Oct 3, 2012

Unpacking: The Sitting Room/Library

When you come in through our front door, the first room you see (if you look to your right that is) is our sitting room. Just unpacking the boxes in that room has made a world of difference in that room (just so you know, we did that months ago, but I'm running a little behind). But there is still plenty I want to do with this room. Actually in all fairness, there is plenty I want to do around the entire house, but it's going to take time. But for now, we'll just focus on what the sitting room started out as and what it looks like now, plus I'll let you in on what I would still like to do with this room.

Never mind the man laying on the floor in the second picture. He's not dead, I promise - just tired apparently. But this is basically how the room started. We just wanted to get the stuff into the room. Never having a sitting room before, we really weren't sure what the actual purpose of the room was, so we decided that it would become our library. I always wanted my own library. It may not be wall to wall bookshelves with the rolling ladder like in Beauty and the Beast, but sometimes you have to take what you can get.

The first thing we learned about this room was that it actually didn't have a light anywhere in it. Yup, that's right, there was no ceiling light. So we had to provide our own lights, which was exactly what I was doing in the above picture - putting together two floor lamps for the room. At night it is definitely not a bright light, but it has a nice, relaxing reading feel to the room. 

Next I made the dead man on the floor get up so he could move the bookshelves for me. At least I had him move the bookshelves before cramming them full of books and trust me when I say we have plenty of books. So with bookshelves in place, books on the shelves, lights assembled, floor vacuum, we were now only missing one tiny thing. 

A place to sit in our sitting room

We actually had a plan on that front. The plan involved us buying new couches for the family room and moving our existing couch upstairs. 

Which was exactly what Rob did and by himself no less. It was quite impressive because that couch is not small or light by any means. But we had new furniture on the way, so it was time to finally have a place to sit in the sitting room. 

And finally we had an-almost-completed room. Like I said, there are plenty I still want to do in this room. And since it's either your lucky day or you just happen to be here, I'm going to share my thoughts on this room and what I still want to do. 

First, I want to have all the bookshelves match. Right now we have one dark one, one light wood and three white bookshelves. We are aiming to go all dark with the bookshelves because we love the look with the dark wood. We do also have a dark coffee table in that room that was originally in the family room as well that isn't pictured above. I'm definitely going with our simple looking shelves, but I would love them to all match. 

From the above picture you can't see the very empty corner. It is definitely missing something and that something is a chair. We would love to get a nice big reading chair that seats 1 1/2 people. We have joked about how it will be Addie and Daddy's reading chair. Basically it's bigger than a regular chair but smaller than a loveseat for those who need more of a visual. 

The walls are seriously lacking as well. I have some thoughts about what I would like to do with the walls, which might include painting them one day. I would just have to convince a certain husband of mine that painting would be a good idea. I'm not sure that will ever happen, but I can definitely live with the tan color. It's not that I don't like the color, but I'm just thinking a little more color would bring life to this room. 

But painting isn't the only thing I'm thinking for the walls. I have been looking through pinterest collecting ideas that I like for the wall decor. I have one that I'm really liking right now that involves a curtain rod, three picture frames, ribbon, and some meaningful pictures. I don't want to reveal what exactly I'm thinking yet because I haven't completely figured out what I want for the wall decor, but I definitely have some ideas in the works. 

Of course there are smaller projects including new couch/throw pillows and such, but no specific ideas of color at this point. Just know that my mind is forever in motion thinking of what I would like for that room. Yes, I know I'm nesting like crazy right now, but that doesn't mean the urge to improve and change things is going to go away. 

But for now, all those ideas are just floating around in my head. I have to convince the hubs of those ideas before we can move forward with anything, but luckily he's easy going. And of course, it would be a slow process because everything costs money. So for now, we have the tan walls, the mismatched bookshelves, and no chair. Just keep checking in because one day, one of those projects just might come to life. 

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