Nov 21, 2017

8 Years

It was 8 years ago that everything changed. It's crazy to think it was 8 years ago. That seems like a lifetime (or as Rob would say, two lifetimes - get it, Addison and Connor, two lifetimes - haha, that man's a riot).

Okay so in case you don't know (which honestly why would you because it's not such an important date to you), today is our first date anniversary. Now in truth, we don't do anything special because it's just a dating anniversary but we always celebrate it by eating Wendy's which was indeed our first date meal (we hadn't planned to go out to eat but we went to Science City and was just really hungry so we picked a place. We ended up staying there for a couple hours, just talking. I wouldn't trade it for the world.), so that's about all we do. 

But I like to give a little nod to those two young twenty-somethings who met for a first date and started what would become everything. 

It's hard to believe it's been 8 years since we started this little thing. I guess this little online dating match up was meant to last. 

Nov 20, 2017

NaNoWriMo 2017 Week Three

Day Thirteen

I had a very productive day all around especially writing. I was just inspire and apparently at a part of my book that all I wanted to do was write. The words were coming quickly and naturally and I was pleased with everything I put down. Plus I didn't write myself into any corners that I struggled to get out of.

Word Count: 23,319

Day Fourteen

I was lacking a little inspiration. In fact today wasn't a great day all around. I slept terrible the night before for some reason and took nap during naptime while Addie was at school. I did a little writing here and there throughout the day but I didn't have a great writing session that upped my word count. Luckily I had given myself a good head start the days leading up to today so I didn't have to go crazy with my writing today.

Word Count: 24,345

Day Fifteen

Halfway point! Halfway point! I'm halfway to my 50,000 word goal! Now imagine me doing a happy dance because it's pretty awesome to know that I'm halfway to my ultimate goal and that feels awesome. I had a leg up on today but I also didn't want to just get to today's word count. I wanted to keep that advantage in my favor. By naptime I got to today's goal, knowing that I would do more writing by the evening.

Word Count: 26,669

Day Sixteen

I wasn't overly motivated to write today if we are being honest. I'm just tired, but I didn't want to lose my day's lead. Although I wasn't inspired and wasn't feeling it today, I wrote anyway and actually wrote more than I thought and it came pretty easily. So that was definitely nice.

Word Count: 28,512

Day Seventeen

To be perfectly honest I really didn't feel much like writing today. I'm feeling way under the weather and just not feeling up to doing a lot. I did write just over 800 words but I just didn't feel up for much. At least I had a days lead and I hope to regain that tomorrow but just didn't have it in me today.

Word Count: 29,367

Day Eighteen

Still not feeling a hundred percent at all, but I had to buckle down. I didn't do as much writing yesterday as I wanted to do so I did want to write today. It was just hard to focus and get the fog out of my head since I was not feeling well. Also I'm struggling because I'm in a point in my story that is a bit slow and I'm not feeling it and honestly I'm just a bit unsure of where to go and how to get to where I want it to be (oy with that run-on sentence!). But I was able to focus and did the writing I needed to do, plus a little. The saddest part is that I lost my day lead.

Word Count: 30,763

Day Nineteen

I just can't seem to shake this cold. I'm definitely feeling better today than the last two days but man am I feeling down and out. But writing must be done so there's that. I definitely lost my day lead - sad - but hopefully I get it back in the next day or so before Thanksgiving.

Word Count: 31,768

Nov 17, 2017

Oh Boy // Happy Friday

So I definitely didn't mean to take off this week of blogging but it's been a heck of a week. The week started with Connor falling down a staircase. Don't worry I caught him before he hit the hardwood but he tumbled pretty hard a long way before that happened, and he ended up with a little bruise by his eye but otherwise he's good.

Addie was under the weather most of the week which it turned out several students and teachers were out of her classroom because apparently something is going around. I didn't have to keep her home but she had a couple times of coming in in the middle of the night to wake us up and ask us to get the snort out of her nose. Not awesome at 5am.

I neglected some basic cleaning last week so I was playing catch-up cleaning up and getting the house in order. It got messy. Oh well.

Plus not mention I have been busy busy busy with Nanowrimo so sometimes I get done writing for the day and I just don't have the energy to get a post put together. Had I been smart I would have put together a few posts in October so all I had to do was push publish. Maybe I'll put that on the to-do list for next year Preptober.

So all that goes back to - oops. I took a week off of blogging that I didn't actually mean to take off. But maybe that also meant I needed the week off. With Thanksgiving next week, I won't be doing too much posts but I will have one Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then come back the next week for pictures from Thanksgiving, Connor's 21 month letter (how is he getting so close to 2 already?!), another update on Nanowriomo, a day in the life post, and such.

So anyway, that's just how this week has gone and you know what that's totally fine. It just is what it is and there's no going back now.

