Feb 18, 2015

A Happy Half-Birthday to Me and the ABCs

It's my half birthday today which basically means nothing other than I'm 28 and a half. I'm exactly 6 months from turning 29. That's a scary thought. So since I'm all about the random facts about myself, here's some more of those with some little stories.

A: Athletic -- Is anything but me. I am a bit clumsy so sports have never been my thing. In 8th grade while playing volleyball I hit the ball backward and hit the giant American flag on the wall. My team wasn't big on letting me get the ball again. When heading to high school, there were a bunch of different activities with tables all lined in the gym. The track coaches and the volleyball coaches kept pulling me back to their tables but I politely declined. I would definitely do more harm than good. I mean I did hit the flag while playing volleyball hitting it backward and I dislocated my knee while running track in P.E. I did end up playing tennis for two years however. That was definitely more my speed. I wish I could play more these days but I haven't played in years.

B: Baking -- I have always enjoyed baking a lot and have been at that than cooking. Except for one time. It was for Addie's first birthday I wanted to make a cake from scratch so I found a recipe and decided to go for it. I made the recipe and when I pulled it out, it was a disaster and probably the worst thing I have ever tasted. What happened was that the recipe called for a cup of instant coffee. I thought it was weird but went with it. It was a year later that I realized I was supposed to actually make the coffee and not just put in the grounds. Huge difference!

C: Cooking -- It's crazy to say that I love cooking now. I'm glad I decided to learn to cook all those years ago. And I'm glad I kept at it. We eat so much healthier and better now; plus we save so much money not eating out all the time.

D: Dresses -- I have always liked wearing dresses although I have never wore a lot in my life. I was
strictly a jeans and layered t-shirt kind of girl through high school and college. I then worked at a warehouse job where I would get really dirty and would actually smell like dirt until I showered. Then when I finally got to the point where I could wear dresses I never did because I couldn't find any that I liked. Then I became a mom and it was less practical than it had once been. Although as she gets older, it becomes easier to wear them again. Now the problem I have is that I can't seem to find a cut that looks decent on me. They always cut weird on my legs.

E: Emma -- I loved the book and it is easily one of my favorites. I also love the BBC version of the movie. Emma also happens to be one of my favorite names. A winner for me all around.

F: Flowers -- I like flowers. I think they are pretty, but I hate roses. Rob knows not to get my roses. I like lilies and tulips. I'm not great at keeping flowers alive. When they are cut flowers it's pretty easy and I can handle that maintenance. But I seriously have a black thumb. I am horrible at any kind of gardening. I'm a low-maintenance kind of girl. Give me a cactus which I can water just once in a blue moon because that's probably about how often I'm going to remember. I'm just not good with the lawn and flower care thing. However I have considered at some point having a vegetable garden. Maybe at the next house and in another lifetime.

G: Gum -- One of my biggest pet peeves is people chewing gum. Not even necessarily smacking it. But just chewing. I hate listening to people eat so chewing gum is just the eating without swallowing. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me. I also don't chew gum except on very very rare occasions because my jaw dislocates from time to time and pops pretty much all the time. Gum chewing makes it worse.

H: Hobby -- I don't actually have a hobby. I mean I read, I like to do some writing, and I watch movies. But otherwise I don't have something that I love doing just because I love doing it (other than those three things). I tried several things. Crafts are hard for me and frankly I don't have any to do. I tried knitting for awhile but it hurt my fingers and I didn't really have the patience for it. I'm not going to take up a sport. There is just nothing I have found that I love doing so I just don't really have a hobby.

I: Ice and Snow -- I love it for about an hour, well the snow not the ice. I think it's pretty but then I'm done with it. When Rob and I first started dating I was going out to his place in Olathe (I was living in Independence which was about a 45 minute drive then) for the first time and it started snowing a little that afternoon. I asked him if we could postpone the date. He thought at the time that I just didn't want to go out with him again and that there were better excuses out there. Once we were serious and had been together for awhile he learned that I really wasn't trying to get out of the date. I just really hate driving in any kind of icy and snowy conditions even if it's very little.

J: Jello -- When I was pregnant with Addison I had gestational diabetes. So during the last trimester I had to change my diet quite a bit. One of the things we ended up eating a lot of is sugar-free jello because I could have as much as I wanted of that. But I was dreaming about the first meal I could have after giving birth because I could eat whatever I wanted without restrictions of any kind. So after having her and things settled, the nurse asked if I wanted a sandwich since the cafeteria was closed. I was happy for anything at that point because it had been almost 24 hours since I had eaten anything. She came back and apologized because they were out of sandwiches. In fact all they had was sugar-free jello. I ate it anyway with a good chuckle.

K: Keys -- Let's just start this by saying that I'm not an outdoor kind of girl. Sure I like being outside when the weather is nice, but all those outdoor activities are not really my thing. So when we went on a family trip to the southwest when I was in high school, it wasn't exactly my kind of trip. But then there I was being handed a paddle and white water rafting. So when we were supposed to hike into the Grand Canyon, I wasn't exactly pleased. It was the day of Reagan's funeral because I remember thinking I would rather watch the funeral than go into the Grand Canyon. So when my family finally got me out the door, I didn't say a single word as we went down. They had to keep looking back to see if I was even still there. So when it was decided that my mom and I would go back up and my dad and sister would continue down a little more, I finally said the first words of the hike. "Keys." A simple words but no one responded and I didn't elaborate. We ended up sitting up at the top waiting while they continued down. It later was all communicated that I was asking about the keys to the room so we didn't have to just sit there. But while we sat there I remember hearing an older man, a British guy, saying something about how he does all kinds of things like this because "when it's your time to go it's your time to go and might as well enjoy it while you can." That has stuck with me since.

