Jun 27, 2012

Movin' On Up!

We have moved! FINALLY! We have one very full house (mostly boxes and bubble wrap it feels like everywhere!) and one very empty apartment. So first I want to say a mega thank you to my parents, Rob's parents and youngest brother, and my uncle for helping us move. We could have never done it without all of your help! So a million times: THANK YOU!

I have no pictures from day - I'll say that right up front. It was a busy day and everyone was hot and sweaty. Would you want your picture taken if you felt all gross? So that being said, we can move on with this pictureless post.

We wanted to get an early start. Everyone was planning to be at the apartment by seven to get started, so Rob and I planned to be up by six to finish last minute things and load the fragile stuff into my car, so naturally we were up by five. But can you blame us? We were excited and it was our one year anniversary. So in honor of that, because the rest of the day would be all about moving, we exchanged gifts. By six we were up and moving - we had a plan and we were very ready!

And as far as our plan went, it went beautifully (or at least I think so). We were just finishing packing up my car when my parents showed up. We were then able to load up their car with almost all the rest of the fragile stuff. When we finished with that it was time to get the truck. So Rob and my dad went to get that and as they were just getting back, Rob's family arrived. So we could start right away on the truck. And by we I mean everyone else, my mom and I headed over to the house with Stella and the fragile stuff. I got Stella Cat adjusted in the laundry room where she immediately took to hiding (laying) inside her litter box. She was pretty dang scared - but I can't blame her for that. We unloaded the cars and headed back to the apartment to see if we could be of any use there.

Things were in full swing there. The truck was mostly full and loaded. Everyone learned that Rob and I liked to read and have lots of books. Even though it was still early it was very hot already. So everyone was drinking lots of water (and my mom brought some bottle water with her, which turned out to be a good thing because at the house the water was turned off because the ice maker couldn't be completely turned off). Of course when Rob and I move there would be an excessive heat advisory out in the area. A little while after my mom and I got back to the apartment, my uncle showed up with a flat bed truck and fresh energy.

We were able to finish packing the truck and all the cars and then we headed out with our caravan of vehicles. The process to load and empty the apartment took a couple hours but to load into the house it took a heck of a lot less time. Of course at the apartment there is quite a walk from the front door down some stairs and a long sidewalk then finally to the parking lot. At the house we were able to unload right into the garage and into the house in a matter of steps. It was an easy process because I marked the boxes carefully when I was packing them, so they would arrive to the correct room and unloading would flow effortlessly. It definitely seemed to. The biggest hiccup was getting the couch in, but it is in, so all is good.

Of course there was a few more pieces of furniture and all the hanging clothes still at the apartment, so my dad and Rob went back for a second trip (my uncle and mom headed back a little later after his truck was unloaded for the hanging clothes). While they were getting the last of the stuff, we unloaded all the vehicles at the house. That was so easy that we had some downtime waiting for the last load to get back.

We were done and the truck taken back by one, which was pretty good. We wanted to be done with all outside moving before afternoon, although it was hot even that morning. Unfortunately Rob's family had to head back to Iowa and couldn't stick around longer. Our appliances with our awesome new fridge that I love came later that afternoon. So we were able to go back to the apartment that evening to collect our cold stuff after our new fridge cooled down.

My parents stuck around and I am forever thankful. Because that same day my kitchen was unpacked and all put away. The kitchen was the worst for me as far as packing, so I would have never gotten it all done and done as well (or fast) without my mom. My dad and Rob did oddball things around the house in-between sitting, which they completely deserved. They did move everything earlier in the heat.

It was definitely a memorable way to spend our one year anniversary. Unfortunately our day did not end with cake. We had to pull it out of the freezer, unwrap, and put it on a plate to thaw. And we really didn't want to risk something happening to it with the move. But don't fret, we did get to enjoy some cake just a day later - more on that later.

The unpacking has just begun at the house now. But the apartment is cleaned and we are set to return our keys Friday. A chapter in our story is definitely closed. And another one is just starting. It is a bit bittersweet, I will confess. That apartment, even though most of the time I hated it, was our home for the first year of our marriage. But now we start our lives at the house and we are excited. So here's a great start to our second year of marriage!

**Don't worry there are pictures of our house to come. Be patient! :)

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