Aug 26, 2016

New on OBMS // Happy Friday

So I usually don't like going overly crazy promoting the shop on here but I wanted to share some of the new stuff on that is now on the shop.

I have added more lengths which makes them even more perfect for layering or for wearing by themselves at whatever length you love. Below are just some of the new necklaces that are now available. There are also two Limited Edition Halloween and Fall Necklaces up, but there are only a couple of each so you want to make sure to get those before they are gone!

And did you know that it's Friday?! And because it's Friday and we survived our first week of school, I'm offering 20% off everything in the shop all weekend! Just type in FRIYAY in the coupon code at checkout and get your favorite necklaces today! 

Comment below: What are your favorites? And what would you love to see more of?

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

xo, B

Aug 24, 2016

First Day of Preschool 2016-2017

Addison had her first day of school on Monday. We had a countdown on our fridge for the last month that we crossed off every day. She continued to get more excited as the days ticked by. She would tell me that she would go to school and Connor and I would stay home. She just couldn't wait.

Sunday night, we talked about what was going to happen the next day. I told her she was going to go to school. She told me she was going to listen to the teacher. It was seriously adorable. We talked about how she would listen, and share with other kids, and use her words. She told me she wanted to play with the kids. She just couldn't wait.

So when I woke her up Monday morning - earlier than she usually gets up - I told her it was time to get ready for school. She popped up and told me that her blanket was going to stay and she was going to go. She got ready quickly and couldn't wait to leave. (Of course about five minutes before we were set to leave, she told me she didn't want to go. But I think she was a bit nervous.)

She was definitely ready to go to school. And this time I was ready - although I miss my munchkin while she's at school (having a grand time).

When I picked her up, she was excited. She was already ready for the next day. She was also wound up and bouncing off the walls. But she had a lot to say about her day and what happened, and she was excited to tell me everything.

On a side note, I can't believe how much she has changed just from the first day last year.

She is getting so big and has changed so much just from last year. I love that girl and her crazy hair.

I can't believe that she's in school.

Comment below: What was your kid's first day like? Were they excited, nervous or bummed about school? And what about you moms out there? Ready for school again or missing your kids while they are at school?

xo, B

Aug 22, 2016

Our Friday in Photographs


This trip was unplanned. On Thursday we were talking about the fact that this was the first year since we had been together that we didn't go SDC on my birthday weekend and Rob said let's go. So we got through our Target run, packed up, got in the car and went. We stayed overnight on Thursday night, went into the City on Friday then left for home that afternoon to return home Friday evening. It was a fun, spontaneous trip.

Comment below: When was the last time you took a spontaneous trip? What was it and what inspired the sudden trip?

xo, B 

Aug 18, 2016


I'm 30 which is blowing my mind.

ONE // One of my favorite things is updating my spreadsheet after transferring money to savings. I love watching those numbers go up even if it's just by a little bit.

TWO // It makes me irrationally angry that Stella crawls on my night stand. I don't know what she's looking for but it drives me crazy.

THREE // When I was younger, my parents told us that we were going to get a mini van. I got really excited but was quickly disappointed when I realized that mini van didn't mean that our van was going to look like Minnie Mouse. Probably one of my biggest let downs as a kid.

FOUR // When Rob and I first started dating I put off our second date twice. Once was because I was sick and the second time was because it started snowing a little and I hated driving in that kind of weather. At the time he thought I was just coming up with excuses to get out of going out with him again. We did go out a week or so later and it obviously wasn't the case. He now understands that that's just the way I am. I will avoid at all costs driving in snow, ice, and even the rain or at night.

FIVE // When I step out of the shower, I like to stand in the same spot on the rug in order to leave footprints. No clue why. I don't even look to see how well the footprints came out after I walk away but it's just the fact that I know I did it.

SIX // The hubs and I have been watching all the Star Trek series together for the last few years. And yes I said years. We started when Addison was born and we are currently watching Star Trek: Voyager. I wasn't a huge fan of the original series, although I do like the newer movies with the same characters. I was a fan of The Next Generation and I actually really enjoy Voyager. I, however, don't like Deep Space Nine. My like for Star Trek isn't openly known before now and it pleases the hubs quite a bit how much I enjoy watching ti.

SEVEN // I hate ticks. I mean I seriously hate them. They completely freak me out.

EIGHT // I get really sad when I end a good book series. Depending on the series it sticks around for a couple days.

NINE // I used to eat buttered bread for a snack after school.