L: Left-Hand Left Turn Lane -- When I was a teenager I was heading off to the library because I liked the library. In my hometown the library was on the other side of some train tracks but no big deal normally. I was sitting in the turn lane (the left hand left turn lane) and it was just about my turn because I had wait a cycle. When I noticed my turn was skipped. It was explained when a police car came through (they controlled the lights). So the cycle started again. And it was just about my turn when a fire truck came through. So then we started all over once again. And I bet you can guess that when it was about my turn again an ambulance came through. So finally I had high hopes for my turn when a train came down the tracks. I think I sat at that light for twenty-thirty minutes. The things we do to get to the library.

M: Moms Into Fitness -- That's a great company that I have been using for my newest workout programs. It's awesome. It's centered on moms and women's bodies. I love it! There best exercise programs I have ever done.

N: Netflix -- We love Netflix around here. I've had this account since college and we use it pretty much every day. We watch a lot of TV shows together like Star Trek and The X-Files. I have my favorites too that I watch when Rob isn't around. My newest favorite is Once Upon a Time - I'm totally addicted! Rob has his favorites on his own user account. I also love the mail-in service. Lately I've been getting discs for NCIS and I love it. We don't have cable around here but we are all addicted to Netflix.

O: Outside -- I am not an outdoor girl. I mean I like it well enough. But camping and nature are just not my thing. I hate bugs. Ticks completely terrify me, although I have had my fair share in my life. I'm far too clumsy for much outside stuff anyway. I tend to get hurt in some way. The funny part of me saying this is that I get some major winter blues every winter because I can't go outside. I guess I just want the option to go outside.

P: Prom -- I never went to prom. In fact I never dated in high school. There was never anyone I liked well enough to date in high school. I don't regret not going to prom. I kind of make up for it now by going to something better - thank you, Marines.

Q: Okay so I got nothing for Q. It's a hard letter. Comment below if you can think of a good "Q" story about yourself.

R: Rings -- I love my wedding and engagement rings and I wear them all the time. I pretty much only take them off if I'm working with rare meats because I don't like getting anything into my ring and then not being able to get them completely cleaned again. If I take my rings in every six months to get cleaned and inspected then they are protected and the store will replace and fix any problems that I might have. I had take my rings in last month and it was discovered that I was missing one of the prongs that I was holding one of the big diamonds in. Which is the second time that I have almost lost a diamond. So it was sent in and all the prongs were reinforced and tightened. It was also dipped again. So it was basically like a brand new ring when I got it back. Too bad I forgot take it and played with play dough the next day. So much my sparkly shiny ring.

S: Spaghetti & Meatballs -- This is easily my all time favorite food. Add in some garlic bread of some kind and I'm sold. Although I try, I just can't make meatballs as delicious as the ones my mom makes.

T: Tuba -- Did you know that I used to play the tuba? When I was in sixth grade and deciding to join
band, I wanted an unusual instrument so I chose the baritone. I played that until sometime in my seventh grade year when I was switched to the tuba. It was kind of fun making the chance until the next year when we first started learning to march. It was then that I realized I would be marching with the sousaphone. That was exactly what I did from then on until I graduated. How I did it is a mystery to me since the sousaphone was half my weight (well not quite but still crazy heavy). Despite the lingering back problems, I wouldn't have changed it for the world. Band was the highlight of high school for me.

U: Umbrella -- I hate umbrellas. I avoid using them. I usually end up getting my finger caught or it flips the other direction and the whole thing breaks. That happened to me more times than I could count in college so I finally just gave up. I always ended up just wetter anyway so I just went with the hood and kept my head down. I still do it now too.

V: Valentine's Day -- I have never been a huge fan of the day. And even now I don't really know how I feel about it. But since marrying Rob, I do enjoying getting something for him and having it to break up the middle of the cold and boring February. Last year I failed royally at doing anything for him. In true us style, we ordered pizza and watched a movie. It's our kind of romantic I guess. I did feel horrible for not doing anything for him, so I made up for it this year. He told me it was fine but I'm not going to make that mistake again this year, especially since I didn't do a stellar job for his birthday, Father's Day, or our anniversary. I didn't even get him a card for pete's sake. Yes, I hang my head in shame...

W: Weddings -- I love weddings. Of course it's one and done for me. But I love them. Especially if there's dancing involved. I was so excited to get married, but I was nervous. Not about actually getting married and linking myself to someone else for the rest of my life but to be the center of attention. Of course after the ceremony I didn't give it a second thought. Planning the wedding took almost a full year and I was so afraid it wouldn't come together like I pictured in my head because I did it in so many different pieces. But it did and there isn't anything I would change - well maybe I would actually have cake at the reception since I completely forgot to do it then. Although the cake a year later was seriously just as delicious.

X: X-Rays -- And MRIs. I have gotten my fair share in my life. I hate dental X-Rays quite a bit. I find them uncomfortable. As far as MRIs, I have had a couple of those, including one on my brain. I even have those sitting in our office. Because who doesn't want pictures of their own brain? New wall art anyone? By the way, it all came back normal and headaches were caused by something else. That means I am the way I am all by myself and it just is the way it is.

Y: YouTube -- I spend far too much on it watching videos. I have my favorite channels that I watch on a regular basis, ShayTards, Buzzfeed, and Cinema Sins. Then of course I have the random ones too. It's easy to get caught up in the whirlpool of videos.

Z: Zoo -- I love the zoo. No seriously I love it. I can't resist going when we have the chance. Our KC Zoo is pretty good but not nearly as cool as the Omaha Zoo. I look forward to taking Addison back there again.

So there you go. You'll have to wait 6 months for more facts and stories about me. Because who doesn't love those?!

xo, B

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