Sep 27, 2016

Connor James: 7 Months

Dear Connor::

You have gotten so big! I'm pretty sure you just turned six months so there's so way you are already 7 months. But here we are. Time is going by way too quickly and you are growing and changing too quickly.

You are my buddy and I love it. Although you love daddy, you are definitely a bigger fan of mama. I'll take it because before long you'll be just as eager for daddy to be home as your sister is. But we all know that your favorite person is Addison. You adore her. The other day you were cranky and clearly weren't feeling good. You were having lunch and Addison was running around. I started noticing that you would start fussing every time she left the room then quieted again after she came back. So after lunch so spent some time just sitting with Addison and you were smiling and happy as could be. I love how much you love your sister. She even told me she wanted to be a baby again so that you two could be best friends. I told her that you two already were which made her just as happy as you get when you see her.

You are a good eater still. We have moved to three meals a day along with the bottles. You are loving all the foods. We are doing all purees still but in the next month or so we will be adding in some yogurt melts and puffs. I'm not sure I'm ready for you to be old enough to be feeding yourself yet but you are ready. We have a pretty good routine in regards to eating now which makes life easier; three bottles with three meals, plus a nighttime bottle. It works out pretty well.

Sleeping has been touch and go lately. You have been going through a lot of teething lately (you are up to four teeth now) so you haven't been feeling all that great. You are still napping three times a day then getting about 11-12 hours at night, but it's not all uninterrupted. You go down for a morning nap for about 1 hour or so. Then you take your long afternoon nap which is usually 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Then a quick 45 minute nap. You tried to drop that evening nap for awhile but since those teeth started cutting through you have easily gone down for that nap again. Bedtime has been a bit of a struggle. You have had some congestion with teething which means at night you have a little trouble. And for some reason you have been waking up a lot more. But we think that's Wonder Week related and it will pass soon.

You are so interested in everything. We have a tub with all your toys and you love digging through to find different toys. Of course most of your playing these days are mostly just chewing on things to help your gums feel better. But you are still interested in books and feeling each page. You actually make it hard to read because you love grabbing the book.

Even scarier than all this is that you tried your hand (or feet) at army crawling just the other night. You didn't get very far but you were definitely pushing off with your feet and moving forward. Mostly you just scoot yourself around in circles or you have even rolled to get across the floor but this was definitely an attempt at army crawl. You are so ready to keep up with big sister that's for sure.

We went to your 6 month appointment and we talked with the doctor about how you weren't talking too much and if we should be concerned. But she said that you would start doing it more and the fact that you are doing it sometimes is good. You have definitely started doing it more. You have started making some 'm' noises so maybe your first word will be mama soon! You have become more vocal lately and are even more vocal when Addison isn't around. You are finding your voice squealing and almost humming.

You have never hated your car seat but you have always wanted to be more upright, so we had been talking about getting a new one for you. But after your 6 month appointment that choice was pretty made for us. You measured at just shy of 28 inches long which is just 2 inches shy of the max length for your infant car seat. So we got your a new car seat which will pretty much be your car seat until you are out of even a booster and you definitely like it more. You are a little more upright and it's not so tight across the shoulders for you. I just can't believe how big you already are. I guess you are wearing 12-18 month clothes after all.

You have one of the best smiles. You are just happy all the time. You are easy to please and just go with the flow. I love how content you are and how curious you are with the world. Having you in our lives has definitely made life so much better. I can't imagine the world without you in it. You are such an amazing little boy and I love seeing more of your personality. I love you so much goon.

Love, Mama

Sep 26, 2016

A Day in the Life: 47 Month & 7 Month Edition

6:40 │Alarm goes off. I snooze it.

7:11 │ I guess I need to get going. Addie just walked in.

7:23 │ Finally get Addie dressed for school and get breakfast for her. Rob heads off to work. And Connor is awake which means it's time for him to get up too.

7:27 │ Time for Connor's breakfast of 8 ounce bottle and some baby oatmeal.

7:38 │ Addie is done so she heads to wash her hands, brush her teeth, and use the potty before school. Connor decides he done eating too.

7:45 │ Connor plays and I do dishes while we wait for Addison.

7:51 │ Time to get shoes on.

7:55 │ Time to head to school.

8:02 │ Connor and I head off for a short walk after dropping off big sis.

8:14 │ Home again means playtime for Connor and breakfast for me.

8:33 │ Time for a nap. It's a little earlier than normal but he was awake earlier (thanks teething) so nap is earlier.

