Jul 17, 2018

In Need of a New Car

It almost kills me to say that because we really didn't need a new car but at the same time we did. We definitely didn't need the car payment that we now have but there's not a lot that I can do about that now except figure out how to pay it off as quickly as possible which will definitely be happening.

So when we bought the Equinox which is the car I currently drive, we decided that the next car we would buy would be for Rob. It only made sense because now his car was the oldest and I got the last new one. But since his Impala was in great shape, we also knew that wasn't going to be happening any time soon.

Fast forward about seven years and finding out that we actually got pregnant again and would be adding a third kid into the mix. I started worrying that the Equinox wasn't going to cut it. I spent way more time than I should have looking online to figure out if it was possible to fit three carseats across in the Equinox. We would have a booster for Addison, a regular carseat with a five point harness for Connor and an infant carseat for jellybean. I had already tried putting the infant seat in and found that the only way to fit all three was meant actually hitting the carseats with the doors when I closed it. I knew that wasn't a good plan or safe. After researching online I found the only way we could possibly do it was to buy brand new carseats for all our kids which wasn't high on our list since all their carseats were in good condition and even new (Connor's we got for him as a forever seat and it was fairly expensive).

That of course left us with the option to then buy a new car which of course is even more expensive than buying new carseats but in the long run would we really be upset about having more room and not having the kids sitting right on top of each other?

So we started looking. We naturally starting looking with Chevy since that's what both of our cars are currently and we love them both and quickly found the next step up was the Traverse. Chevy doesn't actually have a mini van but this is their version of it. So that's where we landed. We spent a long time looking at the Traverses trying to figure out if it would suit our needs. But we delayed making a move on it until after I was into my second trimester since I continued to worry that with my past something would go wrong.

It seems that every weekend we would spend time on the Chevy website looking at their used inventory to find cars and by the next weekend those same cars would be long gone. My anxiety was starting to grow that we wouldn't find what we needed.Our biggest thing was definitely that we needed the captain's chairs in the middle row so that Addison would be able to easily get to the backseat since laying out seats with two big carseats attached to them wasn't going to be possible. I also prefer a dark color for the vehicle just out of personal preference. We were looking for long mileage on it without it being new and if it had the perks of a DVD player we weren't going to turn it out. We were also looking for leather seats. We had debated on this topic for a long time but leather seats were just so much easier to clean and ultimately decided that was an important feature for us.

One random Saturday Rob and I were talking about cars again and I was expressing my concerns once again that we wouldn't find the right thing when we decided it was time to just make the move. We had the money in our account for a downpayment - thanks to some of the profit from selling our old house (which also felt like a knife to the gut because I was saving that for us to finish our basement but this was a necessity so it was what it was). We just had to clean out Rob's car which was the one we decided to sell since it was older and had a few more problems than the Equinox and in the long run although we could have gotten for more for the Equinox it was better to keep it.

So we headed to the dealership. Addison took one last ride with daddy in his car - she was a bit upset about selling daddy's car - while Connor and I meant them at the dealership. And we started the search. First we looked at the car they had there which was a white and not leather and a few more miles than we wanted on it, but at least it would give us an idea that it was the right size and fit for what we needed. The kids loved it, climbing in and out and all around. We decided quickly the Traverse was definitely what we were looking for. It was basically just the bigger version of the Equinox which was perfect since I was upset about not driving my Equinox anymore because I just loved it so much.

We headed back inside to talk with the salesman about what we were looking for. At first he told us would have to go to the other dealership to look at the car we were hoping to buy because they didn't transfer cars but then he discovered they did do that now (which they did for us with the Equinox way back in 2011) so they could sell it to us. The only problem was that it didn't have the leather seats but they said we could have them put in - done!

So we started the paperwork on a 2015 30,000 mile black Traverse. We were given pricing and payment costs. We started signing paperwork. Then a manager came over. Turns out once they got ahold of the other dealership, they found out that that very car that been sold earlier that day. He gave us a few options for what they had there. They had a 2018 Acardia there which was the same footprint or a Traverse they just got and was being cleaned and detailed. They would do their best to make the deals the same to help get us into it.

We went to look at the two cars. First we discovered the Acardia, although it was nice, was actually a bit smaller and there was just something I didn't like about it so that took that one off the list. Then we looked at the Traverse, it seemed okay until I noticed it didn't have the captain's chairs in the middle so that ruled that one out. I was starting to feel like I was being picky but they said they would continue to look.

Sure enough they came over and told us they found another 2015 dark Traverse with 36,000 miles on it at the other dealership and it was still there. They would do the same pricing as before. We were golden. We started resigning papers and moved forward quickly with that one.

