May 21, 2018

The One with the Preschool Graduation

Last Friday was a big day for little miss. She graduated from preschool!

There was a simple but sweet ceremony up at her school. And I can happily report that I didn't even tear up. I am just so proud of her and how far she has come in such a short amount of time. My girl who started out as an IEP kid who needed a gross motor, speech and even some social help graduated as a peer kid more ready for kindergarten.

Of course much to her confusion she still has three more days of school but the graduation was a good way to prepare saying goodbye to preschool and the teachers who have done so much for her. She won't be attending this school next year for kindergarten since we moved last year so we will certainly miss this school and all the teachers and staff. But I have heard nothing but good things for the school she will be starting and we are definitely not downgrading.

It was a sweet graduation though. My parents were able to come which was great. And we were able to skype with Rob's parents the next evening so she could tell them about the graduation and show off her artwork we brought home that day.

It's just so hard to believe that she is almost done with preschool and about to start kindergarten. She is so excited about starting kindergarten and isn't daunted by the fact that she has to learn a new school and make all her friends. We are so proud of her because she is a smart, amazing, kind kid who wants to learn and will do amazing things.

May 18, 2018

Beautiful Mess Plans Co // Happy Friday

Well it's official - as of Tuesday, I have closed Our Beautiful Mess Shop. In some ways it was very bittersweet. I was planning on closing it on June 1, but I ran out of chain and without chain you can't make necklaces. So I had to close the shop. It was in the plans obviously and I was ready but at the same time it was also an end of something that has been very good for me. I needed something to make me feel like I was doing something creative and productive. But like I said, I was ready.

And even better this means that I have more time to focus on my second shop that I opened November 2017. So here's a little backstory about this shop and why I opened it.

Back in August of 2016, I started my first bullet journal. I liked the idea of getting my stuff together and getting things out of my head. But it wasn't until I was laid up with my knee surgery in December of that year that I discovered a whole planner community out there that used all kinds of planners  and all kinds of stickers. I watched a lot of planner YouTube videos and couldn't seem to get enough - but then again I was in a lot of pain and couldn't bend my knee past 30 degrees so what else do you do?

I started toying around with a new idea of creating my own stickers. I already had a Silhouette, so I figured I could do it too. But nothing happened because my focus was then on getting back on my feet and figuring out how to survive all day with two kids, one who could only crawl but could crawl faster than I could walk. It wasn't until summer when I was really back to [almost] normal speed again that I bought up the idea to Rob about the idea of opening a second shop to sell planner stickers. Truthfully I thought he was going to think it was a silly idea so I was ready with all kinds of information to support my idea. But he thought it was a great idea immediately.

I then started the road to finding artwork and figuring out my own stickers kits I wanted to sell. And I found that I enjoyed the process. It was a true creative process that I had first longed for from the jewelry shop but never really got. I found my groove, figured out what I wanted to sell, the prices, and on November 1, 2017 I opened my second Etsy shop, Beautiful Mess Plans Co, which really became a labor of love.

And I did it all quietly without anyone but Rob knowing. I think there was part of me that wanted to find this success without putting it here on the blog or anywhere where I might get sells due to already knowing me. I wanted to get my feet under me before I really shared what I was up to.

And I did. Five months after I opened the shop I broke even and started making a profit. I found myself enjoying each month when it was time for new releases because that meant new artwork and new designs. I was doing good, finding success, and enjoying what I was doing. And even better I was helping out financially around here even if it was just a little bit each month which for a stay-at-home mom I needed that feeling.

So the decision to close the jewelry shop which had done me well was an easy one. It was one I was ready for. I found what I really enjoyed doing and wanted to focus on that. So now that's how I spend my days - well at least my nap times. I design, I cut stickers, I put together orders. And when I'm having a crummy day and just want to take a nap, I still can do that knowing my shop will survive me taking a day off.

So that's the big secret I have been keeping for about 6 months now but cats out the bag! My original shop is closed. I no longer sell jewelry. I do sell planner stickers and although that is a weird sentence, I am enjoying all of it.

You can check out my shop here. And my shop Instagram here.

