Sep 19, 2018

A New Room for Addie

When we bought this house we always had a plan to have three kids. I never imagined that it would actually happen but here I am now 26 weeks pregnant with that third kid. So we looked all along for a four bedroom house. Our first house was also four bedrooms except the fourth bedroom was up a flight of steps and I was never wild about the idea of having to move Addison up there one day. I worried about her nagtivating the stairs in the middle of the night just to go to the bathroom. It just made me nervous. It was definitely a factor in why we ultimately decided to move.

Not to mention the other two rooms were so different in sizes that I'm not even sure a twin could fit in the room we used as the nursery. In the long term, it was just a house that wasn't going to work for us.

So we moved. We found a four bedroom house (check it out here). There are two bedrooms that are connected by a jack-and-jill bathroom. Then another bedroom that had it's own small bathroom at the end of the hall. When we first moved in, we let Addison chose which room she wanted. She chose the first bedroom up the stairs that connected with the room she picked for Connor via the bathroom.

When we got pregnant we debated what to do about the third baby. We didn't plan to put the baby in the third bedroom, but we debated if we match genders together into the jack-and-jill or if we should moved Addison and let the two youngest share the bathroom. We went back and forth for awhile before we finally decided that we wanted to move Addison.

When we first bought up the idea with her she was completely against the idea. She didn't want to move. She wanted to stay exactly where she was, so we let it go. Every once in awhile we brought up the idea of moving rooms. But it wasn't until I got a new desk for me that she came around to the idea when we proposed that we put my old desk into her room. She was suddenly all about the idea.

We planned to have her moved before her birthday in October so we could get Connor his new bed (read about that here) and get Emma's nursery set up. But we got home from our beach vacation and school was about to start, and we were suddenly inspired to just get her moved before she started kindergarten.

So one Saturday we started moving her.

We basically traded the stuff in the playroom with the stuff in her room. It moved smoother than we thought. Of course I had a mess in what would become Emma's room but at least we were finally getting Addison moved in her new room.

And of course it has become her new room quickly - mess and all. It took a little bit of adjustment but for the most part she has really liked having this new room. It is slightly bigger which means she can have that desk that she was so excited about. She also doesn't mind having her own bathroom where she now showers. She will one day realize how lucky she is that she doesn't have to share her bathroom then realize how unlucky when she has no one to help her clean it.

But for now she's just pumped about having her new room. It was the next big step we needed to get ready for Emma. Since then we got Connor a twin bed and moved the crib into Emma's room, which means we don't need to do anything more to their rooms before Emma comes.

But no matter how unsure Addison was about moving into this new room before, she is definitely happy about the move and is enjoying her new bedroom.

Sep 17, 2018

Bump to Baby: 25 Weeks

You are over 13 inches long and more than a pound-and-a-half in weight which is about the weight of an acorn squash. You are turning less translucent and becoming more pink. Your small blood vessels - capillaries - are forming under your skin and filling with blood which helps make you pinker. Your lungs are still a work in progress but they are developing and are one step closer to being able to function in the outside world. Also starting to work this week is your nose so you can work on taking practice breaths.

This week was a bit rough. I actually got sick a couple times this week. Once it was a morning right after breakfast then again a day or so later that I got sick in the middle of lunch. I don't know what's up this week but it was a rough one morning sickness wise. I just can't seem to caught a break when it comes to getting sick. I would love to be able to eat without thinking about it and without feeling like I'm going to be sick all the time. I have also been really tired this week but when you don't feel great you don't always sleep great. Also the kids haven't slept great this week which means as a parent that you don't sleep great. Otherwise it's just been a lot of the same. You are an active one, always wiggling and kicking. I don't worry about you as much as I once did because you are just constantly on the move.

I'm just going to say that naming a kid is a hard thing. It's a big responsibility. There's a careful balance between finding out that suits your kid as a kid but also your kid as adult. And for me I want to make sure that I name my kid something that other people can pronounce and spell. I like something unique but also something that might be a bit more traditional. Addison's name came easy. Naming a boy was much harder for us but we got there with Connor. Then we got pregnant again and we started talking about names. Since we weren't sure if we were having a boy or a girl at first, we talked genders. We found a name we liked for a boy but no middle name. I had several girl names I loved but Rob wasn't convinced. Emma had been on my short list for a lot time but it wasn't until my mom mentioned it again that it went back on my list. In fact it became my list. I ran it by Rob who seemed down for the name pretty quickly. But we needed to come up with a middle name. Middle names always came pretty quickly for me. Once we found the first name I usually just naturally flowed into a middle name. This one was somewhat similar in the sense that I was standing in the shower thinking about her name when I decided I wanted to use my sister's middle name as her middle name. And just as easily, she became Emma Lynn. As soon as I told Rob, we knew it was the right name and that was her. There was no other name or combination that would be right. Naming Emma has definitely been a combination of the easy of naming Addison and the struggle of Connor. But now there's no other name that I could imagine would work. Emma Lynn is the right fit and we can't wait to meet her.

