Feb 4, 2016

Our Books of Memories

Way back in the spring of 2014 I talked about our growing library (and even earlier I talked about the very first Year in Review book I put together). At the time I had a couple books and I loved the couple I had but I never expected it to grow as much as it has since.

I fell in love with the Mixbook site the first time I started using it in order to make a Year in Review book. Initially I had decided to make my first book because I wanted to get my favorite pictures off my computer and into something that I can look at whenever I wanted.

I now have 12 books total with a few books in the works on the site still, and I love them. Quite often I pull them off the shelf and look at them. I decided to go back and put together books starting from Rob and my first year together as a couple. The books are pretty small back then but that doesn't mean I still don't love those memories of when it was just the two of us.

Year in Review: 2010 // We met in November of 2009 and didn't take our first picture together until the end January 2010. It's crazy to see how much our relationship changed over the course of that year. We got engaged, went to Disney World, and just kept busy. This is definitely one of the smallest books I have but I love looking back at us baby faced when it was just the two of us.
Year in Review: 2011 // This was a pretty big year for us. We got married June of 2011 and went on our Honeymoon. I didn't include too many of those pictures in this book because I created different books for both of those things and I wanted to include pictures of our every day lives in this one. Stella was definitely featured a heck of a lot more than she is in current books.
Let's Call the Whole Thing Off: June 25, 2011 // For those of you who are wondering why I called it that it's because that was the name of our first dance song. I know it's confusing but go and find that song and listen to it and it may not make any more sense to you unless you know us but that's besides the point. This is one of the first books I put together. It was just sad to have so many pictures and have them just sitting on my computer, so I wanted to do something with it. All these early books I wasn't as comfortable with Mixbook and definitely just went with the template, only changing a few things (including quotes from our wedding and other quotes that mean something to us).
Kennebunkport, ME: Honeymoon // This is one of my favorites to look through; mostly because I look forward to going back there on our tenth anniversary. It also seems like so long ago and a bit of a blur so it's nice to look back and remember those little things I had long forgotten about. This again was one that I basically just used the template, however I did add in my first big text including the crazy story of our flights out just trying to get there.
Year in Review: 2012 // This was definitely one of the biggest years of our lives. This was the year our favorite little girl was born. It was the year we made the transformation from just a couple to parents. It seems like a lifetime ago as I navigated my first pregnancy and becoming a mom. How can I not love looking back at those adorable early pictures of Addison?
Pregnancy Weekly: Addison Sophia // This is definitely the biggest book I have ever put together. When I was pregnant with Addison I started crafting together a book of all the pregnancy updates I was doing on Defying Gravity including pictures but I learned quickly that I wasn't all that creative. So this is actually the very first book I put together. I found Mixbook because I was looking for a site that I could put together a book like this as creatively as I wanted. But this book definitely took a long time and a lot of editing.
Addison Sophia: Year One // I decided that I also wanted to put together a book of the letters I was writing to Addison each month, including pictures from that month. I love to look through and see how much she has changed. Included is milestones and her monthly pictures.
Year in Review:2013 // Another Year in Review book and this was the first year I started giving these Year in Review books as Christmas presents to both sets of parents. 
Addison Sophia: Year Two // Another book of letters to Addison, including her monthly pictures, pictures from that month, and milestones.
Year in Review:2014 // Every book I was getting better and better at making these books. I started going outside the template that was created and started adding more things in and changing things.
Year of Instagram: 2015 // I decided to put together a book of just Instagram pictures because some of my favorite pictures are on Instagram. So this was the first year that I really had Instagram and started putting it into a book for me to remember those very candid moments in our lives.
Year in Review: 2015 // Like I said every year I get better and better at putting together these books and this is definitely one of my favorites. I love how it turned out. Even though I saw it a thousand times putting it together I never get tired of looking at the pictures from last year.
I absolutely love this site. I think it's easy to use and the books always turn out amazing. Just recently I had my first experience with their customer service because one of my books came to me messed up. I sent them an email, including pictures of the problem, to them on Saturday and they had a new one ordered at no cost to me and upgraded shipping within the next hour.

I continue to work on books with them, including A Pregnancy Story: Connor James, Year in Review: 2016, Addison Sophia: Years Four-Eleven. I also just finish editing a couple and are ready for me to actually order.

I truly love how these books turn out. Depending on the size they aren't always cheap but they always have discounts and the quality is amazing. I will never go to another site to make these books because I love having complete control over the books and so many creative options. They have books already made or you can put together a blank book however you want to.

If you are looking for a place to put together books like these, I highly recommend Mixbook.

xo, B

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