Oct 29, 2011

Making the Cut: Level One

Seeing as it is Friday and I don't have to exercise today, I thought I would take this opportunity to write up a post about what exactly I am putting my body through.

The way this workout program works is that there are three levels that get progressively harder as you advance. How it is supposed to work is that you spend ten days at each level which equals a grand total of 30 days spent on this workout program. Hence the name: 30 Day Shred.

Within each level it is broken down into three circuits and within each circuit is is broken down again into three parts. 3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio, and 1 minute abs. It actually sound fairly basic and actually it's pretty nice setup. The actual exercises within the circuits range from horribly painful and difficult to basically a walk-in-the-park.

Circuit One:
Push-Ups: Yup, we start with push-ups. I hate hate hate push-ups. I'm horrible at them. And they are just pain hard for me. I'm seriously lacking on upper body strength though. So I guess in a sense these are good because then I can work up to having the strength to be able to do push-ups easier and having the strength I desire.

The nice part of this workout though I want to add is that she has some moderations on some of the exercises. You have the advanced version and the beginner version. And that is awesome to work your way up to the advanced version.

Squat & Press: This one isn't bad, but after doing push-ups it is hard on your shoulders. I'm really looking forward to having some awesome shoulder strength by the time all of this is done.

At this point you actually go back to the push-ups then back to the squat & press. Because the strength is 3 minutes, you do the first move for 30 seconds then the second move for a minute then back to the first move for 30 seconds and the second for another minute. And that's how it continues throughout all the circuits.

Jumping jacks: Not much to say about jumping jacks. I'm not a big fan of them, mostly because I don't really like jumping. Jumping is hard on the knee but it's cardio, so it helps burn off fat so I'll do them for that reason alone. These are done for 30 seconds then again for another 30 seconds.

Jump rope: I'm not using an actual jump rope in case you're wondering. That would be challenging considering I'm inside. This is just a bit harder than jumping jacks but I think that's only because I had just been jumping so it's just a lot of jumping. This is also done for 30 seconds and another 30 seconds to equal the 2 minutes of cardio.

Crunches: These are just basic crunches done for 30 seconds. A little exhausting because my abs aren't used to work like this. But these are a good basic workout. The other reason why I really like these is because it gives me a chance to cool down.

Hip Lifts: For the last 30 seconds of my minute of abs, you basically do a reverse crunch. And ouch. You can really feel it with this one. But it's good because it helps get rid of that horrible pouch in the belly that nobody likes.

Circuit Two:
Bent Over Dumbbell Rows: I'm also a fan of these. These are designed to help tone your back, and I hope it does just that. It's a break for my shoulders and I'm not jumping around or doing anything crazy that just makes me winded.

Lunges with a Bicep Curl: I'm kinda indifference to this one. I always feel like my legs get more of a workout than my arms on this one, but it gets my heart rate back up and moving again.

Butt kicks: It's basically like running in place only you're attempting to kick yourself in the butt. It just feels like running to me when you are just doing the beginner version but it is definitely harder when you get to the advanced version when you are actually kicking your own butt.

Boxing: I really like this. I'm not actually getting to hit anyone anything but it's still kinda fun. It's actually a better upper-body workout than you might think. But you also sink down with your legs, so you can definitely feel the burn.

Cross-Over Crunches: I'm kinda indifferent to this one. I think I'll like the end-goal with this one because it works on those side love handles that everybody hates. The first couple of times I did it, I didn't really feel it but the more times I did it, the more I felt the workout.

Circuit Three:
Chest Flies: These are awesome. Not only does it give your body a chance to cool down but these are working that stupid bra fat that all women dread. I don't feel like I have a lot. I mostly have it because I have a lump under my armpit (nobody be alarmed - it's been checked out - it's all good) so it causes a chuck of more fat there that I don't like. Somehow I think no matter how many chest flies I do, that's not going away. But anyway, you can really feel it and the toning it is doing.

Anterior raises & side lunges: I hate hate HATE these. Believe it or not, I hate these more than push-ups. They are impossible for my shoulders and it's so painful and hard. The side lunges aren't that horrible, but those anterior raises are...there isn't a word strong enough.

The cardio on circuit three just runs through the cardio that we had done in the last two circuits each for 30 seconds.

Bicycle kicks crunch: These are exactly like they sound. They are slow and definitely work all the abs. They are a move that will pay off in the end.

Take from this what you will. Just wanted to let you in on my own world of pain. See ya Sunday for the start of week two!

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