Sep 28, 2012

Blogiversary Numeral Two

Tomorrow is a special day. It may not mean much to you but to me it sure does. It marks the two year anniversary of when this journey began. It marks the two years anniversary of when I started down this road which I during this time have learned. I have grown. I have changed. So what is this oh-so-special occasion? My blogiversary, of course.

Can you believe it was two years ago when I first started Defying Gravity? It has been quite a crazy two years at that! So in honor of this special event, here's a timeline with all those big [post] moments over the last two years:


September 29: "Unless life hands you water and sugar, your lemonade is gonna suck."
    Very first blog post. It's very embarrassing to read it now. It's like reading a journal entry. This was back when I didn't share my posts with the the [facebook] world. And it was probably better that way.

November 15: "Love is too weak a word for what I feel - I luuurve you, you know, I loave you, I luff you, two F's, yes I have to invent." -Annie Hall
    Rob and I celebrate one year of being together. Granted I didn't publish this post on our anniversary but a few days before but the sentiment is the same.


    Wedding planning was in high gear. The dresses were purchased. The decisions were made. And I was so ready to be done planning and just get married already!

    The first time I felt the desire to conquer a DIY project - any DIY project - but realized I had no know-how. Little did I know, I would be better at DIY projects than I thought. 

    The first time I really attempted to cook and wanted to share. Turned out that this recipe was delicious and soon became one of our favorites. 

    After a couple months of being unemployed, I find myself employed again. This is the job I will stay at for the next year and half (almost), and the job I plan to leave in order to stay home with Addison. 

    Wedding prep continues when I decide it's time to get in shape and tell about it. Too bad working out doesn't stick well with me (maybe after Addie's born...?)

    I learn that if I follow the directions and actually read carefully then I'm actually really good at baking. And I enjoy baking ten times more than cooking. Later I would turn my baking adventures into its own series: Eat Dessert First.

    Posted on Rob's birthday (a big, important day to itself) and three days before I marry my best friend. Definitely best decision ever!

June 25: Wedding! No post that day (but really, who would post on their blog on their wedding day?) but definitely worth mentioning! Kinda a big event, at least in our household. 

    The story about a newly married couple just trying to start their honeymoon but can't seem to get there. It'll make you laugh. It'll make you cry. It'll make you never want to fly Delta. 

    My first attempt at making our apartment more homey-feeling, well also conquering that DIY fear. Not bad for my first attempt, but I have definitely gotten better. 
    My first official 'HtBW' post on Defying Gravity. Who knew it would grow like it has and I would be sharing my learning-to-cook adventures with you all on a regular basis. 

September 24: Back to Basics
    When I decided it was time to take a step back and look at what I wanted from this blog. I wanted to simplify some and really use Defying Gravity to its full potential. 

    We traded in the Death Trap and got the Equinox that has yet to be named. I love love love this car. We will be paying it off for awhile, but totally worth it!

October 11: The Big 1-0-0
    We celebrate 100 posts!

    The first appearance of yet another series. Hopefully one I can jump back into after Little Bit is born. Wish me luck with that!

November 21: Two Stinkin' Years!!
    Rob and I celebrate our two year anniversary. 

    First post of the new year. It was pretty much a nothing, update post but we were ready to bring on the new year!

    Yet another series started. With the new year I took on a Reading Challenge of reading 52 books this year. It's really a will she or won't she kind of situation. I know I'm curious to know if I can actually do it. To date there are 41 of these written. 

January 27: Why Defy Gravity? 
    The post that explains why I blog and where I came up with this title. For those who want the short version: it comes from a song (from the musical Wicked) that means a lot to me. 

    This was a BIG one for me. We finally revealed to the world that we were expecting our first baby! We had found out a month ago and for a girl who likes to share [almost] everything with the blog world, this was a hard secret to keep, seeing as I was over-the-moon excited about it!

April 1: Week 3-Week 7
    I decided to start keeping a weekly journal of my pregnancy on my blog for everyone to read about how Little Bit is growing, how I am feeling, and other pregnancy tidbits that I found interesting or directly relate to my pregnancy. You can go back and read them all by going to the right-hand side and clicking on Pregnancy Weekly or if you just want to follow my stomach has grown then go to the top and click on Addison Sophia. 

    We bought a house! This is a major event in our story. We are excited to have a house before Addison comes. And we love this house to boot!
    We were supposed to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. We pretty much just found out that we were having a baby. Little Bit decided it would be a good day to be sitting breach, Indian-style in my pelvis with her back turned completely to us. We did get a good view of her spine and back of her head though. 

    We celebrate our one year wedding anniversary by moving in our new house. 

    We actually find out we are having a girl! And we are pumped! 

    I finally reveal what our house looks like in a horrible house tour. 

August 17: 26 Things
    My birthday post. We were away at Silver Dollar City, but that doesn't mean I could share those weird 26 things about me. 

    The beginning of a four part series where I reveal that I have gestational diabetes, which will become a key part of my life and pregnancy. 

    It's Stella's birthday, only a few days late. She's four in human years, and 35 in cat years. 
    Addison's room is done and finally ready to be revealed. I love her room. It's gotta be my favorite room right now. 

I'm hoping the next two years (or even just the next year) goes as well as these last two years. We have had a crazy journey but I wouldn't trade it for the world. So for the billionth time, I want to say thank you for reading and I hope I can make things interesting enough that you keep reading. So here's to another fabulous two years!

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