Aug 18, 2015


Here we are again. It's my birthday! And I'm 29. No clue how that happened. And just as like the last few years, here's 29 things about myself. Enjoy!

1:: One summer when I was a teenager my parents remodeled my bedroom. So I stayed in the office while this was happening. While I was up there, there was a TV that I ended up watching. I ended up watching a 24-hour marathon of I Dream of Genie. It was a pretty awesome 24-hours. Plus I had no where to go and nothing to do.

2:: My favorite movie is Emma. Not the crummy American version but the BBC version. It's really good. I have read the book and although I struggled to get into it at first, it is one of my favorites now. I would name another daughter Emma if it wasn't so close to my niece's name.

3:: I hate the sound of hands and feel of my hands rubbing together, and same with my feet, which I probably mentioned. Every time I brush my teeth, I always get really aware of my feet and how dry they are. Then I want to put socks on because I hate the feeling of the carpet on my bare feet.

4:: My teeth hurt if I have too much sugar. I'm not crazy about sugar so sometimes a piece of candy is too much sugar.

5:: One year in P.E. we had to find our pulse on our wrist to find our heart rate. I couldn't find my pulse so the teacher came over to help. She tried several times to find it then when she too was unsuccessful, she told me I was dead.

6:: I used to walk around the house with a mirror in hand and watch the mirror when I walked, so it was like I was walking on the ceiling. It was kind of cool and actually a really weird thing to do.

7:: I used to hate mustard but now I really like it. I also like to cheer for mustard when I go to a Royals game.

8:: I have a love hate relationship with make up. I hate having it on my face and having to take the time to put it on each morning but after years of severe acne, I feel better in general if I wear it. Like I said love hate.

9:: When I was little, I remember having nightmares about Bambie. It wasn't the mother getting shot part (spoiler alert....?). It was when the forest catching on fire. I remember dreaming that our house was on fire when it spread to the street. It just kept growing until most of the world was on fire and there was no where else to run. Scared the bejesus out of me.

10:: I love watching previews. A lot. It's definitely one of my favorite parts of a movie. And unfortunately sometimes the best part.

11:: I often read a book while I brush my teeth. Rob thinks it's weird, but what else do you have to do while brush your teeth.

12:: I love watching cooking shows.

13:: When Rob proposed I was of course so pumped, but after wearing my engagement ring for a month or so I got freaked out. It wasn't about marrying the ma - geeze! I love him to death (black widow here...?). No it was about wearing a ring for the rest of my life. I was never much of a jewelry person. Of course now it's been four years we've been married, five years since he proposed (five years exactly today) so I've gotten used to it and never think much of it. But when I cook sometimes I take my ring off and it's kind of nice to not have a ring on. But at the end of the day I always enjoy putting  my beautiful ring he picked out for me back on my finger.

14:: I love putting on headphones and zoning out or writing to music, but since having Addison I haven't been able to do that because I always have to be listening for him. I used to put my headphones in and sing and dance around the house while cleaning or doing whatever. That is probably one of those things I miss the most since having her.

15:: I hate breakfast. Either it's too sweet or too heavy. I have yet to find anything that I really love to eat. I try to eat breakfast every day because it's good for you but really I'm just not a breakfast person.

16:: I hate frosted poptarts

17:: I always watch whatever exercise program, like a movie, before I actually do it so I know what to do.

18:: I love books and I am always reading at least one. I love reading series because you can really get into the characters but I always feel sad when I finish it because it's like saying good-bye to that world and those characters who have become my friends. Like I mean really sad. Sometimes it takes me a day or so to shake it off and move on. I always do but I love books and I love when they bring you in and you become so apart of the world that even for just a little awhile they become a part of your world.

19:: I hate reading off screens. I'm a book girl all the way.

20:: I run cold. Seriously it seems like I'm always cold. It could be the middle of summer and there a pretty good chance that my hands and feet will be like ice.

21:: When I was younger I really wanted an American Girl doll but they were super expensive back there and everything had to come from the catalog. And frankly I'm not even sure I ever asked for one for Christmas but I really wanted one. So instead I pretended that Stacy (ya know Barbie's little sister) was like my American Girl doll. I tucked her in and took her everywhere with me. Regrettably her arm and head popped off forever changing her. I still have her and I still get a little giddy walking into the American Girl doll store now.

22:: I hate the taste of barbecue but love the smell.

23:: I hate the taste of coffee and the smell. There is nothing good about that drink to me.

24:: I have been complimented about my handwriting most of my life. But I'm not fond of my handwriting and whenever I'm writing something that will be seen it always seems to get worse, or at least I think it doesn't. Apparently I don't have fancy handwriting skills and that makes me a little sad.

25:: I am a terrible housewife. I mean I seriously suck at it. I keep up with the dishes but any other cleaning is lost on me. I do eventually get around to it but I really really hate cleaning. I hate that you spend all that time doing something you are just going to do again next week.

26:: When I am anywhere but home and have to shower I always do it without my contacts in so I can't see. I'm not germophoic but I don't want to know how clean it is or isn't. I just want to shower as quickly as possible, not touch the walls and not see what I'm doing. So my solution is to shower blind.

27:: I wear a broken pair of sunglasses because I can't find another pair I like as much.

28:: I am horrible at shaving my knees. It's almost like I haven't shaved them at all. I don't know why I even bother sometimes.

29:: I am terrified of heights but I have been up the Arch and the Space Needle and to the Grand Canyon. Rob and I were talking about it once and I said that even though I'm terrified I do it because I know I'll regret not doing all those things when I had the chance. You just won't have see me spending a lot of time peering down. Makes me shudder just thinking about it.

It's truly hard to believe that I'm really 29. That means one more year until I turn the big 3-0! So there you go, 29 more random things about me on my 29th birthday.

xo, B

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