And I'll be back at some point to talk more about what I do and how people use the stickers and what the planners are for those that are interested, but for now I wanted to share my secret and my story.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

May 16, 2018

Every Day Conversations: Part XVI

"Can I get your attention?" A
"No." B
"I heard yes." A

"Sneaky Pete sounds like a cat. You know like a cat." B

"Mom there's something brown in here." A handing me her milk
"There's pork in there!" B
"Oh!" laughing. "That's where I parked my pork!"

"They have both been quiet. But there's also a 50-50 chance the monitor is off." B

"Addie are you whimpering?" R
"No." Beat. "Oh I am." A

"I just want you to know that I'm not consciously blaming it on you. I'm not subconsciously blaming it on you that I know of." B

Driving by a cemetery.
"Whoa. Lots of people died." A

Royals wearing pink on Mother's Day.
"Why are they wearing pink hats?" A
"Because it's Mother's Day." R
"Oh I thought it was just because they ran out of blue ones." A

"It's only Tuesday." R
"That's easy to say now." B
"Yeah because it's Tuesday." R
"Well yeah because you can't say that tomorrow. It wouldn't be Tuesday anymore." B

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May 14, 2018

Two Ladies & Their Gents: Spring 2018 Edition


I can happily say that things finally settled down at work for him. He even had this last week off from work which was pretty dang amazing. We didn't do anything because Addison still had afternoon preschool but just having some down time (and me not having to do it all here at home by myself) was pretty awesome. He's good thought although he's less than happy that it's now lawn mowing season.


I've been pretty busy lately actually. Being a mom is always exhausting especially to Connor because that boy is fearless and hasn't learned what gravity is yet despite all of his falling. I still feel good about deciding to close the jewelry shop and I'm actually ready for it all to be behind me. But I'm keeping pretty busy with my planner sticker shop which I'm good with. What I should be busy doing right now is cleaning because this house is a mess. But sometimes it seems pointless because my kids still live here - all you moms out there hear me?!


This girl is almost done with her last year of preschool. This Friday she actually has her preschool graduation then just three more days and summer! She is really excited about summer then starting kindergarten at her new school which is good since all her friends are splitting up to different schools. She is reading like crazy these days and doing a lot of writing even. Lately she's been big into Math Busters on an old laptop we have and she is getting pretty good at basic math. It's just crazy to look at her and realize that no one would ever know that she started out as an IEP kid with several delays. She's one strong, smart kid.


Oh this kid. He's funny. He's fearless. He's smart. He's frustrating. But he's doing good. He's an interesting kid who is constantly exploring and finding new things. He is definitely my mini me and pretty much constantly attached to my hip. He has some separation issues when it comes to me so we are always joking that I'll be going to college with him. He loves to read books. He loves superheros, Legos, and trains. He's interested in letters, although he just doesn't seem to be picking up on colors. But he definitely knows what a dinosaur says. 


This cat loves Connor. It's really quite weird. I went upstairs to switch the laundry and came down to Connor pulling her tail and then about five minutes later she went back to lay next to him. It's the weirdest relationship ever but it works for them. Otherwise Stella is weird and here and actually extra hungry these days. 

May 7, 2018

Currently: Spring 2018 Edition

Currently Working On // Truthfully nothing. I am all ready for the new releases this Friday for my planner sticker shop. I am just letting the jewelry shop run its course. I have a lot of cleaning to do around the house but I don't know if that's something I'm working on. There really isn't anything in particular.

Currently Anticipating // Seeing Infinity War. We are actually going tonight for a date night and I am excited!

Currently Annoyed By // The sunburn, although I have no one to blame but myself. I definitely didn't expect the sun to be so hot so fast and without any clouds in the sky. I'm definitely paying for it now and it's time to buy more sunscreen!

Currently Grateful For // My parents. They came over this last weekend to help all Saturday to put up our kids play tower and now they are coming back over this afternoon to watch the kids so we can go for a date.

Currently Reading // Origin in Death - J.R. Robb

Currently Staying Active // Some Moms Into Fitness workouts. I love her stuff. If you haven't tried her and are looking for something good definitely check her out because she's awesome!

Currently Craving //  Cereal. I don't even have any kind in mind - I just want some cereal.

Currently Loving // The warm/hot weather. We are back to shorts again! Of course we didn't really have much of a spring because we pretty much just went to hot weather but it's better than the cold. You know how much easier it is to deal with kids on a daily basis when you don't have to wrestle coats!

