Apr 19, 2019

A Dad and His Son // Happy Friday

The other day I was looking at Connor and I just kept thinking that he looked like a picture I had seen. I went looking into my computer and found that Connor looks quite a bit like his dad.

That one of the most recent pictures of Connor and here's the picture of Rob that I immediately thought of when I looked at this picture. 

Connor has my nose but man they look at a lot alike, even to the point that Rob's hair looks a little blond in this picture. 

I'm not crazy right?! They look a lot alike. 

Just for comparison, here's a picture of me around the same age. 

This post isn't about me but look at that hair of me and that sass from my sister. I will say that I can see some Connor there but to me, he looks a heck of a lot like Rob which I find entertaining since Connor is a mama's boy through and through. 

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

Apr 18, 2019

Currently: Spring 2019 Edition

Currently Working On // All things shop. I'm always working on something to do with the shop. There is always new releases for the next month or I'm currently working on a massive reformat that I'm rolling out in July, plus I'm adding all kinds of new functional stickers to the shop that include foiled stickers. So needless to say I've been very busy.

Currently Anticipating // The end of school. Truthfully I kind of dread having all three kids all day long, especially since Connor and Addison have been bickering a lot lately. But I'm tired of getting up so early. I'm still going to have to get up early but maybe not 5:30 early.

Currently Annoyed By // How tired I am. I seriously shouldn't be this tired but I am and it's really annoying. I could use a nap or a vacation.

Currently Grateful For // The warm weather. No joke. Walking to school this winter was brutal. It was so cold and terrible. So having this nice weather has been seriously wonderful.

Currently Reading // Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, I'm also reading Song of the Dryad and Northern Light  (Yes I realize that's three books but basically I have books everywhere. I keep one in Emma's room. I have one on my phone. And Harry Potter is my main book on my nightstand.)

Currently Staying Active // I'm currently two weeks into level one of 6 Week Six-Pack. It's definitely not as bad I remember from the very first time I did, but its not exactly easy either (but maybe the fact that I get up at 5:30 every morning to do it doesn't help...)

Currently Craving // I didn't have anything really until I read the last Currently post and saw that I wrote down Texas Roadhouse and now I have a craving. I get this filet and grilled shrimp dinner and it's delicious. I love the shrimp, it's so good in all it's garlic butter goodness.

Currently Loving // How interaction Emma is now. She's at the age where she is very aware of everything and she just wants to talk and move and see. It's great to see her take in the world and of course who doesn't love having a talk with your baby and that baby giving you the biggest smile in the world. I love it.

Currently Would Love to Travel To // DisneyWorld. The kids have been asking to go lately and we do plan to go but we have a few more years before we are going to make there. But I look forward to taking the kids one day.

Apr 15, 2019

Three Ladies & Their Gents: Spring 2019 Edition


He has to easily be the easiest member of this family to update on because not too much changes with him. He's still just working away, always busy. He has a few projects that he's working on for me around the house. He's working on a programming program for me that will help me meal plan and he's also in the process of making me new end tables for the living room. He's dreading spring/summer because that means he has to go back to mowing again which he hates doing. But otherwise things are pretty much the same with him as always.


I've been busy truthfully. Juggling being a mom of three, keeping the house, feeding everyone, and running an Etsy shop keeps me pretty busy. There's just so getting around that. The kids are all going through their own phases which can be frustrating and exhausting. The shop is doing great and keeping me busy which is why sometimes my house is a bit messier than I would like.


Addison is about done with her kindergarten year. It's hard to believe it has flown by so quickly. She's doing great though. She's reading like crazy and excelling in many areas with school. Her favorites is computer lab, P.E., and math. She's excited about summer and not having to get up early but I think she's going to find herself wishing for school again. She told me the other day that she's ready for first grade, both excited and nervous. But the girl is a little rockstar and is going to do great.


