Aug 23, 2011

The Master Suite, minus the suite...

So as I mentioned in an earlier, I would address the bedroom issue. I have been moving from room to room trying to figure out how to improve each room by improving, updating, and downsizing. We have been making much needed trips to donate our unwanted items. And it sure does feel good to get rid of that stuff. After I moved in, we realized how much clothes I have truly have and I go rid of about half of my wardrobe. If it was too big, old, or I never wore it even though I swore I would it was gone. Then my rule became that if I kept it then I had to wear it. Not too long ago I went through my clothes in the dresser and downsized again. Let me just say that for a girl who has an addiction to tank tops it sure is hard to give them up even if they are way too bad and I don't wear them. It's unhealthy...but I did it. I gave them away and have moved on. But by the end of it, it felt good to get rid of the stuff. Although that has helped, it has completely fixed the problem. Now, when I say problem I don't really mean problem. Things work as they are, but I am just trying to find ways to work better and give us a little more space. Update! Improve! Downsize! (Basically my motto these days.)

Our bedroom as it is, is basically okay. It works. We have two mismatched nightstands. One dresser. One tall bookcase we use for extra clothes. One second bookcase that actually houses books and the TV. Plus my sewing machine and my corner shelf that has my little treasures that mean something to me. Well, just look for yourself....

I have been thinking about this for some time and I have decided the colors I want for the bedroom. Seems weird to think about considering we are in an apartment and I can't really paint the walls but just in general and in other ways that I can add color to make it less bland. Gray, black, and green (and of course white but that doesn't really count).

The duvet is new that we got for our wedding along with the green blanket that I am basing my colors off of. Plus I'm really into green right now for some reason. I'm like a three-year-old having trouble deciding on my favorite color. Well, currently this three-year-olds favorite color is green.

Tanner End TableOne of the things we plan to update and have already serious looked at is the nightstands. They don't match and actually his is broken. He loves having the open shelves (like I previously mentioned in the man cave improvement post), whereas I like the drawers but honestly it doesn't matter that much to me. As long as I have the space. So I found some we both like from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. I like the clean look and the color and he likes the shelves. No drawers but I'm good with them. But we have to save our pennies up for these.

Other thing I will be improving is the lamps. As you can see he has a desk lamp and I have my nicer lamp who's mate is in the living room. The plan is to get a new one for the living room and move both into the bedroom. But I want to change these too. Instead of the white shades, I plan to recover them with black fabric to make them not as bright and put green ribbon around to bring back in my color. It might sound crazy now, but watch for the post. Hopefully I will get to them soon.

Just in improving those two these I think I will start feeling better about the space. But a guarantee fix-it is the closet. Disclaimer: it's a mess. A complete and total mess. And I only show you now because I want to show you how bad it has gotten so that when the mess is cleaned up, you can see the fixed version and be amazed! Ready?

I know, bad. Real bad. But it is one of those major projects to still be tackled in the apartment. If we can get this under control than imagine all that we can do. We can do anything then! : ) My hope is to try out those vacuum space bags. Anybody ever try them? Thoughts about them? Well, if they work properly then it would be perfect for compacting blankets and even shirts that we have but don't wear and aren't ready to get rid of. I want to get rid of the dresser in the back of the closet and move the tall tower from the bedroom into there to hide away more of our clothes from sight. Plus, so many other things. Just make it better. There aren't even words...I just want to make it better.

Another thing that I have been thinking about is replacing the knobs on the dresser. Seems so simple but giving it the extra small change can sometimes make a bigger difference. I haven't completely decided what I want to do about the bookcase that the TV is on but I'm going to keep thinking about it until I make up my mind. I know there's something I can do better with it, but I just haven't figured out what yet.

I would like to replace the curtains at some point too, but I love these curtains because they are blackout curtains which are perfect for the bedroom and keeping out as much light as possible. So for now they stay until I can find some just as good and that I love just as much. I have also been thinking about recovering the long pillow in a green or grey or perhaps find a good mix design for it and cover it with that.

There is still a lot of questions about this room. But I hope to see a change in here too. You know me: update,  improve, downsize!

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