Jun 28, 2012

Ping-Pong-Tastic: Part Two

I was overjoyed that he took his birthday off work. I really was. I was less overjoyed as a pregnant woman and just a human being in general that he chose to set his alarm for 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning. He would argue that it wasn't that early but it sure did feel early to me. But Rob being Rob, he got up nice and early to take out the trash? The man is a mystery I tell you! 

I had a couple rules about his birthday. The first and really the only one was that he was allowed to only do things he wanted to do. Which meant no packing or cleaning. He was supposed to enjoy this day off because they are like gold. He never ever takes days off unless they are because of drill or something else we have going on. So I wanted to make sure he really took full advantage of his day and relaxed and not felt guilty about not doing anything. So when I headed off to work that morning, I left him playing a video game. It was exactly what I wanted. (I know you can say it, I'm an awesome wife - I wanted him to play video games all day). 

I left him in suspense about what his birthday surprise was. Well, unfortunately not that much suspense because remember Part One and Two of this three-part series. Well, I accidently hit the publish button a week early. And I undid it but the way he reads it on his phone, it doesn't undo it so he could see the title and knew that his gift was related to ping pong. I was horribly disappointed that I ruined my own surprise. He promised he hadn't read the actual post and just knew that his birthday was ping pong themed, and he said that made it better. Before he just knew he was having a birthday surprise and now he knew it was related to ping pong, so that peaked his curiosity. That didn't mean I wasn't still disappointed about what had happened and giving away a hint basically. 

But of course I was going to make him wait until I got home before he was going to get anything from me. So while he played video games and relaxed at home (well I can only assume he relaxed, I wasn't actually there to see it - I did leave Stella in charge), I spent a boring five hours at work doing what I normally do - desperately trying to find something to do. But finally two came around and the big surprise was soon upon him....except that that's my lunch time and I was starving. So alas he would have to wait longer! We enjoyed a healthy delicious meal of pizza rolls and leftover pizza before the big surprise could finally be revealed. 

So I shooed him from the room so I could get it all set up. Once I decided it was as best as it was going to get, he was allowed back in.

So what did he think? He loved it. It was good. I also promised him that we would plan to get a real one some day. Maybe we could find a decent yet cheap one on craigslist. 

But that wasn’t it for the day. There was still more to come. Including an exciting vocal performance by me over a Hostess’ Cupcake and one single candle. Before you judge me too harshly for not baking him anything, remember that we had everything packed at that point so I had nothing to cook with. There is an IOU out there for a cheesecake with strawberries after he returns from annual training. But I couldn’t very well let this birthday pass without him blowing out a candle and singing to him. What kind of wife would I be?

And once again the day was not over. The afternoon was just beginning! So I told him that we would do whatever he wanted. If he wanted to go to the movies then off we were going to go. If he wanted to play video games then I would sit quietly (no promises about that one though) and let him play all afternoon long. If he wanted to go buy me something pretty then all the more power to him. So maybe I was kidding about the last one. But how our afternoon was going to go was up to him.

So we spent an afternoon playing video games. Okay, well he spent it playing video games and I did a little of this and that. But he got a chance to relax and just do what he wanted. So that's what was important.

I also told him that dinner was his choice. I couldn’t exactly make him something so that was out but we would go out and eat whatever it is he wanted. He dragged his feet the most with this one because he always leaves the picking places up to me – he claims it’s because I’m a picky eater, I think it has more to do with that he just doesn’t want to make the decision. : ) But today was not my decision. I promised him I would find something on whatever menu at whatever place he wanted. That was the deal. This was his day.

After much feet dragging, we finally ended up doing nothing. That boy, I swear. I had KFC and he ate a little of this and a little of that. Some donuts and some Reese's Pieces. Not exactly what I had in mind, but he got to just keep on playing his game this way. It was what he wanted, so I went with it. I'm hoping to do a make up birthday dinner (which would also be an anniversary dinner and moving celebration dinner). 

Overall, I think it was a pretty successful birthday. Of course it wasn’t mine so really only Rob can say for certain. He would of course say that he loved it because that man loves everything I do for him. I just like spending a little extra time on him and giving him surprises that he may not have seen coming. I like doing something special for him. He would give me the world if he could. He is my world. He is pretty dang awesome. I’ve said it a million times and I will say it a million more, he is my hero. He is superman. So he deserves awesome birthdays (and just days in general) and I just hope I came close to giving that to him.

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