He is something else if we are being honest. He's energetic and exhausting, but he's hilarious and smart. Lately every day he's been building train tracks and it's really impressive. He is definitely a little engineer. I've been really impressed with how he's been doing. We have been working through potty training which pretty good results. I think he's looking forward to when Addison is out of school too so he doesn't have to get up so early. He's been excited because we found out he got into preschool at Addison's school next year so he's ready to go to school. But for now he's just going to just keep building.


Little miss is going through a wonder week and it has been trying. But she is pretty dang adorable. She has officially moved into her own room and is doing great. Since we moved her, she has slept through the night every single night, which has been pretty amazing. She just wants to see everything and loves to sit up. She's very vocal and is always smiling. She's definitely easy going.


Stella has been a little feisty lately. I was walking by her the other day and she went crazy and attacked my foot. She's just been needing some attention lately and weirdly for her wanting to play. We do think that maybe she's more feisty because she used to sleep on the changing table in Emma's room but since we moved Emma into there, she has been kicked out and that has made her grumpy. Cats are moody, what are you gonna do?!

Apr 12, 2019

The Four Month Comparison // Happy Friday

They all look so much alike this month. Addison and Emma are basically the same person and I definitely see some of Connor in Emma.

Emma and Addison are basically the same person for sure. They look alike. Addison was what they call a happy spitter and Emma is definitely following in her footsteps. Emma is the smallest of the three of them. Connor was definitely the biggest. Emma is as long as the other two but she weighs less than the other two.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

Apr 10, 2019

A Day in the Life: 6.6 Year, 3.2 Year & 4 Month Edition

5:29 -- My alarm goes off. Every day I think how stupid early it is but yet every day I get up. I gotta get my sweat on.

6:14 -- Done. As I cool down before my shower, I write a recap in my personal fitness journal I keep. I think it's fun to go back and see how much things have changed and how strong I have become or whatever. I just think it's interesting. Sometimes I use it to remember how a workout went before I decide to go back to it.

6:22 -- I head upstairs for a shower.

6:40 -- I'm out of the shower and ready for the ready. I have some time before I have to get the kids up so I get back into bed to look at my phone then read a little.

7:00 -- Time to get the kids up and moving. To be perfectly honest, having all three kids all day sounds exhausting this summer but I look forward to when I don't have to get up to exercise so early and I don't have to wake the kids up in the morning.

Addison is already up and got herself dressed - this is rare. Then I go for Connor who is very sluggish getting out of bed. I wait for as long as I can to get Emma up.

7:13 -- We head downstairs for breakfast. The kids have been having scrambled eggs, color their choice (I just use food coloring to make it whatever color they want). They also have Egg pancakes that they love, a yogurt.

7:29 -- Emma's finally awake. I finish making Addison's lunch so Rob goes up to get her diaper changed and dressed for the day.

7:33 -- I start feeding her so Rob can go shower.

7:51 -- She's done eating which is good because we have to finish getting ready for school.

7:57 -- Somehow I got all three kids dressed and fed and out the door to walk to school, so off we go.

8:20 -- I get Emma and Connor into the car so we can run an errand.

8:57 -- We are home again and now I'm against the clock. Emma started to fall asleep in her car seat but I wanted to get her down in her room so I raced to get her upstairs as soon as we walked in the door. Connor went back to the breakfast I saved in the fridge for him.

9:02 -- She put herself to sleep and it's amazing! We haven't started cry it out but I sit with her still. She has started rejecting the pacifier (yay!) for her hand which is great self soothing!

9:12 -- I promised Connor some train track building.

9:47 -- Emma is awake. She napped about 45 minutes so not as long as I'd like but maybe she'll take a longer one later.

Emma hangs out on her play mat while Connor and I argue about a banana. He then goes back to playing cars and trains.

10:18 -- Paw Patrol

10:33 -- Emma decided she was hungry so she's eating a 6 ounce bottle.

10:53 -- Connor told me he was hungry so we start making lunch. He has the same thing just about every day of chicken nuggets, cheese and chips.

