Feb 15, 2019

The Two Month Comparison // Happy Friday

I can't even begin to tell you how happy these make me. I love looking at these each month. I always seem to forget what the two big ones looked like at the same age so looking at their pictures again always makes me smile but also looking at them and see how much they all look alike (or don't) is kind of cool.

Emma is somewhere between Addison and Connor size-wise but she is just as long. She is definitely the happiest in the bunch here though with that huge smile. She definitely looks a lot like Addison and not so much like Connor here. But regardless they are all pretty dang cute.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

Feb 11, 2019

Emma Lynn: Two Months

Dear Emma:

I can't believe you are two months! But then again I will probably say that every month. Time is just flying by so fast and you are already getting so big. It seems like the last two months has seriously flown by but then again there are days that it feels like time couldn't move any slower. But I'm trying to savor it as much as I can because you are my last which is definitely bittersweet in so many ways. But we are so glad it was you that we are ending on because even at only two months you are pretty awesome.

This month has been a lot of just keeping warm. Since we usually walk to get Addie from school, you snuggle in in the carrier and stay nice a warm. You don't have a coat but you are the warmest of all of us. Lately you have had mixed feelings about the carrier but that doesn't mean the motion doesn't put you right to sleep. But then again you do love being held. If you had it your way I would hold you all the time. In fact there are days that I swear I barely put you down. Often your eyes will pop right open as soon as I try to put you down in the boppy next to me on the couch. But we are working on you napping without being held because really you will be more comfortable in the long run not getting so sweaty and I can have use of my arms. But Emma snuggles are always nice.

This month was huge because you gave us your first smile. Technically I think you actually gave Connor your very first smile but it was a smile all the same. And now you smile all the time at us which we love. It really is the best when you give us that huge bright-eyed smile.

For the most part you are the most chill. The noises of your siblings racing around the house don't really bother you. You don't like to be hungry - but who does? And lately you have been letting yourself get overly tired because you want to check everything out around you and that makes you start screaming. You also really hate baths. It's just not your favorite at all.

When you do sleep, you actually do a pretty good job. Sometimes you have trouble settling but once you do during the day you will sleep about three-five hours. At night you usually go anywhere from 6-8 hours between feedings. Although just the other night you went 11 hours which gave us a really good night's sleep. We definitely aren't complaining about that.

You eat four ounce bottles of formula during the day every 3-5 hours and at night you go much longer. Every once in awhile you want a little more but not very often. I'm sure you are going to up how much you want to eat soon because you are growing so fast. You are most definitely out of newborn clothes. You aren't chubby but you are very long for sure.

You are such a fantastic little girl. You smile and talk to us. You make us all smile. Your brother and sister can't get enough of you and want to be near you all the time. You are such an amazing little girl and we love you so much.

Love, Mama

Feb 8, 2019

Doodling in January // Happy Friday

Two years ago in the summer I decided to take on a doodle challenge with mixed results. I'm not one that normally draws. I just haven never been very good at it, but I wanted to try something new in my bullet journal so I took it on. (Check out those posts here and here.) But as the year went on I decided that it wasn't going to continue. I lost my desire to struggle through each day and I just didn't try anymore.

It wasn't until April of last year that I decided to try again but I didn't even finish out the month. You can see my April bullet journal which includes my failed doodle challenge here.

But this year came around and I decided I wanted to give this whole doodling thing another go. So I started in January and it was again a mixed bag. There were days that I loved but then there were days that just make us laugh so hard.

It wasn't the easiest month to start doodling again because the theme was wintery animal (with the occasional non-wintery animal and of course there was one day that the thing to draw was wood). But I did my best and there were several that I was even quite proud of.

As you can probably tell there are are some that are definitely better than others. It's okay to laugh, we did many many times.

First let's start with my favorites.

I felt like I started out solid with my puffin on the first day. My moose and walrus were both pretty basic but I liked how they turned out. My St. Bernard is pretty cute. Rob regularly commented on how worried my puffin looked and how sad my St. Bernard was, but that's okay. I'm not great with eyes (as you can tell by the crazy blacked out eyes of the moose).

