Oct 21, 2016

Our Beautiful Mess Shop: Update & New Necklaces // Happy Friday

Hey there Friday! Anyone else loving that it is finally Friday? We have had a heck of a couple weeks. I've been exhausted with getting into a new routine with early mornings and exercise. Plus the kiddos have been sick and teething (technically only C has been doing that). Things have just been out of whack and we just haven't found our groove the last few weeks. Apparently October isn't our month.

However the exciting thing lately has been every time I have heard my phone make that lovely cash register sound which means I made another sale. And just like the first one, every time is exciting. I love that other people love what I am making and I can provide something that other people want that make them happy. That makes me happy. I love being able to go to my desk and put together an necklace by hand and make sure to it perfect just for them.

Although to some shops this is nothing, but I hit my 20 sales mark this month which was exciting to me. I'm all about celebrating the small moments. I am actually just over the 20 sale mark and like I said, every single one of them has been exciting.

I have also been working on some new items that you might have missed so I thought I would clue you in (just in case) on this Friday. And of course if you see anything you love, make sure to go get it and use the code OURBEAUTIFULMESS16 for 15% off your entire purchase just because you have been such loyal blog readers for so long! So click on the link in the right bar or click here to shop!

A note regarding this Mountain Necklace. It is currently out of stock but hopefully on Saturday it will be back in stock so if you love it, make sure to watch for that update that it's back in stock on my Instagram @ourbeautifulmessshop. There will only be 6 available so much sure to get yours when they come back!

Comment below: Which is your new favorite?

Have a great weekend!

Happy Friday!

xo, B

Oct 20, 2016

Halloween Home Decor

So in the past I haven't been all that great at decorating for Halloween. And honestly it kind of bummed me out. Halloween is fun, especially since we have a little girl who loves Halloween now! This year I bought myself a couple Halloween things for decorating and I definitely love how the mantel turned out this year.

However I only hope to show you this first picture as long as you don't judge our fireplace which has been completely overrun by Legos!

So it's not much in comparison to some of the blogs I have seen but Addison loves it and I like it so much better than past years.

The sign I got as a printable a couple years ago but I don't remember where now. The skull was from Target a couple years ago. The owl was from the Dollar Spot at Target this year and I couldn't resist because I love owls! That small pumpkin was in a pack of four pumpkins also from the Target Dollar Spot.

The bats are just cut from cardstock traced from an outline of a bat I found online. The cat, book, and the ghost wood tags were from an Etsy shop. They were slightly smaller than I expected but I still love them! The candy corn string art was from Hello Sunshine Decor and I love it. The Halloween bunting was also a printable that I found (check out here) just printed on cardstock, cut out and hung up.

The 31 was also from Target Dollar Spot. Does anyone else love the Dollar Spot as much as I do?

We have a few other things around here and there but nothing much more. But I love how the mantel turned out this year. Sometimes it's really hard with having such a long mantel finding the right things in the right sizes for something so long and massive. But this year I'm pleased with it.

Comment below: Do you decorate for Halloween? If so, what is your favorite Halloween decoration? 

xo, B

Oct 19, 2016

Making the Cut: Killer Series Level One

After finishing Moms Into Fitness: 30 Day Core, I knew I definitely wanted to keep going. Rob was going to start running again now that the weather had cooled, so I was on my own deciding what to do next. I decided that I wanted to take on a couple different workout programs.

I knew I wasn't going to do a long already put together program because with the holiday coming, it made it difficult. But I was interested in keeping it fresh and getting a full workout. I decided to combine three different workouts to give myself some variety and a full body workout. So I chose to do Killer Buns & Things, Killer Arms & Back, and Killer Abs.

On Monday and Thursday I do Killer Buns & Thighs, on Tuesday and Friday I do Killer Arms & Back, and on Wednesday I do Killer Abs. Each workout has three levels and I am doing each level for two weeks before moving on to the next level, which means this entire program is six weeks long. I did have an additional day of of each workout at level one because 30 Day Core ended on a Tuesday which left me with three days. I didn't want to do nothing at all and lose the forward motion I had so I chose to add a day at level one to each workout.

As you can probably guess I have no finished my first two weeks (and three days) of level one! Yay!

I had previously done Killer Abs which I struggled to get through the first time. I had also done some of Killer Buns & Thighs before but struggled to get through that workout because so much leg every day was killing my knee. I was definitely nervous doing Killer Arms & Back because my shoulders has always been my weakest and I was afraid I wouldn't survive it.

But much to my surprise I'm a lot stronger than I thought. I felt all the moves but I was able to push harder and do the advance moves on all the workouts.

Killer Buns & Thighs is definitely my least favorite of the bunch. The workout, warm up and cool up included, is 40 minutes which is longer than the others. There is 4 circuits which you go through each exercise two times but that doesn't include the warm up which is also a circuit that last almost 10 minutes. Not that I don't want a good warm up but it's a little long and almost wears me out before we even get started. The whole workout mixes cardio and toning. Part of the reason why it's so hard is that you are working big muscle groups which just takes more. I was never really sore at the end of the workout but I also found I could push a little more than I thought I could when I first started. I could do the advanced moves and add in weights. I always got a good workout but it was still my least favorite.

Killer Arms & Back was 30 minutes total and worked the same as Killer Buns & Thighs with 4 circuits. The warm up was only 3 minutes and more focused altogether. This was also a mix of cardio and toning. I truly expected this one to be the hardest due to thinking my shoulders were weak but really I was stronger than I expected. I was able to use heavier weights and do the advanced moves. Although I will confess that any push-ups are still done from my knees but maybe one day I'll get to being able to do full push-ups (it is a goal to be able to do at least some full push-ups!). This workout also had full body because in order to really make a difference you have to burn the fat off the muscle, so you had to work hard. Arms are small muscle groups and you would get a better workout overall if you work a bigger muscle group too. So there was some full body included but nothing that was too horrible.