11:16 -- I sit down to eat while Emma plays on her mat.

11:27 -- I take Emma up for a dry outfit and clean diaper. Then I read to her, sing then put her down for a nap.

11:40 -- And she's down. Time to get the other one upstairs to his room. That will be more of a fight for sure.

11:46 -- As I predicted it's a fight. He's cranky and tired but doesn't want to admit it.

11:58 -- And now he's down in his room too.

I take this time to eat a cookie and figure out what's next. I think I need to get some work done. I have new releases coming out this week but I already need to be working on releases for next month so that's where I start.

2:52 -- I can hear Emma over the monitor starting to stir. Just as well I have to get her up soon anyway to get Addison and she took an awesome nap.

3:15 -- I get an unexpected call from the school nurse that Addison is there wheezing. We talk for a few minutes about Addison, but since it's the end of the day I'm going to pick up like normal. I get a call back that the nurse is concerned about her and thinks we should have her checked out so I'll just pick her up from the nurse's office.

3:20 -- I get Connor up and we head off quickly to get Addison. While we are walking I call Rob to talk to him about what he thinks then call the doctor's office. Our regular doctor isn't in on Tuesdays but I'm hoping they can squeeze us in with someone. He tells me that they will get us in at 3:40 so we book it to get to school and get home to get to the doctor.

3:42 -- We get to the doctor just a couple minutes late and get her right in.

She was wheezing some and her breaths were definitely labored but it wasn't awful by the time we get to the doctor. We talk about what's going on - she often has breathing problems when she's sick but this time we think allergies are to blame. So we get her some allergy medicine with a focus on asthma  symptoms and another inhaler. She's fine by the way. We are just trying to keep it under control and over this quickly.

4:34 -- We are home again. I give Addison first choice on what to watch and just let the kids chill while I fill in Rob and my mom about Addison.

4:58 -- Time to get Emma down for her evening nap. This is the most dreaded nap and she definitely fought a lot harder.

5:13 -- It was a fight for sure but she's down.

5:18 -- I start dinner.

5:44 -- Emma woke up screaming. Not long enough but she's not going back to sleep so I get her and put her in the high chair next to me while I finish up making dinner.

6:03 -- Dinner is ready and Emma is now screaming in her high chair. I make my plate then feed her while I eat.

6:10 -- Rob's home.

6:35 -- We are all done eating and just relaxing.

7:39 -- We head upstairs to get ready for bed.

8:25 -- All kids are in pajamas, teeth brushed, read and sang to. I get Connor down then Addison a few minutes later. Meanwhile Rob take Emma to her room.

8:40 -- Emma is down for the night too.

I do a little more cleaning up then finish this very blog post. We head upstairs and just relax while watching the game the rest of the evening before exhaustion takes over. We do have to do this all over again tomorrow.

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Apr 9, 2019

Emma Lynn: Four Months

Dear Emma:

I can't believe we are here again. You are just growing too fast. I know four months isn't that long but at the same time four months is also a very long time. It's amazing to me how much you have already grown in just the four months you have been here. And it's not just about how much you have physically changed but also how much you are already learning.

After we got through our last Wonder Week, you changed so much. The biggest things was how aware you suddenly were. You started tracking us easier. You started grabbing things. You have a lot more play time, which includes you just entertaining yourself. Lately you have been wanting to just sit up and watch everything. You are strong but not quite strong enough to sit up by yourself yet, but you can't wait until you can easily take everything in.

You are currently going through another Wonder Week which includes your 4 month wakeful period. I know we have a long way to go before we are out of this Wonder Week and wakeful period, but so far it's been a bit of struggle. You just want to stay awake and see everything. But we are getting through it.

The biggest thing for you this month is definitely that you have officially moved into your own bedroom. We moved you for a nap and you took a crazy long nap so we decided to move you at night. It was an easier decision since it's just across the hall and not down and around the corner like with your brother and sister. So far it seems to be doing you some good because you have been sleeping about 10-11 hours at night. We definitely aren't complaining about that.

