Apr 3, 2012

Week 8

I like raspberries. And I like them even more this week because you are now the size of a large raspberry. You are definitely growing like crazy. A millimeter every day. Crazy right? Before you know it, you'll be eighteen and going to college! Let's not go there just yet. I'm enjoying you being just mine for the time being (well, your father's too but he doesn't get the morning sickness or the food aversions so basically you're all mine right now). I can't feel you in there but you're moving around, and developing those webbed fingers and toes. Don't worry you shouldn't stay duck-like for long. You're also starting to straighten and even better news that tail you've had is gone now. So basically, every day you're looking less like a tadpole and more like a baby.  I guess we can chalk week eight up another successful week, huh?

So I think I have figured out the trick. I've been having trouble with my prenatal vitamin making me sick. Well, I started taking it for lunch with a very full stomach and even most days taking a nap, and I haven't been sick. I might have finally found the right combination. I've been feeling a lot better actually. No nauseousness and no throwing up makes for a very happy pregnant me. I'm still absolutely without a doubt exhausted, but that's all normal from what I can tell. I don't feel that bad about it - after all I am busy growing a baby in my body. I have figured out that if I let myself get hungry then I start feeling nauseous and just really bad. So as long as I keep myself well-fed or at least in easy access to food then I'm okay for almost the whole day. It's all about learning tricks. I, however, am sad to say that not all tricks work. Sometimes my stomach just rejects food or itself, and no matter what I do, it all comes back up regardless. Morning sickness is not fun, but at least I've been lucky so far and I've been home every time it has hit. Let's just hope that luck continues for the rest of my first trimester. Which by the way, is entering the last few weeks of it now - thank goodness!

By the way, the news is even more real. It probably does help that the word is out there now. We announced via Chapter 1: The Great Reveal a couple days into this week. My body may not not be showing you yet, but I'm definitely feeling pregnant and want to tell everyone I meet. Like I've said a million and now on times I'm so excited about you - not to mention a little terrified too! : ) Even though I don't have a bump yet because it is still way to early, I have noticed that my jeans are a little more smug than they used to be. And a pair of pants that have always been a little too big actually fit. It's no baby weight, in fact I've been circling my normal weight for the most part. I'm just bloated currently.

I'm going to take a minute and talk about my doctor. I hate looking for doctors. It always seems so hit or miss on finding a new doctor. You never really know if you're going to like that person or not. Are they really going to listen you and take what you say into account? That's always been my problems. My doctors in the past never seem to actually hear what I was telling them. I was just another chart - just another person in their day that they had to see and they just wanted out of the room as quickly as possible. Talk about a sucky feeling. But when I got here to Olathe, the lump under my arm was getting bigger and it was time to really get it looked at again. When I typed in doctors in Olathe, the first thing that really came up was College Park Family Care. It is a huge organization that is all over the Olathe-Overland Park-Lenexa-and the like area. I thought well at least I would have options, so I started reading about the doctors at the Olathe office. And I came across my current doctor. They all had their own write-ups and she talked about patient care and really connecting with her patients and listening. Basically she had said everything I was looking for in a doctor, so I figured that I would spin the wheel. This could either be great or everything she said she had completely made up and this is about to blow up in my face and I would keep looking. So I scheduled my first appointment and pretty much immediately I loved her. She took the time with me - I never ever felt like she was wanting to get out of the room as fast as possible. I knew pretty instantly that I found my doctor.

And the story gets happier because when I first picked her I didn't really look at what else she specialized in. But as it turns out, she is also an OB-GYN. And if you've been paying attention at all then you've already figured out that that's exactly what I need right now. So all that means I can keep my amazing doctor through regular health and through my pregnancy as well. You have no idea how excited that makes me. So upon having my first appointment with her a few days ago, everything I just raved about was confirmed and I know that I chose the right doctor. Having her as my doctor through my pregnancy and after takes a lot of stress away from having to find another doctor through my pregnancy. Oh and did I mention she also has an emphasis in pediatrics?

(Monday, March 26 - Sunday, April 1)

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