TEN // One time when we were younger and I had a waterbed my sister was messing around and I was upset. I just wanted to eat my orange in peace, so I told her "get off my bed if you're going to be wild." And when she didn't get off or stop, I kicked her as hard as I could. She didn't see it coming and fell off the bed and landed on a Barbie car. That was the best shot I ever had as the little sister. And to make it all better, the whole thing was caught on audio tape since we used to tape everything.

ELEVEN // One day when my sister and I were eating lunch at my parents' house - this was when I was still living there and she was home from college maybe - she asked me if we had any Cheetos. Not thinking I got up and walked to the cabinet to look. Just as I opened it she asked if I would bring the Cheetos. Apparently she knew all along but didn't want to get up. Such a big sister move. But I still bought the Cheetos back.

NINE // When I was younger and I used to hang out at my friend's house, if I was left alone for more than 30 seconds I would start reading whatever book was there. I probably had about three books going at her house at once at any given time.

TEN // I don't mind killing spiders although I would prefer to not if the hubs is around. What I really hate is disposing of the little body. I have this crazy idea that they are playing dead and are going to attack or that its friends will show up and attack. Either way it ends with being attacked. (Just for the record I have never actually been attacked by a spider.)

ELEVEN // One of my favorite shows growing up was Charmed and I still watch it regularly now.

TWELVE // I hate nature. No seriously I either have allergies or get bit by something or step on something or something falls on my head. Fish freak me out and fishing is boring. I don't like to think too hard about the animal my food came from even. I don't enjoy a hike in the woods. It's just not my thing.

THIRTEEN // I played two years of tennis in high school. I thought about playing my senior year again but I didn't want to go get another physical and I was worried about being on varsity (all seniors are) because I wasn't good enough for it so I didn't. But I did enjoy it while I did play and there's a small part of me that wished I would have played my senior year.

FOURTEEN // Once sometimes twice a year I get really antsy and start getting rid of things. We basically have a massive clean out because I can't stand stuff and feel everything closing in around me.

FIFTEEN // I am two and half years younger than my older sister but several inches taller. It was about 7th or 8th grade when I shot up. We have a picture of the two of us standing side by side before she was about to go to a fall dance and I was shorter then later that winter we have the same picture but I'm taller.

SIXTEEN // When I was younger my sister would sneak into the bathroom while I was showering and wait for the shower curtain to billow then grab my ankle. It's a wonder I never fell and hurt myself. But it also probably gives me more reason than anyone else to be freaked out while in the shower. (And now just for the record the hubs will wait until I'm washing my hair or face and have my eyes closed then move silently up to the door and stand there with some weird facial expression. What is it with people trying to scare me in the shower?!)

SEVENTEEN // I always have my toenails painted because I think it looks really weird when I don't.

EIGHTEEN // I used to read certain books because I always thought there was this expectation that I should be reading those kinds of books. But I don't really care for books that really make me think or when I have to figure out what the tree or river means. I like escaping, not thinking more. I'm not ashamed that my guilty pleasure is Nora Roberts books and I have read a lot of them. It's not reading or a grade or class so I want to enjoy what I'm reading.

NINETEEN // I am not a gazer/snacker by nature. I will eat a snack but that's usually it. I don't go back over and over again.

TWENTY // I squeeze from the middle of the toothpaste.

TWENTY-ONE // My right eye twitches when I'm stressed or my anxiety is high.

TWENTY-TWO // I hate lotion on my hands. If I put it on my legs then I wipe it off my hands when I'm done.

TWENTY-THREE // When I eat a sandwich I eat around it eating the crust first so my last bite is the center of the sandwich and probably the best bite of the whole thing.

TWENTY-FOUR // All throughout high school I wore red shoes and t-shirts (always doubled up) with jeans and my hair up. I never got any fancier than that. When I was playing tennis I occasionally had to dress up on game days but otherwise it was always the same. I was actually sad to throw away my really worn down red shoes, but since then my style has changed quite a bit (although there are days when there is nothing better than a plain old t-shirt!).

TWENTY-FIVE // I hate carrying purses but now I carry one because I'm a mom and basically there is only one thing in the purse that's actually mine. But when I did start carrying a purse even a couple years before I became a mom, it always had to be big enough to carry a book because I took one everywhere - you never know when you might need something to read while you wait. (Of course now I don't carry a book because being able to read while waiting is long gone since I have to keep two kids busy while we wait most of the time. That's less fun than reading!)

TWENTY-SIX // I have a love hate relationship with exercise. I love it because I feel better but I hate getting up early. It wasn't until my late twenties that I really got into exercise. I had never really exercised much before - not even leading up to my wedding. But you won't catch me running. I hate hate hate running (not to mention it's hard on my knees).

TWENTY-SEVEN // I am not a morning person. I really hate mornings.

