Jun 23, 2012

Wedding Week: Location, Location, Location

It's all about the location. The location to which I refer to is not where we held the ceremony or reception, although both were wonderful and beautiful. This location was even more wonderful, even more beautiful.

Location: Kennebunkport, Maine
Dates: Sunday, June 26-Saturday, July 2
Stay: Bufflehead Cove Inn -- Romantic River Cottage
Occasion: Honeymoon

So that's probably all information you've heard before (for past honeymoon posts, check out here, here, here, and here).  But what most of you don't know is how we ended up in Kennebunkport. And to be honest, I don't know if I know completely, but I can tell you the story as I know it.

Rob was gone for drill or possibly just a day of work, and I was bored and in desperate need of a vacation. I wanted something relaxing and quiet. I wanted peaceful. So I was looking up inns, which is how I came across the White Barn Inn. It was beautiful. It wasn't in a high tourist zone, but in this tiny town called Kennebunkport in Maine. And suddenly I found that I had my heart set on this place. So when we started looking for our honeymoon destination, I brought this place to Rob. He agreed it was beautiful. But it was expensive. Which is when Rob started doing his own research. And he came across the Bufflehead Cove Inn.

It was beautiful. I would give him that. He showed me all the information and pictures, and told me that we could stay in the Romantic River Cottage - a mini home all to ourselves - for a cheaper price than at this other place. He got excited and his heart was now set on his place. So I gave in. I wasn't happy nor convinced this was right, but I told him I wanted to stay at the cottage too. So we booked it. And I stayed unhappy about our decisions for months before I started to come around to it - slowly. And this was definitely a 'I told you so' moment for Rob. It was the best decision we could have made.

We got there and we were greeted with quiet and beauty. We didn't have the screaming kids, the stressed parents, the large families, the crowds. Maine isn't exactly a prime destination spot for honeymoons. We talked about choosing a beach, tropical location where we could spend out time on the beach, surrounded by other people. I'm not dissing any of you who have decided to do that, but it wasn't for us. We had, instead, a cottage all to ourselves that overlooked the Kennebunk River and we had breakfast  delivered to our front door every morning.

Day 1-2: We actually didn't do a lot for the first couple of days. We were just so relieved  that we even actually got there after everything that happened with our flights (you can read about it above). We spent the first couple days just exploring. We ate food from local spots because there were no fast foods or anything that you would recognize there. We found a quiet chapel by the sea that we took pictures of and walked around. We watched the Die Hard movies - yes it was very romantic of us to watch all of the Die Hard movies while on our Honeymoon.

Day 3: We continuing with the exploring. This time we went to St. Anthony's Franciscan Monastery. We never actually went inside but they had a beautiful walking path. It was later we saw that same area only at high tide when we took our schooner ride a few days later. After the monastery we went back and relaxed at the cottage. We read, napped, watched Die Hard. We definitely didn't cram too much into any of our days there.

Day 4: We decided to go to Portland which was only 30-40 minutes away. We went and saw the Spring Point Ledge Light. I found it scary to walk up to the lighthouse because it was all rocks and uneven at that. You had to choose your path carefully. For a clumsy person this was terrifying. But still very cool to do regardless. We also found that this was a large area that used to be a fort, complete with cannon holes. It was during this trip we had our first fight as a married couple. About Rob's parking skills. But don't worry, the entire thing ended with us laughing.

Day 5: We took a schooner ride on our last full day in Kennebunkport. I found a brochure for the Schooner Eleanor on a bench where I was sitting waiting for Rob who was picking up the best chocolate-covered strawberries. It was one of the coolest things we decided to do. I enjoyed it - well I did right up until I started feeling sick. It was very peaceful. We enjoyed views of the coastline, including a good view of the Bush Estate. Despite the slight, sea sickness (I forgot my seabands that day), it was a beautiful, wonderful ride. I'm glad we got the chance to go on it. The reminder of the day, we spent exploring Kennebunkport, looking for at least one souvenir from our trip and enjoying our last evening in this beautiful town.

It couldn't have been more perfect. It was beautiful and romantic. It didn't matter that we had flight issues to start the honeymoon. It didn't matter that we fought about Rob's parking ability. We had a great honeymoon.  Of course once we left Kennebunkport, we weren't done yet. We headed to Salem, MA then down to Boston for the reminder of our honeymoon.

Day 6: We went to Salem, MA and had a fun day going to corny witch and pirate museums. Yes, it was probably a bit of a waste of money but we had fun.

After we spent the day at Salem, we headed to Boston where we were slated to stay at a Best Western. Let's just say that we were less than pleased with our new view.

It was not due to our crappy view that drove us to shorten our honeymoon, but just the fact that we were ready to go home. We had all those relaxing, peaceful days in Kennebunkport, so going to a high-stress location like Boston was not what we were wanting. So we packed up early. We went to JFK Presidential Museum on the 4th of July then we went to one of Rob's friend's wedding. And the next day we were back on a plane headed home. We spent the reminder of our time home, changing my name and getting all those details taken care of especially since Rob was going to leave about a week later for annual training.

So my advice to anyone planning their honeymoon: It really doesn't matter where you go as long as you are together, yes. But do what's right for you. You don't have to go on the typical honeymoon to some beach somewhere. You might find a hidden jewel somewhere that will turn out to be an awesome, romantic, perfect experience.

Only two more days of wedding week left and tomorrow is my favorite pictures from the wedding! Come back and check them out!

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