Currently Would Love to Travel To // Silver Dollar City - for some reason I've been thinking about SDC lately and would love to get back down for a little weekend trip this year.

May 4, 2018

April Bullet Journal // Happy Friday

It's time again to take a look at my bullet journal from the last month. Last month's overview post, there was a sneak peek at this April page which is clearly rainy days. Because April showers bring May showers...

Here's a look at the April calendar page. I didn't make very much progress on my to dos this month but it's just like that sometimes. I used clear sticker paper to print and cut the lyrics from Singing in the Rain which is hard to see but it's the words on the bottom left side. I liked how my yellow themed month came together.

This month it seemed only fitting to use an umbrella as my mood tracker since it was a rainy theme. It turned out pretty good all together. I also used more quotes and stamping this month in general, plus with baseball season in full swing now, I'm back to using my Royals stickers to mark when each game is each day.

I tried to do a doodle challenge again but I lost heard towards the end. I just didn't care and just didn't finish. I add this in because I wanted to show that not everything in your bullet journal has to be complete and look awesome. Sometimes they are half-finished like this page.

My dailies are much how they were since January. They work for me so you got with what worked. I used some stickers and some stamping. I like how it all comes together.

Sometimes you use a quote because it makes you laugh which is exactly what this one did. Because who among us hasn't wanted to sleep just a little longer but our bladder was saying otherwise. Plus who hasn't felt that way especially about a Monday. On the flip side though I started a brain dump page. I used stamping for the title and for Hermione, which I didn't do a good job stamping and that totally bummed me out but I colored her in and just had to go with it.

For the last couple of days I add in some washi tape and a sticker which seemed fitting. Mostly I add this picture in so you could see the sneak peek of May's theme. Remember how earlier I said April showers bring May showers. So May's theme is flower, mainly tulips since those are my favorite, plus a pink theme.

So there you have it. Another month of my bullet journal. I didn't add in every page because there were a lot of dailies. One day I'll share my meal plan notebook since I took it out of my bullet journal.  I also have a separate notebook I use for my business stuff since I have a lot to remember and having all things there help me keep my head on straight. I have really enjoyed the combination of stamps and stickers, plus just the good old fashion writing in my bullet journal.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

May 2, 2018

Our Beautiful Mess Shop

I have been thinking about this for some time now and after about 2 1/2 years of owning Our Beautiful Mess Shop I have decided to close the shop. What it comes down to is that I don't enjoy it like I used to.

When I first decided to open the shop I was looking for some creative outlet and a way to maybe make a little extra to help out with money around the house. And I did enjoy it quite a bit. It was a lot of work and a lot of planning. I formed an Instagram and a Facebook group to have a social media presence. I worked hard and really enjoyed it and enjoyed it even more when I started making sales. At first they weren't constant but they definitely picked up around the holidays and it kept me pretty busy.

But as time wore on I found the enjoyment I once had was gone and now it was just a bit of a pain. I don't know if that came from having to make an office space to put all my supplies or if it was just having an active toddler on my hands and my lack of motivation wanting to deal with the shop. Although we weren't dependent on the money from the shop, I didn't want to lose money each month so I had to make sure I was working on making a social media presence in order to make a difference each month.

But this thing that I started as something fun for me to, that I once enjoyed doing, was just becoming a task I didn't look forward to each day.

So I have decided after those two and half years of having Our Beautiful Mess Shop that I plan to close it on June 1. The entire month of May, I'll have the entire shop at discounted prices in order help get rid of some of my inventory.

It's something I have been thinking about for awhile now and finally came to peace with making this decision. Actually I feel good about this decision.

I will say that I'm not done being a shop owner however. I also own a planner sticker shop on Etsy which I opened back in November and it has been going very well. I find that it's a great way to express myself creatively. I enjoy all aspects of it.

Rob tells me that opening Our Beautiful Mess Shop and having this shop was a stepping stone to get me to find planner stickers. I'm actually pleased with my decision and I look forward to what's coming next for me. It's bittersweet with the closing of this chapter but I'm ready for it, so here's to one more month of Our Beautiful Mess Shop.


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