TWENTY-EIGHT // I hit my elbow an insane amount of times during a day. Rob keeps telling me that I need elbow pads but I pretty much spend all day hitting my elbow on one thing or another. It's actually really annoying and I think my elbows are permanently bruised.

TWENTY-NINE // I sleep with a pillow between my knees.

THIRTY // I like to put a pillow behind my back when I'm on my side so I don't have to work so hard to stay on my side. I'm a bit of a lazy sleeper!

There you have it! 30 random - and I hope new - facts about me on my 30th birthday. I just can't believe I'm actually 30! Where did the last decade go?

This will be my last post this week so I can have a relaxing weekend with my family and enjoy being newly 30.

Have a great weekend!

xo, B

Aug 15, 2016

From Defying Gravity to Our Beautiful Mess

I'm sure some of you have noticed by now that the title of the blog has gone from Defying Gravity to Our Beautiful Mess. It's not that Our Beautiful Mess came from no where. For a long time it was the tagline of the blog. One that I adopted a few years ago when I was looking for a way to define what this was. But several years have passed since I started this blog - almost 6 actually - and I have made the decision to drop Defying Gravity as the title of the blog and move to Our Beautiful Mess. 

I have many reasons why Defying Gravity holds a special place in my heart and in a post I talked about why I chose that as a name in the first place. (You can read about here.) But I am long removed from that part of my life. The truth is my life is closer to being a beautiful mess than defying gravity. Although that sounds odd, it isn't a bad thing. It just means my life is moving forward and I'm not that 19 year old trying to find her place in life with her anthem being 'Defying Gravity.' My life is a beautiful mess, full of hugs, kisses, love, laughter, messes, tantrums, games. 

So the time has come for the change. It's one I'm excited about. It's a change in a time when I desperately need one. It's a change that I have actually been putting off for some time but finally I felt like the time was right. 

I won't lie, the timing does have something to do with the opening of the store. But that's the business side of it - branding. One unit together. All that. But mostly this was a decision I was toying with for some time. 

I'm happy about the move and the next steps for this blog (and the shop). There is still a lot ahead for both the blog and the store. I can't thank you all enough for sticking with me and being my faithful readers and supporters. 

Comment below: What would you like to see more of here on the blog (kid related posts, Every Day Conversations, house related, cooking, etc)? Also let me know what you would love to see in the store.

xo, B

Aug 12, 2016

Flash Friday Sale // Happy Friday

So I promise not to let the shop take over the blog but today I'm going to let it.

First of all I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has support me and my shop. It's been a fun start and I look forward to many more awesome weeks.

But today is all about Flash Friday Sale. Today until midnight I am offering the Leaf Necklace for $8 for all sizes! You want to make sure you go get yours today before they are gone! Click on the Etsy store button in the sidebar or visit OBMS here.

Comment below: What is your favorite necklace on OBMS?

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

xo, B

Aug 10, 2016

Saying Goodbye to the Ol' Ash Tree

Yup, our big Ash Tree in the front of the house was hit by the borer and has been dying over the course of the last few months. We didn't even notice at first because coming off of the winter with no leaves on the trees, it wasn't easy to tell. But then I started noticing that it just wasn't coming back like it normally does. I thought it was odd but didn't think much of it.

Then we got a note left in our door offering to cut it down for us. That's when we really looked at it and realized it was dying. Only half of it had leaves and the other half looked really dead. And a few days after that our neighbors had their ash tree taken down. After looking it up, I realized it was a Ash Tree Borer that had done the killing and there was no coming back.

So we had no choice - it had to be removed.

Our beautiful Ash Tree - the only tree in our yard that we liked - had to be cut down. We put it off for awhile but finally decided to just get it dealt with and found a company that would remove the tree, grind the stump, and haul everything away.

So on a Wednesday we waited for them to show up. I had expected them first thing in the morning but they didn't show up. It wasn't until noon that they did show up which was a surprise to me.

But soon they got to work and the tree itself was done within 20 minutes. Addie loved every minute of it. She sat riveted, exclaiming that they were cutting the tree down.

When the tree was down, Addie lost interest. They were chipping the tree while someone else was grinding the stump. It actually took them longer to clean up than to take it down. But about an hour and a half after they started they were done and on to the next tree in someone else's yard. And all we had left of our tree was a wood chip pile.

It sounds a little funny to be so sad about a tree but it really was the only one we liked. We are sad that we lost that shade. It was just a great tree. But it is what it is. It does look a little odd to be able to see the entire front of the house without a tree blocking any of the view. I'm definitely going to miss that tree.

xo, B
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