All in all the whole process took about 3 hours which wasn't bad if you aren't an antsy 2 year old, but truthfully Connor did really well. Addison has always been our more patient kid, plus with age she did well. Connor lost it near the end when we were trying to sign financial papers but once I was done signing things I took the kids and we headed off to dinner. It did meant I didn't even really get to look at the new car until after Rob got home with it but it was ours and it was done.

We had officially made the trade from the Impala to the Traverse, adding in a car payment but also the room we needed for the new baby.

And it turns out that although Addison was really upset about us selling Rob's car, she loves the new one and forgives us for doing so. We split between the two cars right now with Rob mostly driving the Traverse until the new baby comes and the kids and I sticking with the Equinox. It's definitely nice, but a lot like driving the Equinox, just a little wider and longer. I think it is definitely the right fit for us going forward and I'm even more excited that that is one thing we can check off our list of things to take care of before this baby comes.

Jul 16, 2018

Bump to Baby: 16 Weeks

You are already getting so big! You are the size of an avocado weighing 3-4 pounds and about 4-5 inches long. Avocados aren't big but compared to where you started, you are growing fast. You are also getting so very strong. Your back is getting stronger each day so you can straighten your head and neck even more. You can now making facial expressions thanks to those growing muscles. Your eyes are now working making side-to-side movements and even being able to perceiving light. You are still very much translucent and very skinny since you have no baby fat yet. But your face is developing so much more which includes eyebrows and eyelashes. This is a big week too since you can now hear us!

It's taking some time but I am slowly starting to feel better. I'm certainly not a ball of energy but the throwing up is way less and at this point I will take whatever I can get. I am definitely still struggling
with food quite a bit which is causing problems for me in the long run with energy and feeling better but I'm getting there. My record at this point is going three days in a row without throwing up, so I'm definitely getting there. This week was another appointment for me which meant a bit of anxiety. Of course I had nothing to worry about since you are just fine in there. Your heartrate is in the 140s and nice and strong. I had been feeling pretty positive about you being a girl but our doctor said she thinks boys so now I'm starting to wonder. It won't be a mystery for much longer because I made my appointment to find out in the next couple of weeks and I can't wait! You are definitely growing in there. Every day I look a little less chubby and a little more pregnant with my clothes fitting just a little bit tighter.

Thanks to some changes the hospital that I deliver at made and a miscommunication with a new nurse at my doctor's office I went to the hospital for a tour and paperwork. Of course once I got there and talked to the maternity nurse I was meeting, we got it cleared up that I didn't actually need a tour because I had delivered there twice. And after expressing my confusion over such an early meeting she told me that usually they like new moms to come in early to go through all these steps but since I was there I would get ahead and fill out my paperwork and therefore wouldn't have to come back later in my pregnancy. And it turned out to be exactly how I remembered it with all the paperwork and questions and details. There was some I couldn't answer because I was still a little early but otherwise I got all my paperwork filled out and ready to go for my due date in December. And honestly it's kind of nice knowing I got all of it out of the way now so I don't have to go back around the holidays when life gets a little busier.

(Sunday, July 8 - Saturday, July 14)


Jul 13, 2018

May & June Bullet Journal // Happy Friday

So it occurred to me the other day that I never shared my May bullet journal so I thought I would just combine May and June together.

I wanted to do a flower theme for May because I did a rainy theme for April. You get it - April shower bring May flowers. But I'm not a fan of flowers actually, so I decided to go with tulips which is one of the few flowers I do like. And since I also try to do a color scheme each month I went with pinks because it just seemed spring like and perfect for my tulips.

This month I used some Planner Society washi I had which had pink flowers although they weren't tulips. I actually really liked the washi tape and really wanted to use it. I used the same calendar setup that I started using back in January. I have found that it works and although it can be a bit of a pain to draw out each month I like it and it works.

This month I added in a cleaning tracker. During May I knew I needed to get a handle on my cleaning routine which was pretty much non-existent. I didn't do great and it wasn't until next month that I really started figuring out what kind of routine I wanted to try to do.

Also I did my mood tracker. I both like it this and don't like it at the same time. I liked the idea of a vase of flowers but it didn't turn out like I wanted it to and that definitely bummed me out.

My daily pages looked much the same as they always do. I did do more stamping - because how often do I get to use my tornado stamp (hopefully not often actually). And of course my Royals stickers which I got from a shop on Etsy to mark what time the games are (and apparently they were going through a good stretch because they were winning a lot and that is definitely not happening a lot now).

I continue to add in pictures like this one from Mother's Day and add in stickers but mostly it's just listing.


I love June and hate June all at the same time. I love the baby flamingos, but I just don't think the colors were my favorite. I wanted to do oranges but flamingos are pink so I did a mix. I don't know how well I did at mixing the two colors.

