Aug 29, 2013

Another Check Off the List

A house really doesn't feel like a home until there are things on the walls. Follow me here. You can paint the walls to whatever color your heart desires. You can change the floors. Put in your own stuff. But when the walls are void of any personal, it just doesn't feel right. Maybe that's just me?

The point I'm trying to make here is that I think what really makes a room feel complete and like home is pictures and decor up on the walls. So even after painting the laundry room (check it out here), I didn't really feel like the room was complete. It definitely had our personal touch now it now, but it definitely wasn't finished. Granted, painting the walls were not the only thing on my list of things to do for that room - see this post for the complete list. But most of the things on this list is a bit on the costly side and was going to take time to complete. However, number 12 on the list could be done more immediately.

What's number 12?

So glad you asked.
  • Wall Decor -- I have some ideas but nothing concrete yet but probably one of the things I am most excited
Well, I can happily report that I made up my mind and came up with something concrete. Okay, so there are still a few final touches to be made but it's all mostly done. It's done enough for me to share at least. 

To some of you, it may seem a little odd that I would be thinking of doing wall decor in my laundry room in the first place, but it is also our half-bath and a fairly large room that was lacking spirit. Before I painted, the walls were a blank slate. They were lifeless. Then after I painted, well, they were technically still a blank slate, but with the stripe going around the middle of the room, it gave me somewhere to build from basically. So it was pretty soon into this project that I decided to do a vinyl saying on the wall. I had this handy dandy Silhouette cutter which would allow me to do whatever saying I wanted in whatever font I wanted. I liked the idea of that much freedom.

However, with that much freedom comes a big world of possibilities. And since I'm not exactly known for my deciding skills, maybe this wasn't such a good thing. So I turned to Pinterest to help me come up with some ideas. And amazingly, it didn't take me long to come up with one that I loved. 

Yeah, I know it surprised me too. I never make decisions this quickly, so it must be fate! Well whatever it was, I was ready to act. Can you believe me? It always takes me so long to make a decision in the first place, so when I finally actually make up my mind, I want to get it done!

The other beauty of having my own Silhouette and being to do my own vinyls is that I can do whatever in whatever font in whatever size. And as it turns out, I really like how the above vinyl looks, so that was my goal to have it look that. But it's really hard to recreate something like this. I worked to find the font closest to what was shown above, but after a hour or so of looking through my fonts, I finally just chose one. Probably not the smartest move, but it is what it is. This is just want happens when I get too excited I guess. I rush to get something done then it doesn't quite turn out like I want it to.

So definitely not what I wanted. But I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I left it up for a few days even though I knew it wasn't right because I couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong. I finally decided it was a little bit of everything. The saying was right and the color white was right, but that wasn't about it. The font just wasn't right and the size was too small.

So down it came. And I started all over again. This time instead of trying to mimic the picture exactly, I went with what I thought was more us and more fitting for a laundry room. I also made the font bigger. And I gotta say even as it was cutting I liked it so much better.

Better, right? So much better! It needs a major sizing change, but so changing the font was a smart move. It wouldn't have looked terrible with the original font choice, but this is so much more us. Plus, I also feel like the font is a little more fun and not so formal-feeling; it is just a laundry room/half bath after all.

When I'm right, I'm right. :)

Although the vinyl was probably the most frustrating and time-consuming wall decor project, it was not the only one. On the wall directly across from vinyl wall, I did another project - one that is easily one of my favorites. It also happened to be an extremely easy project, and I'm a big fan of those.

#1: I bought a white canvas, used the turquoise vinyl I already had and just like that I have some wall decor. Easy as pie. But it wouldn't be complete with number 2.

#2: This time I used just any extra color vinyl I had because I knew it would be peeled off. I also used the same font as the vinyl on the opposite wall. Regardless, I bought a canvas again (I am keeping the canvas making people in business, seriously!), I already had some red paint, and used the tried and true method I have used countless times already. I stuck the vinyl on the white canvas then painted over it. After a couple coats and after it was good and dry, I peeled off the vinyl and there you go.

#3: Yup, that's a white piece of paper. That's the unfinished part of the wall decor. I have no idea what I want to put there. I had thought about another picture. Or maybe a letter L for laundry. I have no idea. So for now I just have that fancy placeholder. Pretty sweet, right? What do you think? Should I just leave the piece of paper?

#4: Seriously nothing makes a room complete with a picture of the adorable girl who lives in the yellow room. We actually set up our own mini photo shoot to take that picture, and the other hundred or so I ended up taking. We put up a gray sheet to block our fireplace so we would have a blank slate for our photo shoot. We took off all her clothes other than her diaper, popped some of my colorful tank tops into the basket (which it turns out you can't see), and put her in our laundry basket. Then just started snapping pictures. I got so many adorable pictures that it was hard to decide which one to actually put up, but this one was definitely one of my favorites so it won. Can you blame me?! Adorable!

There are still some other things to be done to the walls - fill in that piece of paper's home for one - but right now I love it. We are also missing some key things for that room which I'm excited about. There currently isn't a mirror, but I have one in my sights however there isn't money in the budget for it so it will have to wait. I also have fabric for a new curtain but I haven't had a chance to sew it yet, so that's another pending project. And the other that I'm more excited about is Rob is going to be building me a folding table for the room, which will give me a surface and also a place to hide Stella's litter. So I'm pumped. The room is definitely coming together. Slowly. But coming together all the same.

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