Nov 19, 2014

Some Things

Making:: My Christmas list. And decisions about what we're going to be getting everyone. It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is already next week and Christmas is what three-four weeks after that. The holidays sneaked up on me this year.

Cooking:: Pumpkin and Apple Muffins. They are delicious. I'm making them for the weekend.

Drinking:: A lot of water. I've been drinking a ton of water especially since I was sick and I was trying to flush out my system.

Reading:: Black Rose by Nora Roberts. It's book two in a three book series. I have read the book before and I liked them the first time so I'm reading again and enjoying it just as much.

Wanting:: To take Addison to see some Christmas light displays and such this year. I have a list of some different places and I'm looking forward it. She'll love it. I really do love this time of year.

Looking:: At paint samples again. I'm going to paint Addie's current room, aka the nursery, once we move her over to her big girl room. I've been trying to figure out what color. I want something gender neutral so when we do get pregnant and have a baby the color can go either way and it's just a matter of using accent colors to sway it towards boy or girl. So I'm looking at paint samples again...but when am I not?

Playing:: Christmas music. I know, I know! It's not even Thanksgiving yet. But I love Christmas music and it always seems like such a short amount of time that I get to listen to Christmas music so I have been breaking out some of it earlier than I normally do. It's not every day, nonstop or anything. But it is definitely more than not. What can I say? I love Christmas and all that comes with it, definitely including the music.

Wasting:: Always time. This time it's because I'm spending way too much of it playing a game on my iPad. It's addicting. And frankly I don't care that it's wasting my time. It's something I can live with and enjoy.

Needing:: To clean this house. But I'm not a cleaner by nature. I don't like doing it. I like the end result but I HATE actually cleaning. There are so many other things I rather be doing. I should just buck up and do it and get it over with. In all fairness the house isn't that bad but it has gotten away from me. I have been sick so cleaning has not be high on my list of things to do. I should probably get up now and do it....yup, I'm still just sitting here. Don't worry, I'll get the house clean.

Smelling:: Not much for the last week or so. I started out with this cold or whatever it is all in my throat, but now I'm having a runny/stuffed up nose all at the same time problem. So smelling is not something I'm doing a lot of these days.

Wearing:: My charm bracelet a lot more these days. I don't wear it every day but I'm definitely wearing it more. Addison doesn't grab and pull anymore. And I forgot how much I love it. I just bought two charms that we still need to get attached and I have two more I would like to get. But I love that bracelet and I love that I can wear it again.

Remembering:: What it's like to not have to wash dishes by hand. We are having dishwasher issues, and we can't figure out what's wrong with it without taking up our floor first so for now we are washing by hand until we are ready to tackle that project.

Noticing:: Some definition in my arms. I guess all those months of doing Body Revolution has paid off after all. I wore a one-shoulder sleeve dress for the ball and I noticed my arms are looking pretty good. Rob even noticed and said I have some definition going on in with my arms. That makes me pretty happy because the last three months has kicked my butt.

Knowing:: That my husband is amazing. How can we not discuss this? This isn't a matter of opinion, this is just a fact. He's superman and my hero. He provides for his family and works a full-time job, he gives his time and is an officer in the [finest fighting force] Marines. He is an amazing father and husband. He helps out around the house. He's level-headed and he puts up with me. The last thing right there, makes him amazing without the list of all the other things that truly does make him superman.

Thinking:: How much I love this blog. It gives me an outlet. It gives me a chance to connect. It gives me chance to write. It gives me a chance to remember things I wouldn't remember otherwise. Even if no one read I would still keep writing. But trust me, I'm pleased as a pickle that I do have people that read and love D.G. That makes me really happy. I hope all that I share and all my writing will inspire and maybe even help someone else. Or at least give a good laugh.

Feeling:: Tired. I mean I'm always tired. I'm a mom that's just part of it. But even more so because I haven't been sleeping well at night thanks to my recent illness. When you spend a chunk of the night coughing and unable to breathe, you actually get very little sleep. I hate being sick as it turns out.

Bookmarking:: Ideas for Rob for Christmas. He never gives me a list or any suggestions so I have to come up with a bunch of ideas. So I've been doing some online shopping and bookmarking some ideas. I hope they don't all suck....

Opening:: My garage door again. We just got it fixed after being broken for several months. I am so excited to have my side back again. We have to save up a little money to get new doors and such, but at least for now they are fine and we can use both sides again.

Feeling:: Honestly a little down. I don't want to go into it all. I'm fine mostly, but sometimes I get a little down about all our recent miscarriages and how hard it's been to get pregnant. It feels a little hopeless sometimes. I don't really want to talk about it now. I just get down sometimes and that's just the way it is.

Wishing:: That 2015 will be a better year than 2014. It's not that I don't have anything to be thankful for. But it's just been a tough year for our family with all that we have been through with Addison and two miscarriage. I want more than anything for things to be better in 2015, that Addison just keeps on progressing and starts talking, and that we are finally able to get pregnant and stay pregnant. I have high hopes for next year. I have to otherwise I would go crazy.

Enjoying:: Reading blogs. I have always loved reading other blogs. The blog topics I'm interested in have definitely changed over time but I love them all just the same. I follow quite a few different blogs on bloglovin. Hey, that's an can follow me on bloglovin and look for tons of different blogs that you will end up loving while you're at it. Just an idea...

Waiting:: For one thing to end and another to begin. Vague enough for you?

Hoping:: For some snow this winter. Just to be clear I'm not talking blizzard. I'm talking some snow that we can take Addison outside and play in. She didn't really get to play in snow last year so I'm hoping to introduce it to her this year and that'll she actually like it.

Marveling:: At how much Addie has changed. I just got her Year Two Mixbook full of letters and pictures done and printed. I have been looking through it and it is amazing how much she has changed and grown in this past year. It has been a heck of year of regression, MRI, braces, finally walking, learning to talk, and everything in between. She has gone from my chubby cheek little girl to a thinned out big girl who looks like a toddler. Where'd my baby go?

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