Aug 17, 2012

26 Things

Tomorrow is my 26th birthday. And for my birthday, the hubs is taking me away on a very mini but much needed vacation to one of my favorite places, Silver Dollar City. So in honor of such an important day (tomorrow), I thought I would give you 26 things, so enjoy!

1. I have a love-hate relationship with cooking. I get burnt out easily but I actually really do like cooking. And I do seriously hate dishes.
2. I have a fear of drains. Since as long as I can remember I have had this fear that a snake is going to come up through the drain and get me. Maybe it's rooted in those days when my sister used to reach under the shower curtain and grab my ankle when I was younger. 
3. Tigers are my favorite animal.
4. I love love love lobster rolls. I'm craving them like crazy. Anybody wanna take me to Maine?

5. When I get sick, I like to watch Disney movies.
6. I'm horribly clumsy. Gravity hates me.
7. I love baking. I think I'm better at it than cooking.
8. I love movie theater popcorn. Rob swears sometimes that that's really the reason why I want to go to the movies. 
9. I love taking pictures. And thanks to my amazing husband I have an awesome camera to do that.
10. I love baseball. I like going to games and I miss being able to watch it on TV.
11. I have a degree in history. Some of you might not know that because I've done everything but history since graduating. I still love it, I just can't find a job doing what I want.
12. My guilty pleasure is dance movies. I can't actually dance, so I do the next best thing - watch people who can no matter how cheesy the movie.
13. I love to sing. I love to sing in the car, in the shower, when there's no music at all. I can burst our in song at any point for no apparent reason. I especially love singing loudly when I have earphones in my ears and Rob is playing video games next to me and constantly throwing me evil looks. It's a fun game.
14. I hate lotion. I hate the feeling of it on my hands. And I really hate those lotion people at the mall who wait for you to walk by and try to put lotion on your hands in order to sell their way-to-expensive product.
15. I am constantly reading. I can't imagine not reading. It may be a couple days between when I actually do any reading, depending on how busy or tired I am, but I always have a book started and one on standby. 
16. Thanksgiving to Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love how there's a certain feel to the air. I love the decorations. I love keeping the secrets of all those surprises you got for you friends and family. I love the traditions. (I hate that the Christmas season now starts after Halloween. I love Thanksgiving too, so I want Thanksgiving to just be Thanksgiving and starting the next day it is officially the Christmas season.)
17. Rob is my first boyfriend and first kiss. (And now my first husband - ha)

18. I love fried chicken. I don't get it very often because Rob doesn't care for it and I don't want to make it, plus it's bad for you but it is so good!
19. I always make Rob take me to the movies 45-30 minutes early. Sometimes more depending on how new or popular the movie is. It drives him crazy but I don't mind sitting there through all the First Look stuff. I do love previews.
20. I have an obsession with tank tops. It's a sickness really. I love them! But they they are nice to have - they are great in the summer because it's so hot and in the other seasons I layer them up with jackets and they work great. The hubs thinks I'm crazy for owning so many. I think I'm genius!
21. I love the ocean. All the creatures in the ocean completely freak me out and I hate seaweed, but I love the ocean.
22. I'm afraid of heights but I don't pass up those opportunities to go to the top of things (like the Space Needle) because I know if I don't then I will regret being there but never just dealing with my fear and being able to see an amazing sight. I also want to go on a hot air balloon ride and parasailing one day. I have yet to regret doing something I was afraid to do. In fact, some of those moments are the ones I really remember - white water rafting anyone? 
23. I have had a motion sickness problem since I was a little kid. And if frustrates me when people tell me it's in my head. Trust me, I'm not throwing up because I thinking getting sick is fun. The older I have gotten the better I have gotten (until I got pregnant of course).
24. I'm decisive and often so afraid I'm going to make the wrong decision that I go with the safe choice (even with the not big stuff). Then later I almost always change my mind and go with the complete opposite. Rob thinks it's a little funny and just expects that I will go with the opposite of what I originally said I wanted. Examples: the fridge, the house, the cottage on our honeymoon - just to name a few.
25. Sometimes we are sure I am a little OCD. I have to do certain things a certain way. My bedtime routine always has to be the same. I always have to set my alarm clock to an odd time and my volumes always have to be set to an even number (or five). I get very particular about things and need to have them be a certain way otherwise I get anxious and a little upset.
26. The movie Julie & Julia is my favorite and said it best for me: "I have ADD." "You have ADD?" "Yes, that's why I'm so bad at housework."

Here's to my 26th year being as excellent as my 25th!

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