Aug 11, 2011

Oh Man-Cave!

I've been on a pretty big DIY kick lately. We have decided to stay at that apartment for at least another year in order to save money in hopes to get a house. And between you and me, I'm not crazy about this apartment. But I'm okay with staying. It's not a bad apartment. We actually have pretty good kitchen space with a surprising number of cabinets. I have figured out the problem to my all four chairs around my table so I'm pretty good with the kitchen right now. The back deck is much to be desired because I have a Christmas tree in a tarp bag sitting out there, but there just isn't room to store the tree anywhere else, so I live with it.

The living room is actually pretty good too. We have the one couch, the TV stand in the corner, a bookcase that holds all our TV, a longer ottoman under the window which we keep all our games, plus another actually bookcase. Everything pretty much matches and looks good out there. I do want to update the pillows on the couch because I'm not such a fan of those and they are going flat but it's not one of those nagging at me things. 

You all know how the entryway looks now and I'm pretty happy with that. 

Once you head down the hall you get to the first bedroom which is the second bedroom that is used as man cave. Why guys always need a man cave is beyond me? Because I don't get to have as big of a mess in the rest of the apartment which he claims is "mine" but yet he gets a whole room. What's up with that? But we'll come back to this room. 

The bathroom is at the very end of the hall and there's not much to be done about that. It just is what it is. 

The main bedroom is next to the bathroom and there is some desired changes in there. But this entry is not about this room. So we'll address this later.  

Right now we are all about "man cave." I know it seems weird that I would even bring it up because of the very name of the room, but there is some definite changes I would love to make to just make the room a little bit more likable... livable...friendly...insert correct word here. Just to be clear, I don't want to change it from man cave, I just want to not feel so cramped in our apartment and Rob is good with a few changes. But mostly this is just me dreaming. Dream with me.....

Here is what it currently looks like:

I would love to get rid of that huge desk in the corner and the coffee table. 

I found several desks that I like which are a lot smaller but has some shelves that he could use. He doesn't use really much of the actual desk so he doesn't need as much room, so there is a lot of wasted space in that office. Of course, if he found another desk that he loved more than I would be okay because it would be his desk and his "office" but I liked the smaller size and the space of this desk with it's open shelves. (He really likes open shelves). This would go along the front wall where the coffee table currently is. Which would open up that side wall quite a bit. The printer would move over along side and instead of that old filing cabinet that you basically have to beg to open it would be updated a filing cabinet cart.

And we would get him a new bigger bookcase the size of the existing white one, only in black so we can get rid of that second smaller one and the wire movie rack. Then he can have more room on the actual bookcase for books and whatever else he would desire to put on there. And those would be shifted down the wall so they weren't so close to the window but maybe more centered on that wall. 

And the futon. I am not opposed to keeping it. In fact it's kinda nice to have to in there because when he's in there a lot of times I'll bring my computer and play Sims 3 (yes I'm a fan and totally addicted) and just chill on the futon. But I would love to recover it in black. Yes I realize I have a very black theme going on, but I would update the pillows and curtains with some blue maybe (we both like the color blue) and that would give it a pop of color, which doesn't matter to Rob so much but matters way more to me. 

Marine world functions out of man cave so I have't completely figured out a better way to keep control of all the clothes and gear but if we could get a shelf that could fit in the closet than the folding clothes could stay together but then there would still be room to hang the uniforms and the boots just go in on the floor. 

We do have a lot of just random things in there but part of the point in all this is to clean out. Which we have been doing everywhere. We have been donating and throwing away and that's what we would do here. Or just find a more effective way to holding some of the more random things in the room that we want to keep. 

It's just a few thoughts I've been throwing around. And maybe we could even make it so there's enough room to make it a guest bedroom but right now there just isn't enough room to pull out the futon. Just a few ideas and thoughts. So what do we think? Go easy on me, I'm new at all this home decor-making things look better-dyi thing. Just a few ideas.

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