Killer Abs is one that I had done before and I was also expecting this one to be terrible. The first time I had done this one I had barely made it through but much to my surprise I was a lot stronger. I was able to push through and do more. This one is just the same as Killer Arms & Back with length and circuits. I definitely surprised myself throughout this one and it moved quickly. I never got to a move that I didn't think I could do, which was an awesome feeling, especially considering how much I struggled the first time I did this program.

Overall all three level ones went well. Some went better than others, but all of them I could push through. All of them I could do the advanced moves and push myself harder than I thought I could. Although I have been all kinds of tired and a little sore, I have noticed a difference. I have been feeling better. And as an awesome bonus I have lost a few pounds and after doing measurements I lost something from everywhere. It was definitely encouraging and helps with the motivation when I think how about this was just after two weeks (and three days) of level one! I'm excited to see what else I can do!

Comment below: What have you been doing fitness wise? What are your health/fitness goals?

xo, B

Oct 14, 2016

Addison Sophia: 4 Years

Dear Addie::

You had a very busy year in your life. You have changed so much and it's even harder to believe you are the same girl from a year ago when I last wrote you a letter. It's even harder to believe that you are already four years old! I feel like you should still be my tiny little baby. But here you are - rocking my world at four years old.

I'm not going to say three was all sunshine and roses. You definitely got a bit more stubborn at three but we knew that was probably coming. This has been a heck of a year and so much has happened.

Soon after you turned 3, you started going to speech two times a week at your local school and you absolutely loved it. And I loved that you were doing so much talking. You becoming more clear and expanding what you were able to say. You were definitely not lacking in energy. You hardly stopped moving and going. You also started stretching your threenager attitude more which would be a challenge over the course of your entire third year. I was constantly having to remind you to check your attitude. But you also had those moments that were just so cute that it was hard to stay frustrated at you with all the attitude. Probably you're most used saying was "No but thanks." You also would answer "thank you" if the person you were talking to didn't say it quick enough then you would immediately say "welcome" in response to yourself.

As the next month came along you continue to be just as stubborn. You continued to show your independence, wanting to do everything yourself.  You were despite to get things your way by throwing fits which were almost always short lived. You just wanted your opinion known. But you were also talking more which I loved.  You know all your letters, you could count to twelve, you could identify your teens and about ten shapes. The biggest thing was definitely being able to take the gate off your door. It was a big thing finally taking the gate off.

Easily the biggest thing of your entire third year of life was that we finally got you potty trained! It took a couple of false starts and about a month, give or take, of struggle but we did it! You were definitely up for the challenge - especially once you learned there was something in it for you. Of course you aren't potty trained at sleep times at all but being potty trained during the day was a game changer for us. It's not that you didn't have the occasional accidents but for the most part you always did well even right out of the gate. We were so proud of how well you have done.

Another huge thing for you during this year was that you finally finished with the neurologist. We were so excited to finally be cleared with him. We had been going since you were 18 months to him and to finally get the all clear and to know that you were healthy and on the right track was so huge for us.

There has been so many other achievements over the course of this year. You have started going down slides again. You have started swinging on a big girl swing. You have had two successful trips to the dentist. You have become more independent and has loved helping out around the house, doing little chores.

Another big thing in your life during this year was that you became a big sister. And you are the best big sister. From the moment Connor was born you have loved him and doted on him. You played with him. You are patient with me when I have to care for him. You help out with him. You entertain him. You are seriously an amazing big sister. And he adores his big sister as much as you adore him.

You also started school which you love! Everyday you ask me if you can go back tomorrow and are even disappointed on the weekends when you can't go. You have a great time at school which I love. You have so much to tell me about your day which is more of you talking which is awesome. There is not a doubt in our minds that putting you back in the classroom this year and keeping you out last year was the best thing for you. You are having a blast!

You have had a lot of threenager days over the course of this year. You have your opinions and want to let us know what those are. Sometimes if we talk about what you want but still do what we want then you are fine as long as you get your two cents in. Sometimes not. But we are making it through and as we get closer to four, it's getting better. Although some days are still rough depending on how tired you are when you get home from school.

You have so many interests. Your favorite thing is definitely Legos. You have quite the collection growing. You still love trains however but not much tops the Legos. You love playing on the laptop and figuring out all those games, plus you take all the iPad time you can get. You have quite the collection of stuffed animals you love playing with. And most quiet times are spent playing with the dollhouse. Books are still pretty popular with you and you always have books everywhere. And dancing. We do a lot of dancing around here. Anytime there's music - or even if there's not - you are moving and dancing or asking to dance.

I can't say enough about how far you have come. More than just more hair, you have changed so much. You are so independent. You want to do everything yourself and can actually do so many more things by yourself. I'm still adjusting to the fact that I don't have a little girl anymore. You have gotten so big and I just can't believe that you are really four. I can't figure out how that happened!

You are such an awesome little girl. You are happy and strong-willed. You are full of confidence and words and thoughts. You problem solve and figure things out. Your brain is always moving, as is your body. We have just had a magical year of your little life and I am proud and honored to be your mom. You are beautiful and amazing. I can't wait to see what's next in your life. Keep being you. I love you so much.

Love, Mama

Oct 13, 2016

A Year of Addison

She has changed so much over the course of the last year. Not just getting past her delays which I talk a lot about but her personality as well. Plus she is looking so much older and those curls are so much longer! I have a hard time believing that she is actually turning 4 on Saturday. She is growing so fast and I just can't get enough of her!

xo, B
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