Aug 26, 2013

A Day in the Life: 10 Month Edition

Curious about what a typical day is like for us? Well, here you go:

0707 -- My alarm goes off. That doesn't mean I get up mind you, but it goes off all the time. When I get back to exercising in the next week, I will have to start actually getting up at my alarm, which will be even earlier. Yikes! Either way, my day "starts" here. It could be anywhere between ten minutes to thirty minutes later I actually drag myself out of bed.

0800 -- Rob is usually rushing out the door to get to work. Addie is either just now waking up or already awake in her crib, talking and playing with puppy while she waits. Unless she starts really crying or fussing a lot I don't usually get her until eight. Sometimes she sleeps later, but that doesn't happy often anymore.

After she gets up, she gets a diaper change and I get her dressed or she just hangs out in her diaper for a bit. Usually it's just the diaper since she is ready for her [6 ounce] bottle right away.

0830 -- Breakfast time! Usually she eats either rice cereal or oatmeal, some yogurt and she has some Cheerios. It's pretty much the same every day. She's good with it, so I'm not wanting to change anything anytime soon.

0900 -- Play time! I watch Rachael Ray while Addie plays. We are pretty excited about the new season!

1000 - She goes down for a morning nap. Sometimes a little later, sometimes a little earlier but it's pretty much at 10 every day. This is the one nap that we can skip, however, when necessary. I don't like to but our day can go on without a mega meltdown if she skips this nap since she is usually only down about 40 minutes anyway.

1100 -- If we have any errands to run this is when we do it. I try to go somewhere every day to get us out and about, especially since she loves being out. If we don't have anyway to go and the weather isn't too crazy hot, we might take a walk.

1200 -- On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Rob is home to give me a little bit of a break in the middle of the day. Otherwise it's just more play time. We do a LOT of play time!

1230 -- Lunch time for the kid! First she gets a 2 ounce bottle then food. Right now she is still having purees for lunch but after we run out of purees, she'll be having table food for lunch as well. But for now she just enjoys herself some purees. After she eats, I give her a few Cheerios or Gerber Puffs while I clean up. She loves being able to feed herself.

1300 -- Nap time! This is the nap I hate to miss. This is my chance for a break during the day so I really hate when she misses it or fights it or just doesn't sleep well. After I get her down, I usually have my lunch so I can at in peace and at my own speed, which is slow. Then I have a few hours to do whatever it is I please. Usually during her morning nap I do whatever cleaning I might need to do for that day, so by this point I'm free to do whatever I wish. This is the nap time where I can really do things for me. I work on projects, on my blog, read, watch a movie.

1500 -- There are some days A sleeps longer but mostly she's up by now. We go get the mail then head to the kitchen for a little snack (usually closer to 1330). She has another 2 ounce bottle and some Gerber snacks to last her until dinner.

Then once again, more play time. She bounces in her excersaucer or plays on the floor. If it's not too hot then we sit outside on the front step, play and watch cars pass or leaves on the trees. Sometimes we play in her room or read. Regardless of where we are and if she's playing alone or I'm playing with her, it's play time. We also sometimes turn on DuckTales or The Magic School Bus - her two favorites right now. Another one we watch a lot right now is Beauty & Beast. It's probably one of the only things she will just sit and watch. She squirms, squeals, and dances a bit with the music. She's a big fan.

1700 -- We head to the kitchen. She now plays on the rug in the kitchen while I start dinner. Dinner has definitely started to get more difficult for me since I have to make sure her food is soft enough (she's now eating all table foods for dinner), so she mostly has the same things but sometimes I have to cook it in a separate pot to avoid all the spices we have and to get it nice and soft for her. But I don't mind. It just takes more patience and focus to make sure I get everything done for dinner. Plus more dishes.

1730-1800 -- Some time in there we usually sit down for dinner. Rob is usually home at 5:30, so I try to have it ready by the time he gets home. At the same time, we sit down Addie also gets her dinner. Like I said, she gets all table foods with us, so we has some of what we're having and I always make sure she has a vegetable. She loves broccoli and carrots, so I don't mind making her some veggies evens one more thing to make. She usually has a protein with dinner in some form. She gets cheese on a regular basis and I'm working on making sure she gets a fruit with dinner but that's a lot harder. (She does get a fruit for lunch however.)

1800-1830 -- If we are going out to run any errands then we go out after dinner. If not then we usually just hang out around the house. Rob gets some quality time to play with Addie while I do the dishes usually. He's been working on the baby gates around the house as of late after dinner so Addie and I have had some bonus play time. She has also been very much all about mama lately, so even if Rob has her, she will scream and cry until I take her then she's fine. (That makes for one tired mama!)

1900 -- If we are home from any errands, depending on the weather, and if we didn't already go then we go on a walk. Addie can be fussy fussy fussy then we'll put her in her stroller and we're off and running. She loves walks. If we don't go for a walk, which we try to do daily, it's just more play time.

1920 -- Bath time. Another favorite activity of hers. She definitely needs daily baths with all the table foods because it gets everywhere and gets sticky sometimes.

1945 -- Bed time routine started. We have been doing the same thing for bedtime for awhile now. 8 ounce bottle, a book or two, The Going to Bed Book, a song then bed. At that point, we are free. She goes down with pretty much no fuss. And we don't hear from her until about 12 hours later. We can now carry on with whatever we want to do. Sometimes it's video games. Sometimes it's projects around the house. Sometimes it's a movie and popcorn. Sometimes it's going to bed.


Then day then repeats. There really isn't much change. I'm okay with it. It's a routine that Addie set, not me. If she wants to change things then I change things. We dropped her evening nap not that long ago because we discovered on the days she had an evening nap, next morning she was up an hour earlier. We dropped the nap and we were back to wake up time at 8. She didn't really need it and it was kind of a pain and would limit us even more on outings and such. We also recently changed the feeding schedule. I tried something out and she went along and it worked better for both of us. (More on feeding schedules in another post, so watch for it!)

Things change all the time. She changes things all the time. But on a regular basis, more often than not, things are pretty much exactly like I described. That is our day. Does it drive me crazy to do the exact same things at the same time every day? Of course it does. Sometimes I need a change, but changing too much too quickly can really mess her up and can make things not so pleasant for me. And truthfully I rather it be the same thing every day then change things because I'm bored and then end up with a cranky baby. [Babies apparently like routines because they know what to expect next. So routines are good and I wished we had figured this out a lot earlier with her. It definitely makes life better!]

So there it is. Our typical day. I'm glad I could fix that curiosity problem you had going on. Anything I can do.

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