In the last month you have taken to being a happy spitter like your sister. I can't tell you how many times you have thrown up on me in the last few weeks. I have just stopped changing both of our clothes unless we are just so soaking wet because you are just going to do it again. But you never seem to be bothered by it. You usually are just so happy and it just starts coming out of your month then more and more. But yet you are happy through it all. At least it doesn't seem to be bothering you. Or causing you to eat more often. You usually eat anywhere from 4-6 ounces every 3-5 hours; going longer at night.

You are definitely the most talkative of all the kids. We guess it's because you know that you will have to be that way to keep up with the noise of your brother and sister. But we love all the talking. And even more we love the giggles.

You are such an amazing little girl. You have so much life and energy. We all adore you so much. I can't wait to see what you'll do next. I love you so much.

Love, Mama

Apr 5, 2019

March Bullet Journal // Happy Friday

It's a new month which means it's time for another look at my last month in my bullet journal.

I decided to do a cactus theme and even drew a few and used watercolor pencils for my front page. I really liked how it turned out.

Why change what works? I stuck with the same calendar and habit tracker system that I have been doing this year. I am loving how it takes up one less page and it's all there together. I think I always end up not using the habit tracker if it's on another page because I just don't flip to it. But this layout definitely works for me.

So this month's doodle challenge was really really hard. I was constantly behind and struggled a lot! But I got through it. But man it is pretty bad but video game characters are hard to draw. I do like a few of them. I liked how Luigi turned out (even if he was supposed to be Mario originally). I also think my Sonic turned out pretty good. Bt this was hard and go ahead and chuckle, it was a hard month and most of the doodles didn't turn out so great. But I tried...

I still had my normal Memories and blog post page but I haven't done my memories spread yet so I skipped a picture this time. Also is my Konmari: Paper category page (you can check out my post about that, and see the spread here.) I also had a Squat Challenge page that I abandoned because with the crazy weather so much this month my knee was already hurting pretty bad so I just skipped finishing it as to not stress out my knee anymore than it already was.

Then I got into the dailies. It's pretty much the same as I was doing before. I have my workouts for each day and I have that appointment box that will soon be in my shop for all planners that help keep appointments clear and not just blend in with my daily tasks. I continue to use personal pictures and other theme related pictures in empty spaces. This is really working for me and a nice mix.

I decided I wanted to do a little watercoloring, so I drew a cactus. He's not pretty but he's there and I'm pretty proud of him. I'm not exactly great at drawing. I drew him out with pencil then colored him in with watercolor pencils then used water to finish it off. I wasn't brave enough to use the actual watercolors I have yet but I'll get there.

Also I have been working through the house making lists of changes I want to make or improvements and since we spend the most time in the living room, that's where my list started. After I finish in the living room then I'll move on another room, which I think will be the office but I'm not sure yet.

Then back to dailies again.

Because I finished with the paper category, I wrote out the next section to start decluttering and that's where I'm currently working off of. The page has seen better days though because I was messing around with my bullet journal after I got of the shower one day and my hair was wet. It dripped on the page and the Tombow markers didn't like the water. Oh well.

And for all you baseball fans out there, you know that baseball season has started yet again. I like to do a Royals spread every year so I know when the games are on. I usually take whatever their new slogan is that year. I used my tracing paper and I like how simple it is. I shorted up my actual days and times so I could fit it all on two pages because normally it takes a lot more and I like this a lot.

And then back to dailies.

I don't do anything too fancy but I like how my bullet journal turns out. I think it helps to have a planner/to do list that you like looking at so you actually look at it. And for me I have to get all of it out of my head. I will mention that I don't keep my work to dos in here. I actually have another planner I use for that and maybe I'll show that off sometime but it's definitely even more basic with just a little washi tape but mostly all pen.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!


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