Aug 15, 2014

Addison Sophia: 22 Months // Happy Friday

Dear Addie::

You are getting smarter and smarter all the time. You are definitely a sharp little cookie. You are very observant. For instance, you know what Kleenexes are for. In fact you dug a packet out of my purse, pulled them out one at a time and wiped your nose on them. You emptied the package. It was adorable but a bit wasteful. You haven't quite gotten the wastefulness concept.

Luckily your smartness isn't limited to wastefulness. You can also organize mega blocks by color and size. You brought me a bunch stacked together for me to hand back to you in pieces. So I did but I'll confess I wasn't paying any attention. And when I looked down you were stacking them back up by color and size. I watched you for awhile and I was very impressed with you. I shouldn't be surprised, you love to organize.

But we all know the big news. We are officially calling you a walker. It seemed to happen over night. You have been walking around holding on to one hand for a long time. Then we were able to get you to let go so you would walk to your dad down the hall and into your room every night. We slowly started pushing you a little farther. We tried to see if you would walk a little farther and you over time you did. We cheer for you every time and you even clap for yourself. Over time we got you walking around Target. In fact you were pushing the cart around Target even. But we still couldn't get you to push your little shopping cart around the house other than on your knees. Then one day we got you up and before you realized it, you were walking away. We were thrilled. We just kept pushing you. We kept letting go and trying to let you walk by yourself. Then one day you started letting go. One day you came walking around the corner from the sitting room into the kitchen by yourself. And now you keep going. Of course you still crawl and walk on your knees, but you are walking. You let go and off you go. You are also trying to stand up by yourself in the middle of the room. Up to this point you have only been able to get up with help from us or by pulling yourself up, but finally you got your feet under you and pushed yourself to standing, which was a first. We hit all kinds of first this month. We couldn't be happier. You have come so far and we are so proud.

You are jabbering a lot but there are still not a lot of words coming out. The words that we can get you to say are usually very functional. And the words are actually more of phases. You aren't a single word kind of gal. But we are figuring out other methods of communicate until we can get you talking. You show me what you want by putting my hand on whatever you want or going to what you want, like when you are hungry you go to your chair in the kitchen. And now I'm learning sign language so I can teach you. So far you got "all done" down. I showed it to you a couple of times and by the third time you were mimicking me. And now I can ask you if you are done and you do the sign. You are my genius. We are just going to keep learning signs because you and me have to communicate, kid.

There are plenty of other things that are pretty adorable. You have learned how to blow kisses. It's heart melting. Every night I kiss you good night then in the doorway I blow you a kiss and you blow me a kiss back. Granted your kiss is really you putting your hand in your mouth and flinging slobber at me, but I know what you're doing so I'll take it. You are obsessed with Stella. You follow her around the house and every time she walks into the room you point and clap. I try to get you to say cat but instead you almost always say Stella in return. Apparently cat is too simple of a word for you. You are very observant though. You have watched me pat the space next to me to get Stella to come. So you have started doing that after you finished pointing and clapping. Stella rarely comes but that doesn't stop you. And it's pretty cute.

Your likes haven't changed too much. You are very into Tinker Bell though. I think it's because she flies. You love things that fly. You still like all those other Disney movies but Tinker Bell is the top choice of movies right now. You still eat like a champ, although you get really opinionated when you don't want to eat something and more than once you have been put in time-out for tossing your plate or food on the floor. You sleep like a pro. It's still 12 hours a night and a two and half hour nap. Mama is definitely loving that. You are big into stuffed animals right now. You sometimes put them in your little chairs at your table and sometimes you pile them all up in front of you and sometimes you just make them hug. Whatever it is you are doing it's cute so it doesn't matter what makes you happy at this point.

You are a fun stage and I am loving it. You are so smart and observant. You are always watching and learning. You like moving around and going outside. You still love reading and you love getting a book and crawling into my lap in the middle of the day and settling in for me to read to you. I definitely love it too. It's hard to believe how big you are and that you are mere two months away from turning two. That just doesn't seem possible. You are growing too fast. Try to slow it down a little. I love you so much, little girl. You have no idea.

Love, Mama

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