Aug 18, 2014


It's my birthday today. So just as I did last year, I'm going to share some things about me, some lesser
known than others.

1. My entire first semester of freshmen year of college I was really sick. I had 105 temperature every day for months. And we had no idea what was going on. We eventually figured out that it was because I was taking some medicine for acne and I was allergic to it and it was making me really sick. I'm pretty sure I lost some brain cells those months (although I did make the Dean's list that semester) and I know I lost some friends because some of them didn't understand why I didn't want to do anything ever. I was lucky I was able to function just to get to classes.

2. Laundry is probably my least favorite chore. I don't even have to do much except let the laundry do its thing, but it's an all day activity and I hate that.

3. Sometimes I forget that I'm in my late twenties. I keep thinking that in my early twenties and fresh out of college. I'm definitely not.

4. I went to three colleges in four years.

5. I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't have a book started. I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't writing in a journal either. I have always been reading and always been writing.

6. I hate roses. I don't know what it is about them but I hate them. I love lilies though. I think they are beautiful, however, I learned recently that they aren't good for cats. I had gerber daises at my wedding however.

7. I was raised in Missouri but now live in Kansas. If you know anything about the area then you know that there's pretty strong feelings starting back during the Civil War. When I jumped ship state, I wasn't sure about living in a county I never really heard good things about. But I actually love it here. We definitely aren't made of money, but my impression of the county and state wasn't correct. And I really like it here.

8. I get eaten alive by mosquitoes every year. I hate bugs, especially ticks. I'm not a nature person. (Has anyone seen The Goonies? I'm sure a lot of you have. If you have then you might know where I'm going. This quote by Chunk is my life: [Chunk is running toward the road in the dead of night to find help] "I'm not all alone in the dark. I like the dark. I love the dark." [He ducks and crawls under a tree bunch.] "But I hate nature! I HATE nature!" That is my life!)

9. I am horrible at time management. There are always a million things I either need to do or want to do during nap time but I somehow always end up sitting on my butt watching something and wasting time on my computer for the two and half some hours Addison sleeps. Then I always feel horrible when Rob gets home and asks me about my day, doubly bad if he's been gone with the Marines.

10. I dislike fish. I'm trying to like it because I know it's good for me and I want Addison to eat it (which she does because she loves fish), but I really could live my whole life without it just fine.

11. I struggle with projects because I know where I'm starting and I know where I want to end, but it's the middle that I struggle with. Luckily I married a guy who is really good at that middle part and can help me out.

12. I love Gilmore Girls. There are other shows that I really like: Bones, Psych, Glee (the first three seasons at least). But Gilmore Girls is my go-to and absolute favorite. It's a smart, witty show.

13. My favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs. I wish I was better at making meatballs. I am getting better but still not quite there. It's delicious and homey and comfort food.

14. I get really bad spring allergies, which makes me hate spring. I love fall though. It's my favorite time of the year. It always smells good. Warmer clothes. Pumpkins. Apple pies. Lots of different colors. I love it.

15. 55 was my basketball number. I played from 4th-7th grade. I picked it because it was the highest number you could have.

16. I can't stand the sound of two hands rubbing together. It's like nails on a chalkboard for me.

17. I'm not good at math. I get numbers jumbled and mixed up all the time. Strangely enough I did inventory for five years.

18. I'm really bad at video games. Like really really bad. It's very stressful, all the running, ducking, aiming, shooting, whatever else. I just can't. But I'm strangely good at Frisbee Dog (it's on Wii Sport Resort) and Stampede Run. It's makes me feel kind of good that those are the only two games that Rob is not good at.

19. When I get hurt, I laugh. During my pregnancy with Addison, I fell down the stairs. I landed on my butt and Addie was [obviously] fine but my butt and hip hurt really bad. I wanted to cry but I was laughing at the same time. It really confused Rob.

20. When I was in elementary school there was this boy who was basically always in trouble. I think the school did this on purpose but he was in every single class I was in (there were four classes per grade) and every single year I spent most of the year sitting next to him in the back of the classroom. I don't know if they were hoping I would rub off on him or they just like the fact that I was the only one that would just plain ignore him, but every single year for 6 years I sat next to this boy. Sometimes I wonder what happened to him.

21. I really like getting mail. I think it's one of the best things in the world. It's so exciting. Unfortunately mostly I just get junk mail and bills.

22. I bruise easily. It happens all the time. Rob will point out a bruise and ask me what happened and most of the time I have absolutely no idea. Apparently I don't even notice when I run into things anymore.

23. I used to get really bad motion sickness. I would be in the car about a minute before I would throw up. And no it wasn't in my head. It always ticks me off when people tell me that motion sickness is in your head. It is a real thing. It's gotten better now that I'm an adult although it depends on the driver and if I'm in the back seat or not. Most of the time I'm fine but I still have bags in my car just in case.

24. I'm oddly good at lying about silly things. The second time I ever saw one of my brother-in-laws we had gone to the Truman Library and Museum. When we were looking at his office, he pointed out the really big globe. I told him that Truman used to spin it then point to it at random and that's how he decided the next country we would attack. He believed me - mostly because he had no reason not to believe me. And it was a big flat lie that came out before I thought about it. Probably not the best thing. I also once convinced Rob that he kicked himself. I can't lie about things that actually matter which is probably a good thing.

25. I like baseball. I'm a faithful Royals fan. However, I don't get to watch games anymore. This year was the first time I've been to a game in years. And since we just have digital bunny ears, I don't get to watch baseball. But it doesn't mean it's not my favorite sport and pretty much the only one I can tolerate.

26. I really like Harry Potter. I read the books every couple of years. I usually have a Harry Potter marathon every year at least once which includes watching all of the special features even. It doesn't matter how old I get, I'm an always and forever a Harry Potter fan.

27. I started this blog four years ago and I think it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. My dream job growing up and even now was/is to be a writer. I know I'm not always the best writer but in a way I am through Defying Gravity. Even if no one ever read this (but please keep reading!) I would still write, I have so many moments and memories written down and pictures taken that I wouldn't have otherwise. So yeah definitely one of the best decisions.

28. My guilty pleasure is dance movies. I really can't dance myself although Addie doesn't complain about my dance moves. But I love watching all kinds of dance movies. New ones and old ones. I pretty much love them all. Don't judge.

So there you go. Those were hard to come up with especially since I've done a list of things about me before and I didn't want to repeat nor did I want this to become a list of Addie-related, mom-relate, wife-related facts. (Check out posts from my 26th and 27th birthdays.) Now you know a little more about me unrelated to being a mom and wife and completely related to me.

Happy birthday to me. I'm 28! Weird.


  1. Well you've got a whole year behind me! I'll be the BIG 3-0 next June!! EEK! I too, still feel like I'm 21. Glad to hear I'm not the only one. Getting old is rough... your list made me laugh, and then I thought, how did she come up with 28 facts about herself? I'm trying to come up with 15 and I can't do it! haha Happy Birthday! xo, Sarah @movingeastonwest

    1. It wasn't easy. Especially since I didn't want to repeat anything I had said before. I've already started working on my list for next year because it's just going to keep getting harder every year!



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