(Sunday, September 9 - Saturday, September 15)

Sep 14, 2018

The Bump Comparison // Happy Friday

Well I look completely different from my first pregnancy to now. I guess that's what 6 years will do to you. When I was pregnant with Addison I was 25/26 and now I'm 32. I'm definitely struggling a bit more this time around since I'm older, but I'm making it and Emma will be worth it all.

I was definitely curious this time if I was bigger because this is my third pregnancy and I would say yes I'm at least bigger than I was with my pregnancy with Addison. I don't think there's much difference between my second and this one.

Total with my first pregnancy I gained about 14 pounds. With my pregnancy with Connor I gained just a bit over that at about 18 pounds or so. So far during this pregnancy I have gained about 3 pounds. So I'm on track to gain just my baby and their stuff but not too much extra. I'm definitely struggling more with food with this time although I'm throwing up quite as much as did with Addison, I'm still getting sick at least once at week if not more.

I can triple confirm that pregnancy sucks. I am not one of those people that get a glow or feel my best while pregnant. I just tend to feel worst and so far that has remained true. But I'm hanging in there and trying to remind myself that it's all worth it in the end and I only have about three months to go.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

Sep 12, 2018

Connor's Big Boy Bed

We have had a lot of life changes going on around here lately. Addison moved rooms - I'll talk more about that another time - started dance and kindergarten. I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and just a couple months away from being a mom of three (wait, what?!). Stella has become weird paranoid since we put on a calming collar on her although it has definitely helped calm her quite a bit. Rob is doing his best to keep up with the rest of our chaos and still just working day in and day out to keep us in food and home.

Connor, although he is constantly changing, is pretty consistent. He remains resolved against even trying to sit on the potty chair or toilet. He is obsessed with a Mickey Halloween movie on Netflix and asks to watch it every day. He loves to play dinosaurs, trains, cars and superheroes. He wakes up grumpy if daddy wakes him up in the morning but fairly calm if mama does the waking. He's odd and hilarious and my favorite little boy.

He also has no idea what's coming. He knows that someone named Emma has a room in the house, but he has no clue who Emma is. He doesn't understand why I don't have the energy to carry his 30-something pound self around all the time.

But none of that mattes to him right now. He'll figure it all out later. As long as he's fed and there's someone around to change his diaper, turn on Mickey Halloween and play with him, he's a pretty content boy. What he was excited about was getting himself a big boy bed.

I had been talking to him about getting a new bed for awhile which he would say "Connor big boy." He had been sleeping in his the crib turned toddler bed which he was fast outgrowing. The change was going to need to be made whether there was a baby coming or not; he was just getting too big.

So one Friday Rob took the day off and we decided to make the trip to just get him the bed. After dropping off Addison we headed off to the store to buy him a mattress. Turns out, just as I thought, it would be a pretty straight forward process. We wanted the memory form kind like we got for Addison years ago and it's not like there's endless options in twin size so it was pretty easy to pick it out and buy it.

We looked forward to the fact that we would get the bed that same evening, although it turned out to not be until almost 10 at night. Connor was long in bed by then so we ended up just stashing it in the office until the next morning.

It was a pretty exciting morning though as Rob moved the crib to Emma's room which was Addison's old room (we had already moved her by this point) then bought in his bed. Originally we put the frame on the bed since he could get in and out by himself, but did later take it off.

It was hard to believe that Connor had officially made the change from his toddler bed to his big bed. He had so much more room although it turns out he still sleeps on the edge of his bed. Even though we got him a comforter and sheets and everything he needed, he sleeps on top of the comforter (just like Addison) and he used an Avengers throw blanket we also got him as his blanket.

It has been some adjustment in the new bed of course. I mentioned how we had to take the frame off, well that was because he fell out of bed. On his first night of having the bed, we heard an awful crash and realized Connor has fallen out of bed (Addison has actually fallen out of bed earlier that night). We raced in there to find the nightstand knocked over and his lamp broken. He was laying on the floor, crying. He had hit his head on something on the way down and his forehead was already bruising and swelling. So at ten at night, Rob took the frame off his bed and lowered him slightly closer to the floor. He hasn't fallen since.