I still don't know how I feel about this washi tape at the top. I actually love pineapples but I think what's really throwing me here is the orange. The more I look at this the more I decide I don't like orange. If you notice I didn't even stamp the days of the week at the top of the calendar. There was a lot of laziness this month I guess.

I think one of my favorite things I do each month is the memories page. I don't always share the end result but this is where I really add pictures. Many months I do a lot more stamping but laziness. I tried doing a memories page in the past and it didn't work but when I let myself add pictures and not try to just doodle and handletter, neither of which I'm good at, I find that I like it a lot more and it really works for me.

I definitely did better this month - at least towards the end of the month - at cleaning. But like I said I really started working on figuring out a routine that works. Also this month I did a pineapple for my mood tracker. I think it turned out good but I do wonder if I should have colored the top of the pineapple. I'm still on the fence about that.

Same daily layout and same use of pictures. But for a little bit I tried out a step tracker in my bullet journal. But I decided I didn't care that much so I didn't keep up with it and just stopped. Because sometimes you just turn the page and move on.

I had a tough June actually so my dailies were pretty simple and mostly just the lists. I did want to share what I add in here which was the cleaning routine I decided to try. At some point I plan to share my other spreads that are just lists and how I really use my bullet journal, but here's a glimpse at something I did which is pretty simple and adds in some stamping but it worked.

Like I said June was tough. I was sick for a lot of June and I'm not talking about all the morning sickness. This pregnancy has been tough but I have done my best to keep up with my bullet journal. There were days that I didn't even open it and that was okay too. Keeping lists and getting things out of my head definitely helps me focus and keep track. I think also since I didn't love my theme for June I didn't really keep up with it because I didn't want to look at it.

Now I am into a new bullet journal and of course a new month. I will share some pages from my new setup in my new bujo, a collection of other spreads like I mentioned above and of course July once July is actually over. But for now....

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

Jul 12, 2018

Blue Apron #15 & #16

Maple & Barbecue-Glazed Chicken Wings with Sweet Potatoes Wedges & Coleslaw

It's been awhile since we have done Blue Apron but I saw this recipe and I just didn't want to skip. I like chicken wings. Actually I have a love-hate relationship with chicken wings because personally I love them but no one else eats them like you should so I spend a good chunk of time taking everyone's meat off the bones (and yes that includes Rob). But it was worth it because this was a seriously delicious recipe. Addie was even asking me for more. As for the sweet potatoes, we love roasted sweet potatoes but I burnt the heck out of them so they pretty much just tasted seriously burnt despite my attempts to cut off the really burnt part. The coleslaw was good. I think if I were to make it again though I would add more mayo because I didn't think there was enough dressing on it all in all. But this is actually one that I would make again because it was delicious.

Pipe Rigate & Roasted Red Pepper Sauce with Parmesan Broccoli

This one was also pretty good. I definitely liked the chicken wings better but it was super easy to make and very quick. I wished we had more broccoli because again roasted broccoli is delicious and I would have definitely eaten more. The pasta was good (although in full disclosure I did throw it up later but I think morning sickness was going to to get me no matter what I ate that day). Rob said he would like if I made this one was again. I will add that I left out a spicy ingredient because we don't do spice but we weren't missing anything and it was pretty delicious as it was.

Chrissy Teigen's Sesame Chicken Noodles with Bok Choy

This meal was pretty good. It was easy to put together and it was really good.

Feta, Mozzarella & Fresh Tomato Pizza with Pesto Kale Salad

I don't know what it is about their pizza dough but I have so much trouble dealing with them. I just can't get them to spread out the way I want them to no matter what I try. It's really frustrating. The pizza was pretty good. I could have done without the kale salad but I guess I just am not a fan of kale in general. It's just not my thing.

Sliced Beef Pitas with Za'atar Labneh Sauce & Roasted Potatoes

This one was just okay. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't great either. This is probably the first one we have had recently that was just underwhelming. It was a little hard to eat with steak on a pita but I did a decent job cooking the steak. The potatoes were pretty good although I might add more olive oil next time because they seems a little dry. Overall the meal was okay and even I ate it all but it also wasn't the greatest. Since we started with Blue Apron again this was the first time it wasn't that great.

Honey Mustard Chicken with Potato Salad & Roasted Broccoli

This meal was pretty good. I think my least favorite thing on the plate was the potatoes. Rob wasn't a huge fan of the chicken but he doesn't really care for dark meat. I did think the honey mustard was a bit strong and sweet but it was still good. Addison was all over this meal (and judge nothing by the two year old because he's weird and I don't even think he tried this meal).

Jul 11, 2018

Currently: Summer 2018 Edition

Currently Working On // Keeping the house clean. New kits for the shop. Not throwing up. Being a mom. Sleeping at night. I feel like everything is work right now truthfully - pregnancy is hard yo!

