. It's not like I thought it was about the Mafia's music career or anything but it took me months to put together that it meant hits as in kills. For the record I never watched it but I was definitely confused.

3. Every single day when it's time for me to eat lunch, Emma loses it. She will be quiet or even sleeping up to then but when it's time for me to eat she has a major meltdown. She has something against me doing anything except hold and look at her all the time. (I'm actually writing this at lunchtime and she's been swinging. My lunch just came out of the oven and she's crying. Oy!)

4. I am so ready for spring. It's so much work to drive to school and get all three kids in and out of the car (I don't do the pickup line) so we stick with our walking but man it's been cold. I am so tired of having to bundle up so much. It has been a miserable winter and so hard on my knee. Plus spring break is next week and it would be nice if it felt a little bit like spring.

Mar 1, 2019

The Three Year Comparison // Happy Friday

I can't believe my boy is three! These last three years have seriously flown by!

They definitely have the same energy and same goofiness. Look at those wide-open mouth smiles! Nothing but cute happening with both of them!

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!


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