He's adjusted well and seems to love having his big boy bed. It's just hard to believe he's big enough to actually be in a regular bed. I'm not sure I'm ready for my little boy to be there yet. He's still supposed to be my little guy but he's just growing so fast. But he's loving it and even sleeping a bit better with more room. So I guess I'll just have to adjust.

Sep 10, 2018

Bump to Baby: 24 Weeks

You are now about 11 and half inches long and weight about one and a third pounds. You are now gaining weight at about 6 ounces per week. Your face is fully formed now, which includes eyelashes, eyebrows and hair. Of course right now all your hair is white since it hasn't gained the pigment yet. You are also missing a lot of fat, but that will continue to accumulate. Until that happens though, your skin will be transparent which means we can still see all your organs, bones and blood vessels for a little bit longer.

It's not going to be exactly shocking when I say that I have had another exhausting week. Being a mom of two while pregnant is just hard and exhausting. Plus early school mornings and the terrible twos just wear
me down pretty quick. But on the plus side I am definitely getting my appetite. I feel like I am always hungry. Unfortunately I can't seem to figure out what to eat. I don't really have any cravings but I do have a lot of things that just make me feel crummy. I think you might actually be my most active kid. Of course you get really active at night but you are actually pretty active during the day. And it's sometimes even painful. But we did learn with our ultrasound this week that you are measuring about a week ahead which makes you a bit bigger. Unfortunately that means that my body is really already feeling the affects of having you be a bit bigger. I have been having major pain under my shoulder blade on my right side (same place as with all my pregnancies) and some pain in my ribs. It's definitely uncomfortable and the only ways to combat that is to not just sit but to more lean back when sitting. It's going to be a long couple more months. On top of the pain from those spots, my rear end has been hurting because about halfway through the week I fell down the stairs. My foot slipped and I bounced down about two steps. I was fine but it definitely hurt.

At 18 weeks we had our anatomy ultrasound scan with you which showed us how amazing you are and that you are a girl. You looked good and healthy and everything was how it should be. However, something that the ultrasound tech and the doctor noticed was that you had developmental cysts in your brain. I was told that it was perfectly normal and you looked perfect otherwise but that we needed to go back to make sure that they disappeared. So this week we headed back for that ultrasound. I was trusting my doctor here and her confidence that there was nothing to worry about, but of course sometimes I couldn't help but wonder if there something seriously wrong. I was definitely looking forward to the ultrasound; for one for the peace of mind and two because I just wanted to see you again. I wasn't sure how much the ultrasound tech would tell us but I hoped she would tell us if everything was good so I wouldn't have to wait another week for my OB appointment. So we went in and got right to it. Right away she looked your brain and was able to tell me that all your tissue looked good and healthy. There were no signs of any developmental cysts anymore. It was definitely a weight lifted. Then I could relax through the rest of the ultrasound. She decided that since we were there that she would take some measurements and just take a look around. You were constantly moving and squirming, which made it hard to get a good picture of your face but you still looked perfect. But it was a huge relief for everything to look normal. I needed some good news and that was the perfect good news to get!

(Sunday, September 2 - Saturday, September 8)

Sep 7, 2018

Seven on the Seventh // Happy Friday

1. Last week we had a night where both kids fell out of their beds in the same night. We heard something weird and Rob went to check it out to discover that Addie had fallen out of bed. She was okay although she came back into our room a few minutes later in tears because she couldn't find buddy. But Rob got her settled and everything was okay. Then about an hour later we heard an even louder crash. Connor had fallen out of bed. His was much worst. He knocked over his nightstand and broke his lamp. He had an instant bump on his forehead and he was understandably upset. We ended up taking off his frame to lower his bed a little and he slept great the rest of the night. It was a weird weird night. And they both slept until 9 that morning which never happens. Weird.

2. We got Stella a calming collar because she has been stressed out lately. She actually even scratched a bald spot to the point of bleeding above her eye a few weeks ago. We know she's stressed out about this pregnancy because she always gets that way, but we have had a lot of changes from Addie going to school all day to moving the kids rooms around. So she has been scratching like crazy. So we are trying out a new collar for her instead of one of those plug-in sprays because we always forget to change those and we don't want to burn the house down. So far so good and it definitely seems to be helping so that's something. We are thinking we might keep with the collars (we have to change them even 30 days) until at least a month after Emma is born and things start to settle into a routine, just so we can keep her from tearing herself apart.

3. I have a few favorite shirts in my collection of shirts and I never fail to get something on them. It makes me so sad every time. My newest favorite is a shirt I got from Orange Beach this last July/August and every single time I wear it I get something on it. It makes me so sad every time - but in all fairness I'm more sad because hormones. But I am definitely terrible about getting things on those shirts every single time. 

