Jun 16, 2014

Addison Sophia: 20 Months

Dear Addie::

It feels like so much changes but at the same time, so little. You are still the same lovable girl as ever, but you are growing more stubborn every day. You definitely like to have things a certain way and you don't handle it well if they don't go your way. Unfortunately you got that tendency from your mama. And apparently you keep picking up more things from me. Maybe that's because you are still into the mama phase. You love your dad but he gets home and you come crawling behind my legs, and hold on for dear life. You aren't a big fan of walking with your dad either. Maybe there's some trust issues going on, but whenever we walk, more than not you are reaching for my hand. I'm not complaining because pretty soon you'll be done with the mama phase and that will be that, but sometimes a little space is nice.

You are in love with Clifford. Actually you are in love with anything dog. Go figure then that we have a cat. Puppy is forever puppy. But Clifford is popular. You spend a lot of time looking at the books and hugging the stuffed animal. Your new favorite is 101 Dalmatians. We were driving the other day and I could have sworn you said puppies. So I told you that you had puppy, but you said it again. Then I realized you wanted to watch puppies. Luckily for you I had already told you that we would. You just sit there and cuddle and zone out to the movie. However, Cruella DeVilla scares you sometimes. I don't blame you at all, she is a little scary.

You still aren't walking, although I think we are the closest we have ever been. The other day you walked the length of the driveway while chasing daddy. That is huge. You were sure on your feet and did great. You have also started letting go by yourself more to walk to things, which is something just a week ago you refused to do. You want to walk all the time. You aren't a fan of being carried or riding in things all the time. You want to get down and toddle along. You walk like a pro holding on to just one finger. Now we are just building up your confidence to show you that you really can do it. It's been a long road and we aren't quite there yet but we will be. We are definitely getting there. Unfortunately we aren't getting there soon enough and we still have your MRI scheduled a few days from now, in which you will be sedated and mama is definitely not looking forward to that.

Right now you are big with puzzles. You will sit for big chunks of time and put together puzzles. You like your noisy puzzles but also you like to put shapes into your turtle. You are getting pretty good at it. You are definitely figuring stuff out. Another thing you spend a lot of time doing is sticking things into small spaces. You like to see what fits where. The problem with that is that you can't get them back out again or they are impossible to find later. You are always up to something and hiding something somewhere.

You definitely have more meltdowns than you used to. But we are learning to deal with them. Most of your meltdowns come when someone doesn't do something the way you want. You still like to hand books back and forth and when I say no thank you and not take it, you get angry. You start crying/pouting and sometimes you hit me with whatever it is. So you have now learned what time-out is. You crying and screaming until you can settle yourself down. But you are learning to deal when things don't go the way you want them to. It's just taking time. You also have meltdowns at the park. Every single time we go. So we don't go much. You love swinging. You could spend all day on the swing. The problem with going to the park is that you have to share the swing, and you don't like that. You aren't interested with playing with anything else so when you don't get to swing you meltdown. I just wait you out and we try again to play with something else and by the time we are into our second meltdown we are heading home. Although you use to lose it every time I took you off the swing in our backyard. But now I set a timer for however long and tell you that we have to go inside when the timer goes off. I count down for you and you hear when the timer goes off. And the last few times I have taken you out of the swing has gone really well. No crying. That's definitely an improvement and definitely makes me more willing to take you out to the backyard to swing more.

I swear everyday you grow more adorable. You do something and it just melts my heart. You might not be talking a whole bunch or heck even walking but you put your forehead against mine and I'm a goner. The only way you know to show affection is to put your forehead against someone else's and it is heart melting.

This phase is definitely a hard one. You are getting more stubborn and more opinionated. But at the same time you are just as adorable and beautiful. It's amazing to see your personality, which parts are like me and which are like your dad. You keep me on my toes always, but I guess that's what makes life fun. Never change who you are. In fact if you want to stay my little girl forever then feel free to do that. I love you so much, sweet girl.

Love, Mama

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