These were the worst of the pictures. The harp seal was the second day and I'll be honest I really wanted to give up after I drew him. It was awful but I kept going the next day so at least I had that going for me. The next one is an Alaskan Husky and he looks crazy. He's the kind of rabid dog that you just wouldn't want to run into it. The next is a Canadian Lynx. I just want to apologize to all Canadian Lynx now for drawing such demonic animal. I'm sure that's not at all what you guys look like. The last one is a Snow Leopard which every single time I look at it I have to look at my list because I have no idea what it is.

This last collection are pretty terrible and have made us laugh several times. The first one is supposed to be an Arctic Fox but Rob is quite convinced it's a corgi. Then you have a squid which looks a lot like a glove. And the last is a muskox which looks like a lot of giving up - but it all fairness it was the last time and I was just done with these silly animals.

But I made it. They weren't all great but I did it and I'm proud for finishing. And believing it or not I am doing the doodle challenge again in February. I will say that this month is definitely going better. I'm pretty pleased with how it's going so far actually, but it's still early in the month.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

Feb 4, 2019

Three Ladies & Their Gents: Winter 2019 Edition


Mostly the man's been working. Then he comes home and helps with the kids. Pretty much he's busy and has his hands full. Is it lame that that's about all that's going on with him? He definitely the simplest member of the family as far as his routine and his daily life, but all that he does is pretty dang important.


I'm almost 2 month postpartum so how do you think I'm doing? Hormones are a killer. Actually I think I'm the most level-headed this time around than I have been. Maybe having the shop has helped give me a bit more balance. It allows me to be a stay at home mom but also have things outside of that while also being able to contribute to the income. It has really helped I'm sure. That definitely doesn't mean I have it all together because I'm still quite the hot mess. But I'm keeping busy and just doing my best knowing that this phase of my life won't last forever. But I'm keeping busy as a mom and as a shop owner, and working on finding balance and getting control over my messy house by cleaning and decluttering and everything in between.


This girl is a rockstar. She is loving school and she's doing great. She has friends. She is reading chapter books. She is just doing an awesome job. She's also a great big sister. Of course her and Connor go at each other but that's just what siblings do. But she does love him and she adores her baby sister. She tells us often that she wanted a sister and then we got one. It always makes me chuckle. The other day she told me that she wants to be author and illustrator when she grows up. And truthfully that girl can be anything she wants to be; she has a brilliant mind. It's pretty awesome to see all that she knows and how fast she picks up things. She is reading like crazy. She's writing and spelling. She's doing basic math which includes some subtraction. She's just rocking this school thing and keeping her teacher on her toes making sure she is being challenged and having enough to do.


This boy is something else. And he's about to be three! It's hard to believe he is almost old enough to actually be in preschool! He's supposed to still be my little baby boy. He's not supposed to be old enough to go to school. Although I'm thinking if there was any of my kids that I would need to homeschool, it would be this one. I keep joking with Rob that we need to cut the cord. He is obsessed with mama and there are days that I literally can't get farther than two feet away from him before he freaks out that I'm going to leave him. And yes, he does regularly say "mama, don't leave me." But he's doing good otherwise. He's bright and talking like crazy. We are working on potty training slowly now. He's just an active little spunky boy.


This girl is about to be 2 months! She's doing good. She's had some major congestion lately with a bit of a cough because of the drainage. She hasn't had a fever which is good but the poor girl doesn't feel great. But she is smiling now. She is still eating great. She's sleeping pretty good - better when she doesn't have congestion. We are still trying to find the balance around here and she's not always great about letting me put her down for naps during the day but we are getting there slowly.


Stella's been mostly just creeping around the house, taking naps, and looking for someone to pet her. What else does a cat spend her days doing? Actually she is doing good. For the last few months of my pregnancy we had to keep a calming collar on her because she had some major eye drainage (or eye goop as we call it which gets worse when she's stressed) and she was licking a lot. We kept a collar on her and it definitely helped. After Emma was born when Stella's last collar's month was up, we decided to give it a try without the collar and she's been doing great. We are happy that things have settled down for her and we don't have to keep her in the collar, and I'm sure she's glad too.

Feb 1, 2019

The Thirty-Five Month Comparison // Happy Friday

I still can't believe Connor is about to turn three! That just doesn't seem possible. But here we are anyway.