8:37 │ Connor is down so I do some cleaning around the house then get some blog and shop business done while I can.

9:32 │ The crying starts. Sad.

9:40 │ Losing the battle to keep Connor down today so I get him up but he's still pretty mad. Dang teething!

10:02 │ He just wants to be held. Luckily I DVRed some shows - Designated Survivor. He's 21 pounds of heavy. He's happy but I'm not.

10:36 │ I'm just trying to keep him happy until we pick up sis and then glorious nap time!

11:18 │ Time to pick up sis.

11:38 │ Home again.

11:44 │ Everyone decided they were hungry so lunch time. Connor eats some protein and fruit and has a 6 ounce bottle. Addie has a sandwich and some strawberries.

12:03 │ Connor is exhausted so I'm going to put him down and hope it sticks.

12:10 │ Connor is down and hopefully there's a long nap in his future.

12:21 │ Addie and I chill until I can convince her to have quiet time.

1:01 │ Finally Addie is going down for quiet time.

1:14 │ Addie is down. Now I'm finishing my lunch then maybe a nap while I can.

2:17 │ The crying begins. Earlier than it should. He had a serious dirty diaper and still looked exhausted. I put him back down and go with cry-it-out (which is actually a rarity but sometimes we still have to use it).

2:25 │ He quieted back down. I can hear Addie playing with her dollhouse in her room, clearly she's not napping either.

2:50 │ Apparently it didn't last long because he's making noise again and ready to get up. Addie is still playing in her room and wants to stay that way.

3:15 │ Addie finally came down.

3:40 │ I have a phone call, so I turn on Disney Jr. and just have a lots of hope I get done before any meltdowns.

4:29 │ As soon as I'm done with the call I get dinner for Connor which is protein and veggies plus a 6 ounce bottle.

4:48 │ Rob is home and Connor is down for his last nap of the day.

4:58 │ We haven't been doing a great job of exercising in the morning so we squeeze it in before dinner.

5:27 │ We are done with exercising. Rob heads to shower while I go make dinner.

6:13 │ Dinner time. It's a Blue Apron meal tonight.

6:31 │ Everyone's done but me. Addie went to play on the iPad and Rob went to get Connor.

6:37 │ I do the dishes while the rest of them relax.

6:50 │ Just hanging out until bedtime.

7:43 │ Time to get ready for bed.

8:05 │ Connor down. Rob feeds Connor an 8 ounce bottle, reads then sings.

8:14 │ Addie is down after a daddy monster check. I get Addie all ready helping brushing her teeth then reading.

We spend the rest of the evening relaxing. Rob plays video games. I watch the Royals, finally get a shower and write a blog. Then at about ten we head to bed.

The End

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xo, B

Sep 23, 2016

Our New Housemate // Happy Friday

We have a new housemate. I know it seems crazy because we have a pretty full house full of people and a cat who is constantly wanting to eat and making messes and taking up spaces.

Luckily for me, this guy stays outside.

We haven't named our giant friend yet but we do tell me good-bye when we head to school in the mornings and greet him when we get home again. He moves when he senses our presence but we otherwise leave each other alone.

He built this amazing web by our garage - luckily not where we walk into it and has taken up residence. One day we'll come out and he'll be gone but for now he's living off any bugs that try to get into the house. So we let him be.

But if he tries to take the house, I'm giving it to him. I'm not messing with him.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

xo, B

Sep 22, 2016

Photo Every Hour │ Fall 2016

7:00 | The morning rush to get ready for school all leads to her putting on the polka dot backpack she loves so much. 

8:00 | Did some cleaning including making Addie's bed and organizing her friends.

9:00 | Got to get some work done while I can

10:00 | Dinner's here. Wednesday is one of my favorite days because of this delivery. This box smells delicious when you first open it.

11:00 | Walking to pick up sis from school

12:00 The excitement of folding laundry

1:00 | Doors closed, naptime

2:00 | Feet up, my bed means not sleeping

3:00 | More teething means more baby holding

4:00 | Bullet journaling...or maybe just some coloring

5:00 | Waiting for the hubs in order to exercise

6:00 | Turns out they want to be fed every day

7:00 | Bedtime eats

8:00 | There's a brownie and blogging in my future

Comment below: What is your favorite snapshot from your day? 

xo, B

Sep 21, 2016

Five Favorites

1 - Washi Tape -- I have a seriously addiction to washi tape right now. I use it with my shop but also with my bullet journals. I am obsessed with it right now!

