Nov 26, 2014

Being Thankful // Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, which is the 27th of November. So in honor of Thanksgiving tomorrow, today is all about 27 things I'm thankful for. Also I should mention that I'll be taking the rest of the week off and will return on Monday. But for now, my 27 things.

1. Rob -- It's not surprise that I'm thankful for my husband. He is my world and amazing. And many
more words. He has provided the life that I have now and my beautiful daughter. So you better believe that I'm thankful for that man.

2. Addison -- Is there any question? I love that little girl so much. She is amazing, smart, and beautiful.

3. My family -- Where would I be without the support from my family?

4. My friends -- I have been lucky to find a great group of women to support me and hang out with. I'm also thankful Addison has some great friends to play with.

5. My home -- I'm forever thankful for having a roof over my head and a place to sleep every night. I'm thankful that we are able to afford our own home.

6. Garmin -- Thanks for giving the hubs his job and paying him well enough that I don't have to work. How can I not be thankful for the place that helps provide our life and gives me the opportunity to stay home with my kid?

7. Marines -- I'm thankful for my Marine, but the entire Marine Corps and all that they do.

8. Food -- I like food. That seems weird since I didn't use to like food. But I have a new appreciation for food now that I'm cooking and still learning to work with all different kinds of food. I am grateful that I learned to cook too. Sometimes I don't want to do it but I'm so glad I learned to and that I do every night.

9. Stella -- I love that dang cat. She's my buddy and I love curling up with her during Addie's nap time and thinking back when it was just me and Stella in the afternoons. Weird I know. But she's my cat....yo....

10. Defying Gravity -- This blog means a lot to me. It has changed quite a bit over the years but I love it and all that it is. I love that it's a way for me to share our lives.

11. Nap time -- Is there a mom out there that isn't thankful for nap time? I am just so grateful that my daughter loves to sleep. At least 12 hours a night and 2-2 1/2 hours during the day. This mama is grateful for some quiet, alone time.

12. Exercise -- I never thought I would appreciate exercise as much as I have. But lately I have been doing a lot, not in an attempt to lose a bunch of weight, but to try to feel better. And I'm grateful that I have the time and the energy to make that happen every day. And grateful that my husband is okay with me buying DVD programs (I like working out in the privacy of my own living room) to keep myself feeling good and healthy.

13. Books -- I love escaping into a book for awhile. It's always been my escape and probably always will be. I can't imagine not reading.

14. Writing -- I would taking writing in any form. I sometimes work on stories (creative writing),
blog writing, and of course journal writing. I have been writing in a journal for over 15 years and I can't imagine not writing. I have over a dozen journals from all those years and sometimes I look back and remember things I had long forgotten. I like having an outlet to express my thoughts and work out my emotions. Just as I can't imagine not having a book started at all times, I can't imagine not writing. I would be very bottled up and emotionally-charged. So yes I'll just keep writing.

15. Technology -- As much as I hate technology and honestly I'm not a huge fan of social media, it is a great way to connect with family and friends. Sometimes it's hard to keep in touch and hard to be able to share your life. But through technology and social media that is able to happen on a regular basis.

16. FBC -- We have found a church home that we really like. Our daughter loves the people and the nursery. We have found a great place to worship and fellowship for ourselves.

17. Music -- Music has helped pull me out of bad moods. It has inspired me. It has made me danced. It has helped me cry when I needed a good cry. It reminds me of my husband when we are apart. It helps me focus. I love all kinds of music.

18. Health -- We have been blessed with being very healthy. And after the year we have had with Addison and all the scares, I am so grateful that she is healthy and happy and progressing. It is completely frightening to watch your child recession and not know why. And after having to put her through the MRI and all the doctors, I'm just grateful that she is healthy and doing great. I'm also grateful for my own health. Although our journey to have another baby isn't over yet and I have had two miscarriage while trying to get here, I am grateful that I am still healthy.

19. Mickey -- Sometimes this mama needs a mama moment and Mickey is great for giving me that necessary break in the middle of those tough days. The only thing that completely captures her attention.

20. Three Colleges in Four Years -- That sounds crazy but I did not have the typical college
experience. I was actually depressed for a good portion of my college years. So being grateful for it now seems a little crazy. But it was because of those choices I made those years that got me to where I am today and who I am today.

21. Money in the bank -- Rob and I are careful with our money because we want to make sure we are providing a good life for our family. We want to take Addison on vacations to experience new things. We want to teach her how to be wise with you money. We want to teach her the importance of saving your money. We want to teach her how to give back. I'm grateful we have no debt other than our mortgage and are able to do the things we can.

22. Weekends -- Although as a mom I don't really get a weekend, but I do get a break when Rob is home. And I'm blessed that they adore each other the way they do. Rob is an amazing father and takes a lot of the kid-load during the weekend so I can have a break and for that I'm always grateful.

23. Being a Stay-at-Home Mom -- I am so glad that I am the one that gets to see all the firsts. I'm
thankful that I get all the smiles. It's hard and it's exhausting but I won't trade it for the world. (Although on more than one occasion I have considered dropping Addie off at the security desk at Garmin for Rob - is that wrong?) I am even more grateful that because of all her issues this last year I have been able to be home to take her to doctor's appointments and meet with Infant Toddler Services and everything else I have had to do to get this girl up and walking and talking and just plain progressing again.

24. Netflix -- Seems silly but on a cold, winter evening there's nothing quite like curling up under a blanket and binge watching some TV show. All you out there with Netflix, know that you love it too!

25. My own washer and dryer -- Seriously! I hate doing laundry. I mean I hate it a lot. I would probably just buy clothes just to have clean ones if I had to take them somewhere. I'm not kidding. I really don't like doing laundry and the idea of taking it somewhere and paying to do the thing I hate is a horrible, terrible thought.

26. Heating -- I'm grateful we can heat our house in the winter and cool it in the summer. I'm a big wuss and don't like the extremes, so trust me when I say I'm really grateful for the fact that we can keep ourselves warm (and cool).

27. Waking up this morning -- I am grateful for every day that I can spend with my two loves.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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