Aug 15, 2012

Oh the Wall Decor You'll Put Up

You remember last month I posted about how we painted Addison's room in From Bionic Blue to Sunny Yellow. Well in case you forgot, Addison's room started a horrible blue color, but with the help of my mom picking the color and my parents actually putting in the hard work, the room became a sunny yellow color which pictures never seem to do justice. 

Other than revealing the color of the room, I hadn't done much discussing about Addison's room and what theme I had decided on. Well, the time has come to reveal my inspiration. It is none other than Dr. Seuss, which Rob and I have been reading his books to little Miss Addison on a regular basis by the way. Who doesn't love Dr. Seuss. When I say it is Dr. Seuss inspired that is truly what I mean, it is just inspired.

I'm big into polka dots. Always have been. So when I found the multicolored sheet I thought it was fun and would be good for a boy or girl, which at the point which I found it we actually weren't sure what we were having yet. Which made it perfect. I didn't want to find something girly and have my heart set on that then find out we were having a boy or vice vesa. Had Addison been a boy the walls would not be yellow but a blue. There were differences we had planned in case she turned out to be a he. But one thing was going to stay the same, the Dr. Seuss inspiration with small touches. I don't plan for there to be any blankets or sheets or pictures of Horton or Cat in the Hat or Yertle the Turtle on her walls, but settle touches here and there is exactly what I am going for.

And our first settle touch came with the vinyl wall decor I wanted to put up on her wall. I didn't want to hang anything over her crib because I didn't want to worry about it falling down on her or when she got older being able to pull it down herself. But I found this vinyl stick-on wall decor which I thought would be perfect. And one of the books I have been reading to her is Oh the Places You'll Go.

So we decided it was time to really get started on her room and therefore it was time to get this hung up on her wall even though the only things she have for her in the room is the changing table and some clothes in the next room. (We haven't gotten all of her stuff that my sister and brother-in-law have passed down to us from my parent's house yet.) I'm very anxious to get her room set up even though we are still a couple months away!

Rob being the amazing husband he is did most of the work. He's much better at this kind of thing than I am as it turns out. We ordered this vinyl from Edgeline Graphics off It took forever to get here but finally it arrived (it did come from Canada) and it was exactly what I hoped. And luckily it came with instructions because neither one of us remembered how to put these up even though we had previously hung one on the wall.

We figured out where we wanted it on the wall and worked on making sure they were level.

Then the next step is to use a credit card or something similar to press back and forth along the design on both sides. Then you peel off the paper on the back side very carefully to make sure none of the letters try to stay with the backing paper. Our worked easily and we didn't have any problems. The key is also going slow and not rushing through this process.

Then you press the words up against the wall and use that credit card or whatever you used in the first place and run it back and forth along the words to press it firmly to the wall. You want to smooth out any imperfections and air bubbles and just make sure it is firmly on the wall.

Then you start the somewhat slow process of peeling on that front transfer paper. Again go very slowly because you want to make sure the letters aren't coming off with the transfer paper. If the letter starts to come off then you press the paper back to the wall and use the credit card to press the letter back to the wall. It's pretty easy but it takes time and patience. You don't want to rush through this step. You will be really frustrated if you rush through it and then the letters are coming off and tearing.

Then that's it. It's really quite easy. That's all you have to do. Then you have an awesome vinyl on the wall. Easy to put up and looks great.

Just imagine a crib on that wall and you have a finished room. I love how it turned out. The black against the yellow looks really good. Although lighting is tricky in these pictures and that's why the yellow looks different in almost all the pictures, but trust me when I say it turned out excellent and exactly how I wanted.

And now we are one step closer to completing her room. We still have quite a bit to go to actually finish it and have it ready for her arrival but we're getting there. Slowly but surely!

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