I guess a lot more differences between the two of them this month than similarities. They both have adorable smiles however. I don't even know what to say. They don't really look alike to me and their personalities are pretty dang different at the same age. Addison was cautious and just starting to really talk. She was just now out of her ankle braces so her gross motor was not as far along as Connor is now. Connor is pretty fearless. He talks nonstop - sometimes about the craziest things - but he's clear and can get his point across very well. He is jumping and climbing and doing way more than I think I really want him to; he just makes me nervous sometimes. But no matter how different they look or how different they are, I love them just the same. It's just hard to believe she's now six and he's about to turn three. It just doesn't seem possible.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

Jan 28, 2019

Connor James: 35 Months

Dear Connor::

I'm not crying because you are almost three - you're crying. Okay so maybe it's me. It's so hard to believe that you are about to turn three in just a month. The last three years have definitely flown by and you have changed so much!

You have hit the age that not much changes from month to month now. But you do constantly surprise me. You are forever in motion. You are so bright. You are amazing at solving problems. You catch on quick. It's always awesome to see your brain work.

You have been putting yourself to bed lately. You will come to me and tell me that you are tired and then off to bed we go usually a much earlier than bedtime. Sometimes that means you are up a lot earlier but often it just means that you just needed a little extra sleep. Naps aren't as often these days. You seem to need a lot of them but you don't always like to take them, but you are still having quiet time.You just like to play more than sleep.

As far as eating is concerned there are days that you do awesome and days that you don't want to eat anything I give you. It's a real struggle sometimes because you can definitely be a bit of a picky eater. Lunch is your best eaten meal and the one that I give you the most options for so that makes sense. You have been getting better about eating the food I give you, but there are days that I seriously wonder if you are getting enough.

As a two year old, you pretty much only ever play and you love doing that. You love playing with your superheros, you love playing superheroes. You love doing puzzles and playing with your cars. That's pretty much all you do. I think you miss running around outside though. You have so much energy and you rarely know what to do with it all, although you do have some killer dance moves that helps with that energy.

You do so much talking these days. You are so clear in what you want and what you have to say. And it turns out that you are pretty funny. However you do get some terrible twos going on too because the temper tantrums are real. But we get through them and truthfully they are getting fewer and farther between. You just have an idea of what you want and sometimes that's just not reality.

You are definitely obsessed with mama. You rarely let anyone else do anything for you. Truthfully it's exhausting sometimes but I know that you won't always want me the way you do now so I'll take it while I can.

You are an amazing kid. You love your sisters and have been a great big brother since your baby sister was born. You adore your big sister, and can't wait to see her when we pick her up in the afternoons from school. You are funny and sweet. You are smart and quick on your feet. You have some killer dance moves and are always in motion. I love you so much, goon.

Love, Mama

Jan 23, 2019

Currently: Winter 2019 Edition

Currently Working On // Surviving during the day. Ha! But no seriously having a newborn and a two year old all day then later adding in a 6 year old is exhausting.

Okay but really I'm mostly just working on more new kits for the shop (which I'm pleased with how it's going by the way). I've also been working on reformats and orders and everything else involving the shop. It is keeping me pretty busy which is great.

Currently Anticipating // Spring. I am so stinkin' tired of the cold weather already. We walk to school and it's a pain to get all bundled up.

Currently Annoyed By // My hair. It's a mess. It's all over the place, always in my face, frizzy and the postpartum hair is fun. I haven't started losing my hair yet but I know that's still coming.

Currently Grateful For // The hubs. I could probably do him every month but he has been picking up a lot of slack for me since I've had a lot of long days with the kids. He does the night time feedings often. I am so lucky to have him.

Currently Reading // The Alpha Drive by Kristen Martin, which I'm feeling only so-so about. I'm also reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I always start rereading Harry Potter when I have a baby as the book I have in her room to keep me busy while I rock.

Currently Staying Active // I'm doing a lot of walking. So much walking. Walking to school. Walking home from school. Walking around the house with a fussy baby. Walking back to school. Walking back home again. All the walking....my feet hurt.

Currently Craving // Nothing really. Although I would really like Texas Roadhouse and eggs Benedict.

Currently Loving // My new phone. A few weeks ago we went and got new phones (Rob was having trouble with his and mine wouldn't hold a charge and would randomly shut down which was a problem when that was my only lifeline). I don't usually get the newest phone but it was only a bit more so I decided to go with it. I like it - the camera is pretty nice.

Currently Would Love to Travel To // The beach. But at this point I would just take a vacation and somewhere warm.


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