Oct 24, 2013

Two Ladies & Their Gent: Fall 2013

How long has it been since I have done a post about what we are up to these days? I'm pretty sure it's been a really long time. Definitely before Addie. Before I was pregnant with Addie? I don't know. Well, it doesn't much matter. What does matter is that I'm updating you now.


He's busy. Shouldn't that say enough? He wears lots of hats: software engineer, Marine, husband, and father. I think he wears all the hats very well. They have some deadlines going on at Garmin, which is keeping him a bit stressed and definitely busy there. I could come up with some computer/software engineer talk, but I don't know any and I wouldn't understand any of it even if I did. All I know is that he is doing something that I can't do and it keeps him busy. He didn't have a drill this month due to the government shutdown. It was nice to have him around that weekend - Addie had been a bear all week. We have no idea when or if they are making up that drill, so there's that. Next drill however is the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, which I am attending with Rob this year (we found the best babysitters out there - grandparents!) after sitting out last year due to just have a baby a few weeks before. Addison adores him. She hears the garage door and waits for him to walk in the door watching for his appearance then her face lights up. She might be a bit of a mama's girl but she loves her daddy. He also is a champ at putting her down. Seriously, whenever he puts her down for a nap she takes a really long one (she doesn't do that with me so much). He also continues to do bedtime every single night, which is a great chance for just him and Addison to have some alone, quiet time.


Where Rob is wanting more time with the kid, frankly I'm just plain tired of her. No, that's not true at all. Yes, I get tired. Yes, I want a break sometimes - okay, on a regular basis. But tired of her - never. I love my job. In my opinion I have the most important job in the world and my payment is a healthy kid with lots of smiles. There's no paycheck. There's no vacation time. But it's worth it. That's pretty much my day, taking care of Addison. I cook pretty much daily. I clean on a regular basis. I feel like I am constantly picking up something. I have gone back to working out, which I am enjoying...mostly. The getting up early is kind of a drag, but otherwise I'm feeling good. I really haven't been up to much else. Just taking care of Addie and the house is keeping me nice and busy. I've been trying to do more reading. See, I'm not that exciting.


I'm pretty sure all my readers know everything there is to know about Addison. I post about her on a regular basis. She is a popular topic. She is crawling around like crazy. Busy with all her toys. She pulls up to standing like a champ. Every now and again she takes little baby steps to get closer to whatever she pulled up to, but no other attempts at walking. I just discovered that she loves chili, which is awesome. But she will eat anything - and I really do mean anything, she ate something off the floor the other day...Okay that's gross. But it is true. We just started her on whole milk. We are started to wean off formula, which excites me quite a bit. [There'll be a post about all that in the future so watch for it!] She is down to one nap a day although I still think she needs two often, but she won't go for it. She is doing great in the church nursery. She's laughing and smiling a bunch, and even playing with other kids. That's a big change from just a month ago. She is doing great. I probably let her watch Beauty and the Beast more than I should, but she loves it and the days when she doesn't nap well and needs to just relax, it works great. She will sit through pretty much the entire movie and watch it - amazing for a one year old. I still can't get over the fact that she's one. It hardly seems possible. But because she is one she has been getting antsy with her old toys. She wants more to do during the day so I'm currently on a mission to find more activities for us to do inside during the day - especially considering it's getting cooler. I don't have a current weight or measurements on her because we had to move her 1 year checkup. It's on Halloween. Anyone interested in taking a little girl who will have four shots and a blood draw for a day...?


She killed a cricket in the house other day and left the dead bits all over the floor. That's pretty much Stella. She does a lot of sleeping. She kills bugs when I put her nose-to-nose with them. Well, you see she's always sleeping so she doesn't see the bugs for herself - I'm just helping. She has figured out how to avoid Addison. She goes to the other side of the baby gates where she knows Addison can't get her. That silly cat. We took her to the vet last month and she's nice and healthy.

Well, that's our family. We are doing good. We have been pretty busy lately, but that'll calm down for about one weekend until we get busy again. Busy isn't bad. We are happy, healthy, and just doing good all around.

So what's been happening with your family?

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