Aug 29, 2012

Hang Time!

In honor of all these master bedroom lately, I'm moving right along to our next improvement. So far, you've seen how the room looked before it was unpacked and how it looks now (here). And you read about the changing of the blinds (here). So although we change our focus slightly, it still falls into the master bedroom category. So what is this improvement you may ask?

Improvement #2: Door be gone!

Our master bath is small. The sink sits across from the closet and has almost no counter space. The shower and toilet are crammed into a tiny room. And the closet - although a decent size - has an awkward door that blocks everything when it is opened.

That space feels tiny enough most days but when you need into the closet and the other person is trying to use the sink, you have a major collision. It just completely blocks the doorway going into the tiny room with the shower and toilet. When this was originally built, it was not well thought through. What it really needed was a pocket door so you didn't have this door issue. Or perhaps just to make this space bigger in the first place. 

But seeing how we weren't going to be changing the space to make it any bigger any time soon and we definitely weren't going to be installing any pocket doors, we needed a solution. Leaving things in their current state was not going to work either, so we turned to our only option: Remove the door completely. 

So in a matter of minutes, the door was removed. We decided it would be best to keep the door in case we wanted to put it back on for some reason, or if we ever moved and the next people wanted the door. Rob did lean it against the wall in the bedroom, where it sat for several days before being moved downstairs, claiming that it was the door to Narnia.

So now we were left with just an open doorway, which would have been fine with Rob to leave it as it was. But since I like to be more difficult and can't be satisfied so easily, I decided the doorway needed to be closed off somehow. I didn't want to overdo it because it was just a door to the closet in our bedroom and could not easily be seen unless you are actually inside the room. But I still didn't like having the open doorway with our clothes on display.

So I started thinking up solutions and the one I liked the best was to hang up a curtain. It was simple. It would just slide back and forth and we wouldn't have a blocking issue. Plus, it hid my clothes and of course the monsters that hang out in the closet at night.

Originally my plan was to buy some fabric and make the curtain myself. That's easy enough. I wasn't completely sure what I wanted as far as design, but I figured I would just keep an eye out and I would find something that matched our room. But before I even had the chance to look for fabric, I spotted exactly what I wanted at Target. The twin sheet that matched our comforter. I had no idea there were even matching leaf-style sheets that matched our comforter because at the time, all there were were plain sheets. So imagine my excitement when I find exactly what I want so quickly and easily.

We had already decided to use a curtain rod that we had that you just stuck between the walls and tightened. That meant there was no work with drilling holes or hanging it up. I didn't want to hang anything out in front of the doorway because the space was already small enough and that might cram it up and I would lose the effect I was going for. I quickly decided that I wanted rings to hold the curtain and not just sew a pocket in. With the rings, it is easier to push the curtain to the side and keep it out of the way without it sliding back. And much to my delight, again I easily found the rings with a clip, so I could just clip my curtain to the rings for a fast project.

It all came together very easily and inexpensively. Much cheaper than I might have been depending on the fabric. And now I had an extra twin fitted sheet that could be used on the couch if we were to have company that needed to crash on our couch (i.e. his brothers). I simply folded the sheet in half and found the right height before clipping it to the rings and sliding the rings on the curtain rod. And just like that it was done!

And the look as a whole? It made a world of difference! It was like a new little area.

It's amazing how something so simple as taking off a door and hanging a curtain can open up a tiny little space. I'm okay having a small bathroom space (or else we wouldn't have bought the house), but we just had to creatively think of a way to make it better. And we definitely succeeded.

But this story isn't quite over yet. If you were paying attention before, I said I just folded the sheet and that was that before I hung it. So on the to-do list is to actually hem it and give it a finished, cleaned-up look. And maybe one day I will actually get to it. I'll let you know when I finally do it - anyone interested in taking bets?!

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