Nov 6, 2011

Happy 236th Birthday Marines!

Well yesterday I went to the 236th US Marine Corps Birthday Ball. It was only the second for me but it was much better than last year. I will say however that I was slightly disappointed because up until about five days before the ball we thought he wasn't going to be in the ceremony like last year but it turns out he was. But it was much less stressful than last year. For one, he had been the Adjutant last year so he knew what he was doing this year, and also I knew what to expect.

One of the key things is what to wear for women. We are the dates of these guys (but in all fairness there are women who are Marines so you have the male date too but that's a little more rare at least here it is), so we have to find something to wear other than uniforms. I know, surprising that we don't also wear uniforms. That would make it a little easier. It's basically a prom dress/bridesmaids dress/fancy dress. Something I learned is that you always always always wear a long dress. I didn't struggle with my dress this year. I struggled with what to do with my hair. And luckily for me everything turned out great. Better than I hoped, especially since I started my day looking like:

But I did have all day at home alone before I had to get out and about and make myself presentable. But at 2-something he gets home from the practice and crashes for awhile before we start to get ready. Which might I say took less time than we thought. And by the end of it, we were a pretty decent looking pair. Anybody want to see a very good-looking Marine? I knew you did.

He cleans up pretty good right? Yeah, we already knew that. But see how well those Dress Blues look. And now for me, since I didn't go in what I was wearing previously.

So here's where I pause to let you in on what I decided for my hair and the inside track on my shoes. My hair I decided to go simple. Simple is classy and to me the ball is about being classy, so I thought it would be a good fit. Plus if I tried anything else it might be too hard and I might not do it well enough for it not to fall out or it just might not look good. 

I actually really liked it. It was so simple and it was easy. I just straightened my hair, put it up, flipped it over, tightened it, and left my bangs down and to the side and like magic I was already looked better than earlier.

But my shoes are something we decided that I should start wearing from here on out to the balls. They are different and I totally got the go ahead from Rob to wear them. I didn't want to wear them then him being embarrassed if someone saw my shoes. But he loves them, as do I, so here you go:

Cute, right? I had a long dress so no one actually saw my shoes but it's our little secret. I love 'em. 

But anyway, here's a few more pictures we took before we left the apartment to head over to the hotel (it was at the Overland Park Marriott this year).

Going to this things always make me nervous because it's a whole different world to me, but it's also nice. It a good chance for all of them to get a chance to relax and celebrate and get together all dressed up nice.

Anyway, the whole thing started at 1900 (7:00). Rob was able to get me to our table before he had to disappear again to get ready for the ceremony. He technically had more to be nervous about than me, but I was the first one at our table so it's not so fun trying to introduce myself and figure out what to call Rob - do I call him Lt. Evans, Rob, Rob Evans, Lt Rob Evans? It seems like a strange problem but I don't know what these guys know him at. Luckily for me, I was sitting at a table with the guys Rob works most closely with so I didn't have to say a word once they got there. The CO of the company (whereas Rob is the XO of the company so Rob is basically the secondhand man to him) got to the table first with his wife and knew instantly who I was. So that made that so much easier. And then from that moment on, whenever someone else new came to the table, he introduced me so that was pretty awesome. It made things a lot easier for me this year.

The ceremony started and Rob did his part, including a very long reading from a scroll. Yup, he's a good reader/yeller. The ceremony was good. The guest speaker did a good job. And it sounded like the wedding reception next door was having a good time too. Dinner was not bad. My chicken was a little dry and the rolls were rock hard, but otherwise it was good. We did stay to dance this year but only to one song. It was all rap music from the start and that's not really our style so we waited until a slow song came on then we left. But here's a few pictures from when we were actually there:

We had a good time this year. It was a little more comfortable for both of us. I do want to add that I was trying so hard not to embarrass him. I was trying not to trip or say something weird or set the room on fire with the candles from the centerpiece, and in my trying so hard I ran into the door when we were first walking in because it closed on me and I fell into it. Only like four other Marines saw me and luckily he was laughing behind. How embarrassing. Oh well.

We did have a good time and if you want to see more pictures you can go to my facebook page for a few more. As fun as it is to get all dressed up and do all of this, we were pretty happy to get home and get comfortable again. That's more us anyway, but it's nice to get a glimpse into the Marine world every once in awhile. 

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