Feb 17, 2014

Addison Sophia: 16 Months

Dear Addie:

Hey, toddler girl. You have been a toddler for several months now but every day I'm reminded more and more that you actually are a toddler. You are getting so big. You don't look like a baby anymore. You are changing and learning new things. You have meltdowns like a toddler.

Oh the meltdowns. They are more common now. And they are a tough one. They come at no time in particular. I never really see them coming. They can happen at any moment, at any time. But the one time I know without a doubt that a meltdown will happen is when I tell you no. You get a bit pouty lip and then the screaming starts. You don't care how calmly I explain to you that I'm telling you no because you are being unsafe or whatever my reason is, you just continue screaming. You do eventually calm down and move on, but for a few minutes it's pretty unpleasant. We are working on it. Any other meltdown happens at unknown times for unknown reasons. Sometimes I have to wait you out and other times I have to distract you. But we get through them.

This last month you got sick for the first time. You had a little cold, couldn't breathe through your nose, which I was constantly wiping, plus you had a nasty cough. On the first day of your cold, you couldn't nap. Every time I went up, you were standing and just crying. So I decided instead of trying to force it, I picked you up and held you. I settled into the rocking chair and for the first time in over a year you slept on me. I hated that you were feeling so horrible, but it was nice to cuddle up with my little girl again. The cold held on for about a week and then you were back to normal (unfortunately I had a cold by then and was feeling pretty crummy).

You have been on the move. No walking yet but we'll get there. You climbed up on the couch for the first time, of course you held onto my shirt and pulled with all your might. You haven't done it since but you have been trying to get your knee up onto everything. You'll be really climbing in no time. Right after Christmas you started going up the stairs but you couldn't go down. You would, and still, stop at the top and just sit there. You don't attempt to go down but just sit there and wait. But now, if we get you turned around and started, you can go back down the stairs. You are figuring out how to get started going back down again - you know that you have to turn around and go feet first now.

We have been practicing walking lately. You are learning to trust us. For a long time, you didn't seem to trust us to not let you fall, but now you are a little more willing to try. The only way we can get you to try walking is for your dad and I to sit a few feet apart, stand you up, and tell you to go give the other a hug. We used to have to hold on to your hands and the other hold on to your waist, but now we don't have to hold to your waist. You are getting really good. You tend to lean forward a little still, but you'll be moving in no time. You no longer cry when we help you walk. Now one of us can stand up with you, holding your hands, and you will walk a few steps before you decide that crawling is easier. You know how to do this, but you just refuse. You are stubborn, I'll give you that. We are definitely getting closer. Not just because of the walking, but because you have been standing more by yourself lately. You will use me to stand up then you'll just stand there by yourself. I'm not completely sure that you are aware of what you are doing yet, but as soon as you do I think you'll just turn around and walk. You have always been stubborn and I wouldn't be surprised if you just completely surprise me one day by walking to me. That's just who you are.

Lately you have been big with sitting at your little table you got from grandma and papa. You love it. You love it more now that you have figured out how to get off the chair now. You did a face plant the other day, but you didn't even cry. The face plants are pretty rare. Mostly you slide yourself until you are standing then you lower yourself to the floor to crawl. It's amazing to see you figure things out. Just the last month, I pulled out crayons and you have been loving it. You have been figuring out how to hold them. You have been trying to eat them. But mostly you like to pick them all up and drop them on the paper, leaving dozens of little dots and marks across the paper. You love it. Your first crayon work of art made it to the fridge.

You are still eating pretty good. You fight me sometimes, but mostly you will eat anything and everything. Recently, you have tried hiding your food next to you in your high chair, which gets you in trouble which leads to crying. But mostly you happily eat it. Sleeping is just the same too. You take one nap a day for 2-3 hours. You are sleeping about 13 hours at night, sometimes less and sometimes a little more. Trust me when I say that I'm loving it. I know it's going to change, but I'm milking it for all its worth right now.

I say this every month but it's true. You are amazing. You are forever learning. You are forever changing. You are beautiful. You are funny. You are the life of this house. I get so excited watching you change on a daily basis. You are so smart. You are taking on the world like only you can. You are amazing, Addison Sophia. You are frustrating and exhausting. But so amazing. I love you so much.

Love, Mama

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