2 - Bullet Journaling -- I got started after seeing an article on Buzzfeed about it. I had never heard of it before and now that I have gotten into it, I am loving it. (I'll post something soon about the bullet journal and such!)

3 - Baby smiles -- I mean seriously is this not a favorite of everyone? If it isn't then what is wrong with you?! Connor is teething again so things have been less than fun around here but when he smiles it's pretty dang adorable.

4 - How much Addie loves school -- It makes life so much easier that she loves it so much. There is no dragging that kid out of bed to go to school. The only downside is she bugs me all weekend to go to school.

5 - Fall TV -- I am seriously excited about all the shows coming back! I have been catching up on any shows I'm behind on (Grey's Anatomy) on Netflix and I'm so excited that the shows are all coming back finally!

via - via - via - via - via - via
Comment below: What are some of your favorites right now?

xo, B

Sep 20, 2016

Fall Bucket 2016

So if this weather ever cools down again then we will be in fall which I am so ready for. I love love love fall! It's definitely my favorite time of the year.

And this year like most years I have a list of things I want to do this fall. So today is all about what's on our fall bucket list.

1 - Make apple pie -- I love baking but I have never made an apple pie which is my favorite dessert, so this year I am determined to actually make a pie. This is on my list every year but this is my year for a homemade apple pie!

2 - Go to a pumpkin patch -- We have been wanting to take Addie to a pumpkin patch instead of buying out pumpkins at the local store. But we get really busy with Addie's birthday in October and me refusing to decorate for Halloween until after her birthday. But again we are really going to get to one this year. (Any recommendations for a good patch in Johnson County?)

3 - Carve pumpkins -- This one won't be hard. We do this every year. (On another note, it makes me sad that we never see carved pumpkins anymore. Trick-or-treaters get really excited about our pumpkins every year.)

4 - Play in leaves - Of course I made my list before our tree was cut down so this might be a bit more challenging...

5 - Open the windows -- I love having the windows open in the fall. I just need the weather to stay cooler in order to actually have the windows open otherwise it gets too hot in here.

6 - Decorate the house for the season -- I am into decorating for the season but I'm so bad at it. Honestly I probably won't be decorating for fall itself since I don't have much in regards to decorations but I do have plenty of Halloween decorations and I am seriously pumped to decorate this year!

7 - Go trick-or-treating -- Again this one is a given. We have done this the last two years and Addie loves it. We don't go for very long but Addie loves it and has already talked about what she wants to be for Halloween this year!

Comment below: What is on your fall bucket list this year?

xo, B

Sep 19, 2016

Our Beautiful Mess Shop Update: A Thursday Surprise

As many of you know I have opened an Etsy shop - Our Beautiful Mess Shop - where I make and sell necklaces. I opened my shop on August 1 and honestly it's been a bit of a slow start. But jumping into a world of jewelry on Etsy means it's going to take time to get going. But I've made some sells and have already learned a lot. It's something I have enjoyed doing and am eager to continue to grow. Patience is definitely the key when starting out on Etsy.

The funny part is that since starting to sell necklaces, the earrings I made over a year ago and tried to sell started selling. I have made a few sells on earrings since listing the necklaces. I'll admit that this is frustrating because I don't care about the earrings - I want to make a business out of the necklaces. But a sell is a sell.

The most exciting for me to this point is that my first non-family sell with my necklaces came last Thursday. I woke up to see an order which was exciting enough but then I saw that that order came from Paris, France. My first necklace order from someone I didn't know came from another country. I was seriously excited.

Of course what made that day even better was that I got a second order that day. Two orders in one day was pretty exciting for me.

Most days I go through days without any orders. I get lots of views and favorites but no orders. Like I said, it's definitely a test in patience but it's just remembering that this takes time. And it is slow-going but I haven't even been open two complete months yet. I'm happy with how things are going so far. Of course I would love more orders but I believe things will happen and things will pick up. And so far I have loved this entire progress - creating and networking and even finding my groove with the business aspect of it.

If you want to check out my shop for yourself, check out here. (Or click on the Etsy button on the sidebar or the page at the top.) And P.S. I have added four new necklaces recently, so you should definitely check them out if you haven't yet! And thank you for all your support! And don't forget to use the code OURBEAUTIFULMESS16 for 15% off which is for my blog readers as a thank you for all your support!

Comment below: What is your favorite necklace? What would you like to see more of?

xo, B
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