But for now I have some writing to do and I'm sure a child to feed.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

Nov 13, 2017

NaNoWriMo 2017 Week Two

Day Six

Oy with the inspired! I mean seriously I knew I needed to get the writing done but boy I wasn't feeling it today. I guess that's a Monday for you. I turned on a Spotify playlist and forced myself to get some words on the paper. Today was definitely one of those days that my whole goal was just to get to my word count goal and I just wasn't get more written than that.

Word Count: 10,292

Day Seven

Today was my latest day of writing yet. Of course when I say that I mean I got to my goal for the day at about 9 pm. I started writing earlier in the day than got distracted. But I got back to it in the evening. I will admit that I was a bit distracted once again because instead of just turning on music and focusing I had the TV on in the background and of course I was interested in what was on in the background. But I got focused and got my word count finished with about a hundred extra words for the day, so that's something.

Word Count: 11, 725

Day Eight

Today went well. I got stuck with about 400 words left. Apparently I typed a sentence that just completely got me stuck. But I did my best not to overthink, and just type. It didn't have to be perfect right now but that's a hard thing to remember when you are writing and you want it to be somewhat decent. Anyway I plowed through and I ended up with 500 more words than I needed yesterday so that's good. I will definitely take the headstart into for the next day!

Word Count: 13, 886

Day Nine

Today I didn't write until later into the day and I struggled to get myself going. I was really glad I had given myself a little bit of a headstart the day before. I just couldn't get to my count today. But finally I focused and was over my goal by 3 words. At least I made it.

Word Count: 15,003

Day Ten

I did a little writing while the kids were watching a movie in the morning which was good because I didn't get back to it until the evening since I took a nap that afternoon. I figured I was so tired that I just couldn't focus and I didn't want to end up writing something I would just delete. So I just napped at quiet time, which meant writing later into the evening. But that was okay because I got myself going and I ended up feeling good about what I wrote and my word count for the day.

Word Count: 17,261

Day Eleven

I don't know what's up with Saturday but I just didn't want to write. I couldn't get myself to focus. We had a lazier morning so nothing there. I ended up Christmas shopping during quiet time and just couldn't get myself to write more than five words. That just meant I would have to kick it into gear in the evening.

Word Count: 19,997

Day Twelve

I knew I didn't need to do a ton of writing today. Yesterday I was three words shy of my goal for today but I also know that I really liked being ahead, so I did some writing today. However I think I wrote so much yesterday that I had a little trouble getting inspired and didn't so some writing until the evening.

Word Count: 20,667

Nov 10, 2017

He Could Be Me // Happy Friday

For some reason the other day I was looking through the few baby pictures of me and Rob I have on my computer and I came across this picture and I swear it could be Connor.

The boy is the spitting image of me. We both even have the same crazy hair. I don't know much about the lower part of our faces but that boy has my eyes. I always think it's interesting when you see that your kid really does look like you - especially since he has this mysterious blond hair. Until I saw that picture I didn't really see that he looked anything like me, but he's definitely mine. He really doesn't look anything like Rob right now.

Addison looks a bit more like me than Rob but she definitely makes his face expressions. She is definitely the mix of the two of us, but this boy is me all the way right now.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

Nov 7, 2017

Seven on the Seventh

1. We have one of those fire extinguishers that is recalled. I can't win a giveaway (I really want to just once!) but it sure seems like I always end up having to deal with a recall.

2. I have been using the Happy Planner for planning recently (I still love the bullet journal but I was running out of pages for November and December so I'm just using it for tracking right now) and I am loving doing decorating, along with the functional side of it.

3. I am really wanting to find a good skincare routine but have no idea how to go about it figuring out what I should use and what I need. I hate wasting money on products so if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear about what any of you use as a nighttime and morning skincare routine.

4. Has anyone used Jamberry or those kind of products? I'm super curious. Sometimes I like to paint my nails but I like the patterns and whatnot but there's not way I'm doing it by hand so I'm definitely curious on how well they work and how easy they are.

5. It has been super dreary around here lately. We have only briefly seen the sun in the last week and by briefly I mean like maybe an hour or two. It's just a taste of the winter to come maybe?! I don't know but I'm not looking forward to the hiding sun and cold weather. I usually get the winter blues every year so I'm not ready for this weather just yet.

6. I had a mom fail moment yesterday - we went to the grocery store and it wasn't until we got home that I realized I had put Connor's shoes on the wrong feet. Oops...sorry kid...

7. I binged watched Air Disasters (it's a show on the Smithsonian channel about plane crashes throughout history and how aviation has changed because of this accidents, not sure I'll be getting on a plane anytime soon but it is an interesting show I have been watching one and off for years)  yesterday and I dreamed last night about plane crashes. At least in my dream I survived my plane crash but not the happiest of dreams. I have no one else but myself to blame for this.


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