Currently Anticipating // Finding out if this baby is a boy or a girl. I'm 16 weeks now so we are just a couple weeks away from finding out and I am so excited. We don't have a preference one way or another especially since we have one of both already. But we are just excited to see this kid again and find out we are having.

Currently Annoyed By // My inability to figure out what I want to eat ever. Aren't you supposed to have all kinds of cravings when you are pregnant? I just can't seem to figure out anything I want to eat and it's really frustrating.

Currently Grateful For // Quiet/nap time. Addison doesn't nap anymore but she does go to her room for quiet time every day while Connor is napping. Lately I have been really needing the time for either the silence or to actually nap. I love my kids but this pregnancy has been rough and I really like the time.

Currently Reading // Twilight. Yeah I don't know what possessed me to reread it either but here I am reading and somewhat annoyed by it.

Currently Staying Active // I haven't been doing the best at working out lately honesty. I have been trying to do something at least every couple of days but I have been feeling so crummy that it has been a struggle. I go between Moms Into Fitness pregnancy workouts and Tracy Anderson's The Pregnancy Project when I do workout.

Currently Craving // Hardly anything. For a pregnant lady I don't seem to want a lot of food. I am still struggling quite a bit with food and I can't seem to find anything that I want to eat or that doesn't make me want to vomit. And right now nothing sounds good.

Currently Loving // Guy's Grocery Games. I know it sounds a bit wacky but lately I just can't get enough of it. I just enjoy watching it, plus it's usually pretty funny and I love how generous the show can be towards good people and good causes.

Currently Would Like to Travel To // The beach. Is it time for vacation yet?

Jul 9, 2018

Bump to Baby: 15 Weeks

You are growing so fast at about 4 inches long now. You are about the size of an apple which seems so big and so small all at the same time. You are looking more and more like a baby although you are a bit see-through right now. Your ears at in their proper place now and your eyes are moving to their proper place now. You are currently working on swallowing, breathing and sucking. You are moving around constantly during all kinds of flips and twists.

I wish I could say that this week was better that the last, but apparently the queasiness is just sticking with me. I'm down to throwing up only about every other day now. I would be pumped if I could go two days in a row without throwing up truthfully but I just haven't managed that yet. On top of all that I have been exhausted still and a bit cranky. But I guess almost constant queasiness and struggling all the time with food would make anyone a bit cranky. I also had an added weird blood blister that popped up in my mouth. Luckily it was gone within the next morning but it was definitely odd. Truthfully it was a weird week and I wish I could say that I was feeling better. The best thing about this week was definitely that every now again if I can feel you moving around in there.

With the pending arrival of baby number three, we knew that we would be making the big switch from four to five. Way back when we first married we traded in my car and got a Chevy Equinox. I have been driving that car for seven years now and I love it. Even though our plan was to have three kids, after having trouble getting pregnant with Connor I never imagined we would actually get pregnant with another one. Our plan was then to get Rob the next new car but then we got pregnant again. And we quickly figured out that we wouldn't be able to safely get three carseats in the back. Addie is in a booster, Connor is in a bigger five-point harness seat then we would need an infant seat. So we knew the time had come to get a bigger car but it wouldn't be for poor Rob, it would be for me. And even more was that the change would come with us selling his car, which was older than the Equinox.

It was a long afternoon but we managed to make the change. We traded in his Chevy Impala and got a Chevy Traverse which was basically a bigger version of the Equinox but with a third row. It was basically exactly what we needed because we were not going to be sad about having more room. And now Rob will be driving the new Traverse (which we named the tank) for the next couple months until we need to add the carseat and switch cars. Although we were sad about having to add a car payment to each month it was a much needed change and getting the car meant we had the room we needed. One step done in preparing for becoming a family of five.

(Sunday, July 1 - Saturday, July 7)

Jul 6, 2018

Belly Comparison // Happy Friday

I am currently in my 15th week this week (the update will come out on Monday!) and although I am still early just like with all my past pregnancies I have kept up with pictures each week to see my body changing throughout this pregnancy.

It's funny because I didn't really feel like I started showing until way late in my pregnancy with Addison but in these last two pregnancies I started showing much earlier (my body knew what to do I guess). However I definitely look the most bloated in my first picture when I was pregnant with Addison. I can tell you that although I mostly just look chubby now when I feel my belly it is hard which means there's baby bump definitely started. Rob laughs and always tells me that it's when I'm pregnant that I have abs of steel.

I'm definitely looking forward to getting past the looking a little chubby stage though. I can't believe I am already in my second trimester and just a few weeks away from finding out girl or boy. Time is definitely going to fly for us once fall comes and then this kid will be here before we know it!

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!


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