Jul 4, 2011


Two words: Kennebunkport. Beautiful. They pretty much go hand-in-hand. I know I have gushed about Kennebunkport, ME already. So now I gushing about the cottage we stayed at. Here is my formal recommendation to stay at the Bufflehead Cove Inn if you are even in Kennebunkport, which is definitely a must.

This picture was taken from the couch in the living room looking at the huge window that faces out back and to the Kennebunk River. The river was quiet and there wasn't much traffic on it except for some people who kayaked. It was much prettier when it was high tide as opposed to low tide but even then it was beautiful. It was a great sigh to open the huge blinds every day and see the river and how still and peaceful it was. 

This was also taken from the touch. The fireplace burned wood, but we never used it. They would have gotten it set up for us the first time, but we just never did it. Next time maybe. There was a TV (clearly) with a DVD player and basic cable. Unfortunately the remote for the DVD player didn't work so we had to do everything on the player itself, which made it difficult when we would want to pause a movie but we would accidentally hit open/close so we would have to watch the whole movie all over again. Let it be known that I watched Die Hard 3 twice. 

Also taken from the touch (apparently I never got up from the couch). This was looking into the powder room/bathroom are (the green room). There were two couches, which were both pretty comfortable in the living room.

The backside of the living room is the red walls then the white areas are the entryway and the kitchen. To the left is where the front door is and there is a little table which we never used for eating then the right through the doorway was the small kitchen.

This is the far corner of the living room where there was another bed which we never even sat on. We didn't really need it. But the tree in the corner had lights on it which I didn't discover until the latter part of our trip.

This staircase was pretty sweet looking. I want one like this someday.

To the left is the front door, so this is clearly the entryway.

This is the small kitchen. It had all the appliances, except for a dishwasher but you really don't need one of those. It had some spices, dishes, silverware, and everything else you might need (minus food) to actually cook there at the cottage. I had thought about cooking at one point but we just never got to it. Maybe next time?

This bathroom was amazing. I want to take this bathroom home with me. I even like the weird green color. There's really not much to say about this bathroom. Just look at it and marvel at its wonderfulness.

I loved the vanity. It was awesome to have somewhere to put my makeup and my girlie stuff so it was out of the way of the sink and just a space of my own. I would love to have one of these someday if we have the space. I always thought they were silly until this trip when I realize how useful and awesome one would be. And a spa bath. Who doesn't want one of those? I'm definitely a fan.

You walk through this room from the living room to get to the bathroom. It was basically a little dressing room area. It had a little closet that had ropes in it and a dresser. It was nice to have somewhere to put our suitcases that were out of the way. Usually you spend the whole trip moving around your suitcase it seems because it's always in the way no matter where you put it but having this room and this space was awesome.

This is the unmade king-size sleigh bed. We only had them come in one day to clean up for us and freshen up. We use the same sheets and towels at home for more than a day so we thought we could handle having the same towel two days in a row. Which also means that our bed was unmade. It was so uncomfortable and we probably slept way more than we should have. But I think we were just recovering from all the excitement that was our wedding.

This was the other side of the bedroom. There was a little sitting area that overlooked the Kennebunk River. Never used this either but on a rainy day, sitting here and reading sounds heavenly.

This is looking down from the top of the staircase to the living room. The only thing upstairs was the bedroom.

This is our own private back deck. We had our own grill which we never used. I did however spend a morning sitting out here reading. And it was amazing. It was so quiet. No cars. No airplanes. No boats. No sounds. Just the river and nature.

This is the front of the cottage. We had our own driveway up to the cottage. A few yards away was the inn so there wasn't really anyone around.

They served breakfast every morning at the inn (aka bed and breakfast). But staying in the cottage we got the option of our own breakfast. So every morning they brought us our own breakfast, of our choosing, to our front door. It was delicious. One day when we returned from a day out we found a small bottle of champagne on our front door step which little flowers. They also offered chocolate covered strawberries which we love. We found a place in town that made the most delicious chocolate covered strawberries. They were huge strawberries and so good. We ate quite a few chocolate covered strawberries from both places. The people were so nice. They were willing to help with anything from finding things to do to finding places to eat with menus from everywhere around the area.

The pictures don't do it justice. No pictures from anywhere in Kennebunkport does the place justice. Moral of my last few blogs? Go to Kennebunkport, ME. Don't think about it. Don't consider it. Do it. No seriously. Do it. 

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