Jun 9, 2014

Nine on the Ninth

1. About a month ago, we had fox in the neighborhood. A little weird since we live in a subdivision with no wooden area around. It was eating something in the road. It was definitely weird. But didn't think much of it until about two weeks later while I was sitting in church and suddenly it hit me. Foxes like chickens. Our neighbor has chickens. Pretty sad that it took me that long to put it together. (Maybe I should have asked it what it says?)

2. You know you are parents when you spend your evenings getting ready for bed quoting Disney movies to each other. Oh, the kid is long asleep by then. Turns out Frozen is a quotable movie and we spend a lot of time quoting it back and forth to each other.

3. We went to The Home Depot to do some shopping and all was good. We did our shopping and we were walking out. As we were getting ready to cross the street, there was a truck with two men who were going to turn from one of the aisles to the main roadway waiting for us. We went to hurry to cross the street but the problem was that Rob went one way and I went the other. We ended up slamming full walking speed into each and bouncing off. My shoulder hurt after even. Rob and I couldn't stop laughing and when I looked up the two men in the truck were also cracking up. I could make some parallel about how marriage is a lot a clashing but as long as you end up laughing or something of that sort, but the fact is that all we did was run into each other and make a bit of a fool of ourselves. So the couple who does stupid things together, gets laughed at together...

4. Last week we went to the grocery store because I needed to pick up some produce for something I was making. Rob was out of Mountain Dew so I sent him with Addison and the cart to get that while I got the produce I needed. I was surprised it took him so long but I figured he just wondered off. I went to find him and he has four cases of 12 cans of energy drinks in the cart. His was response was to giggle and to say "let me explain." As it turned out they were originally $2 something a can and now they were only $.88. Yes it was a good deal but I was definitely surprised. He was now set for the next 8 weeks. He saved us about $20 from what we normally spend. Unfortunately as we were checking out, she had to scan each can because they took out the quantity button. Crazy man!

5. The other night, Rob was dragging his feet getting to bed so I just turned something on to watch. I ended up choosing DC Cupcakes on Netflix (it was a TLC show). It was about the most fake thing I have ever seen for a reality show. I was definitely not impressed. But I digress. It's about 10:30 at night and Rob pops up and says he wants cupcakes. But we have no cupcakes so I figured he went off to find something else to eat until I hear the oven beep on. I go downstairs to find him gathering up everything for the recipe. I don't have a box mix - that's just not how I roll (or bake) - so he has to make them from scratch. Then wait 25 minutes while they cook. It was about 11:30 he comes back up asking if I want a cupcake. I really want to sleep but I ate one anyway. He did a good job. I sure wasn't about to make cupcakes at 10:30 at night. The funny part - or I guess the continued funniness - is that he didn't frost them. He seriously just wanted the cake part of the cupcake. He keeps life interesting!

6. I was cleaning the bathrooms the other day, and Addie was looking at her Clifford books. I finished the master bathroom and did a quick clean on the main bathroom which gets used less. I had just finished when I turn around to see Addie about to stick her hand in the toilet. I tell her that we don't do that. I dry my hands and turn again to see her grabbing one of the cups that she plays with in the bathroom tub being ducked in the toilet. She looks at me innocently while I tell her we don't play in the toilet. I dump out the water in the sink and turn back to her and she's sticking the second cup in the toilet. That's when we left the bathroom.

7. Addison is scared of dolls. She wants nothing to do with them. She wouldn't look at them and gets panicky when you bring one too close to her.

8. I don't think I ever shared this story with you but I was watching something (see #9) which got me to thinking about this. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Addison. My doctor told me that as soon as she was born I could go back to my normal diet and I was so excited. So after she was born and after I was cleared to eat, I was told that the cafeteria was closed but they kept sandwiches and such up on the floor for situations like this. I agreed but didn't care much because I had just had a baby so there was a bit going on. I was excited to finally eat since it had been almost 24 hours and I was able to have anything I wanted no diet restrictions. When the nurse finally came back, innocently she tells me that they were out of sandwiches and all they had was sugar-free jello. I couldn't help but laugh. All I was able to have was sugar-free jello and the like for months. I ate it regardless. I had a cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate frostie later.

9. I enjoy reading blogs. I have the few I read on a regular basis. I also like watching vlogs. One of the channels I really enjoy on YouTube is The Mom's View. I think it's a good channel made by moms for moms about moms. They do a little talk show type thing where they talk about a certain topic and the last one was about birthing plans and all involved with giving birth. It was pretty good and it's what got me thinking about the above story.

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  1. Logan always wants me to bake him brownies late at night! Or drive to the store and buy him cookies from Sprouts. Blah. So major points to Rob for baking his own! And Easton also enjoys playing in the toilet... another blah. xo, Sarah @movingeastonwest



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