Jan 22, 2014

A Day in the Life: 15 Month Edition

I did one of these months ago, but things have changed quite a bit since then. She has grown a lot. Our routine has changed a lot. This isn't exactly how things are, but a basic idea of how our days go. And this day was last Monday...

0602 // My Fitbit starts vibrating on my wrist telling me that's time to wake up. I turn it off and wait two more minutes for 6:03 when my phone alarm goes off. I get up and get moving. [Rob is still laying there like a slug. I poke him a couple times but he decided not to get up and workout this morning.]

0610 // Time to work out. I'm currently doing Jillian Michaels's Kickbox Fastfix. It's only a twenty minute workout so as long as I don't drag my feet in the morning I get up and get through my workout fairly quickly.

0635 // After my workout, I sit down and record how my workout went and also get my blog for the day up and posted on Facebook. I check my mail and such as well.

0700 // I decide it's time to get going on my day and get showered. I never know what time Addie's going to get up so I need to make sure I get ready first otherwise it's just not happening. Rob is still laying in bed, but we talk for a bit while I get things ready for my shower (finding clothes and such).

0740 // I'm all ready for my day. Addison is still sleeping so I decide to go ahead and make my eggs (I have egg every morning so I get some protein in my diet after working out). I sit down and enjoy them (minus the cheese today which makes me sad and enjoy them a little less - it's grocery shopping day and we are all out of cheese) while going to Bloglovin and reading though blogs that I follow.

0750 // Rob comes down stairs all ready to go, lunch made, shoes and coat on, and ready to walk out the door for work. Some day he leaves earlier and some days he leaves later. It all depends on what time he gets up and if he has some things he needs to get down before heading out the door.

0800 // Since Addie is still sleeping I decide to start working on some coursework I'm taking from coursera. (I'm taking some classes through them for free - don't worry I'll write all about it later).

0830 // At least I got about a half an hour of work done before Addie wakes up, bouncing up and down in her crib. I go get up my happy girl, who also happens to have a nasty sounding cough (oh no!) and we go down for breakfast. It's a fairly simple breakfast today since again it's grocery day and I don't have much in the house. I also decide to have toast with her with some Applebutter (she has toast with peanut butter, plus some peaches). While she finishes up eating, I get the clean dishes put away.

0900 // Done eating and ready to get cleaned up and dressed for the day, well Addison that is. I got ready a couple hours ago, which is always nice to be all done getting ready for the day before she gets up. Things tend to get harder to do once she's awake.

0920 // We head to the grocery store to do some shopping. We needed food for the week (I shop week to week). Addie loves the grocery store and will always gladly be my happy companion there.

1000 // We are back home again. I bring in the groceries while Addison starts pulling out toys in the family room.

1015 // While Addison is playing and distracted, I take that opportunity to start prepping her lunches for the week. I pretty much get it all done before Addison realizes that I'm not giving her my sole attention.

1040 // I'm done getting her weekly lunches together, so now it's playtime. She mostly plays alone and I read but occasionally she crawl over to me, toys in hand, ready to play with me. We do some reading. We do some singing. We play some catch. I get some reading done. Addison entertains herself. Addison tries to play with Stella. It's a pretty typical morning for us. They all involve lots of playing.

1200 // It's lunch time for both of us! I have a salad every morning. Addison has different things, a more balanced meal. Sometimes she likes her meals, sometimes she's uncertain about trying new things. Today was a new meal and she wasn't certain, but she tried a little. I'm not going to give up so quickly.
1240 // I finished my lunch before Addison today, and wait while she finishes eating. After getting cleaned up, we head upstairs for a diaper change, some reading and a nap. I think about taking a nap but there is things I need to do today. I work on more classwork. I make some breakfast bars (I'll share the recipe later). I did watch a little bit of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. (I'm currently reading the book - I forgot how good it is!)

1445 // Addison is awake and bouncing in her crib, waiting for me to get her. She's in a good mood, which is the best way to start our afternoon. After a diaper change, she plays in her room for awhile. She really loves taking down books from her book shelf. It makes a huge mess, but I think that's part of the appeal. She seems to like it. She'll pull down books one at a time and flip through it before she discards it and moves on it the next one.

1505 // Addison decides she's done in her room and leaves. I follow. She stands at the baby gate indicting that she wants to go downstairs. So downstairs we go. I decide to go all the way down since we spent all morning in the sitting room. We pull out some toys and start playing.

1512 // Not long after we get downstairs, she has a meltdown. She's interested in getting things that she can't have and then throws a fit when she doesn't get what she wants. I normally try to wait her down, I talk to her calmly (getting angry isn't going to do anything), and I also try distracting.

1514 // In this case it takes me two minutes or so to find something to distract her. She settles down and continues playing like nothing happened.

1603 // Addison takes off for the stairs. We go up to the middle floor again - which is quickly becoming her favorite place - for more play time. I pull out some crayons. She does some reading. She moves to the kitchen to do some sorting of Dr. Seuss cards. We keep fairly busy but as we get closer to 5:00, she gets crankier. She again has a meltdown but this time for nothing at all. I change her diaper but it made no difference. Finally I open the front door and we look outside for awhile, taking turns knocking on the door. That turns out to be a big hit.

1720 // Tonight's dinner was fish and didn't take long, so I didn't need to start too early in order for us to eat at 5:30. I get Addison playing with something and I get started. Of course it always takes longer than I plan but that could be because I have a little girl who is desperately seeking my attention no matter what I give her to play with.

1740 // Rob walks in the door just in time for dinner. We sit down together (we eat dinner at the kitchen table together as a family every night - something that is important to us - it gives us time together to talk and be together as a family).

1815 // After talking it over, we decide that tonight would be the best night to do our Target run because it was only supposed to get colder this week. So we get ready and off we go.

1900 // It was a fairly quick run out and back. Once home, Addison gets some play time with Daddy which is probably easily one of her favorite things.

1930 // It's time for her bedtime snack of organic yogurt and toast. After finishing up, Rob starts the routine of putting lotion on her, putting her in her pajamas, and brushing her teeth. I tell her good night before Rob takes her off to bed (Rob does bedtime every night - it gives them some extra cuddle time together and gives me a bit of a break).
2000 // By 8:00 she's down. And we are ready to crash. We decide to do nothing this evening. Rob programs while I surf the internet, work on my blog, read other blogs, and such.

2230 // It's my bedtime. I try to go to bedtime by 10:30 every night because I know that I have to get up early to work out and start the process all over again.

So that was our Monday. It's funny because although most days follow this same routine with a few variations they all seem to be so different. It's weird to read back to the last time I did one of these. Things have changed but at the same time they haven't. So there you have - a somewhat typical day. Or at least last Monday.

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