4. The worst part of Addie going back to school is that I have to get both kids up and going early. Last year she was in afternoon preschool so we had lazy mornings. But now we are to all day school so we have to actually get up in the morning. Addie tends to tell me that she needs a minute more or like yesterday she told me that she would get up when her heart sped up. Connor sometimes wakes up happy and ready to go but sometimes he also wakes up grumpy and whiny at me before he even gets out of bed. Mornings are tough. Apparently my kids aren't morning people anymore than I'm a morning person. Going back to school for my kid means I'm going back to school in a sense. 

5. I am having a lunch crisis again. All I want to do is eat hoagie sandwiches but deli meats are mostly a no-no during pregnancy so I'm trying to stay away from them. But I just can't figure out what to eat. I have tried salads again, but meh. I want something easy. Something not carb based. I just want to stop having this lunch crisis because I just can't figure out what to eat! 

6. I have been anxiously waiting for fall. I am tired of the heat for one, but also because I don't fit into any of my regular shorts anymore. I have a few pairs of maternity pants but at this point I'm not going to buy any maternity shorts. So I'm done with shorts weather because I don't want to wear them anymore. Plus fall is my favorite time of the year and like I said I'm done with the heat. 

7. I got my order from Grove Collaborative yesterday and I have got some Apple Cider scented cleaner, dish soap and hand soap. It smells so good. It's a strong apple cider smell but it also smells very clean. I'm looking forward to using it even if that does mean cleaning. 

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

Sep 6, 2018

Blue Apron #18

Smoky Shrimp & Polenta with Fresh Corn & Sweet Peppers

Although I picked this meal because it looked good, I honestly wasn't sure what to think about this meal. Then as I was making it I was even more unsure. I wasn't sure it was going to be spicy. I was nervous about overcooking the shrimp again. And we had never had polenta so I had no idea how we would feel about that. But it actually turned out to be pretty good. Connor tried it, spit it out and didn't eat anything else. Addison kept telling me she liked it even the peppers. And to my surprise even Rob liked it and he's not a fan of shrimp. It was pretty good.

One-Pan Chicken & Gnocchi with Summer Vegetables

We are actually big fans of gnocchi around here. We definitely have to cut up Connor's really small because it gets chewy for him but he will eventually eat it. This one was really good though. The flavors were delicious and this meal was simple but still filling.

Hoisin Chicken Tacos with Marinated Cucumber & Miso-Roasted Sweet Potatoes

I don't know what my deal is with sweet potatoes and Blue Apron but I am always burning them. I just can't seem to handle it when I do Blue Apron meals which is frustrating. Oh Well. The taco itself was pretty good. I wasn't sure how it was going to be. The chicken might have been a little dry because I just overcooked it but it was actually pretty good.

Fresh Fusilli Pasta & Basil Pesto with Corn & Zucchini

Here's an interesting fact about me, I don't like pesto. Actually when I have pasta I don't like anything but red sauce really. There are a few exceptions but not many. But this wasn't bad. I just wasn't a huge fan. The rest of the family liked it through.

Fresh Basil Fettuccine with Tomatoes & Sweet Corn

I was definitely surprised by this meal. This was supposed to be a 2-person meal but there was a ton of food. Of course most of that was actually corn but that corn turned creamy and it was pretty delicious. I really liked this meal over. I thought it was really good.

Vegetables Tostadas with Corn on the Cob & Lime Rice

I felt slightly different about this meal than I have about the rest of the meals lately. This meal was crazy spicy. I told Rob that after I ate the tostadas the corn had no flavor. He told me that he thought the corn was good but then again he ate it first. I think my tongue was just numb by that point so I couldn't taste any deliciousness that was the corn. The kids enjoyed eating off my corn however. I didn't give them any of the tostadas because I was afraid it would be too spicy which it definitely was. The flavors weren't bad but it was just too much for me.

Shrimp & Pesto Gnocchi with Summer Vegetables

The biggest issue with this meal was the fact that I hate pesto. I think I missed the pesto part in this recipe, but caught shrimp and gnocchi which is why I picked it. So it wasn't great for me. Everyone else like it but I just couldn't get past the pesto flavor.

Whole Grain Pasta & Tomato Sauce with Roasted Vegetables & Ricotta

This meal was pretty good. I will say that it's always interesting when it's a meal like this that you just put the ricotta on top like this. Of course I always mix it in but it's always kind of weird. Overall this meal was pretty good. It was easy to make and just veggies, cheese and pasta. There's not a lot wrong with those three things!


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