Jan 7, 2016

Seven on the Seventh

1 - I had a really weird dream a couple weeks ago. I was late for school - high school - and I had my old car again which had been sitting outside with the windows out for years so it was really gross inside but I had to get to school. My dog which was a shapeshifter was in human form and had a key to my car and kept trying to jump in and I had to keep her out so I could get to school. All the while my mom was showing their house to a bunch of Chinese businessmen who were interested in building a condo or something. I finally get out of the backyard where my car was parked and have a short conversation with my sister who is driving a humvee. She couldn't take me to school because she had plans after school. I follow her to school but she has to turn around at the last minute. I continue ahead and find the road blocked by a SWAT helicopter who is setting speed traps for the Army ahead. And of course SWAT and the Army were sent there by my sister's jealous ex-boyfriend. No clue if I got a ticket or ever made it to school.

2 - After having the dream from #1 I had another dream that Rob and I were going to meet some friends at a hospital parking lot but the highway was packed so we bailed off and found ourselves in a small town which was like a small European town with a giant pirate ship in the middle of the town. We decided to go exploring and while we were looking around a soldier came up to me and told me that they needed Rob in his uniform to ring a bell and take donations. I told them that that wasn't going to happen but didn't want to tell Rob because I knew he would be mad. We continue looking around and got ourselves a table to get something to eat. One of Rob's brothers were there and he was mad at me because I told him I had to sit in a certain chair because I'm right-handed and I was driving. I know there is more to that dream but I don't remember that dream as well as I remember the first.

3 - I never played with Legos growing up. Or if I did I definitely don't remember, but Addison is a fan of Legos. Her first Lego set I didn't really have anything to do with but Rob was pretty excited. I have to now admit after putting together quite a few Lego sets that it is actually kind of fun.

4 - Whenever we go to my OB (which is also Addison's doctor) for a checkup - we are now are every other week - Addison always tells her that she has to fix mama's tummy. She hasn't quite gotten the baby in mama's tummy concept. Oh well.

5 - A couple of week ago the weather was kind of nasty and I'm pregnant and have a three-year-old so I decided that I was going to try grocery shopping online. I like the grocery store I usually shop at, but they don't deliver. I paid a little more than I might have paid otherwise but there is definitely something appealing about shopping online and having them bring my groceries right to the door. It's definitely something I'll consider doing again after Connor is born and I'm not looking to go out but need groceries. I really like that option!

6 - When I was pregnant with Addison I always felt weird calling her Addison even though we were certain that was going to be her name. I definitely never called her Addie and never even really called her Addie when she was an infant. But from the moment we found out that we were having a boy this time around I have called Connor by name. Rob and I were talking about it and trying to figure out why that is. We were guessing part of that might be because of the miscarriages. This pregnancy still feels somewhat surreal to me so by calling him by name it makes it feel more real. We also guessed that it might be because this is our second baby and the first time around we didn't have any idea what a having an actual baby was like so it just felt awkward. But now we know so it's easier to imagine having a baby. I also admitted to him that just being a mom helps. When he kicks me and it hurts I have a tend to say 'Connor James!' Even in the womb he's getting scowled. How very mom of me.

7 - Right before Christmas I decided not to go grocery shopping because we were going to be out of town for about a week. It made perfect sense but that also meant we were running low on everything. This entire pregnancy I have been drinking orange juice every morning and it was something I looked forward to especially since I had to give it up with my pregnancy with Addison because of gestational diabetes. I didn't have much left, maybe two swallows-worth but I wanted to split it up between two days so I left just a tiny bit left for the day we were leaving to go out of town. The evening before, I went downstairs and opened the fridge to find the orange juice gone. Rob defended himself telling me that it didn't look intentional. But there was no going back now. You would think 8 months into this pregnancy that he should know better than to eat my cravings - especially the last of it! I may or may not still hold a grudge. I'm serious about my orange juice.

xo, B

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