Jan 16, 2017

A Pain in the Knee: Part VI (aka Knee Surgery & Recovery + Being a Mom = Really Hard)

I probably could just about wrap up my thoughts about being a mom and knee surgery with what you just read in the title. It's really hard. Some days it borders on impossible even. But I'm doing it.

In case you were living under a rock or new to the blog, I had knee surgery about a month and half ago. (You can check out the whole story down below by following the links.) So for the weeks following the surgery I was pretty helpless. I was on crutches for about three weeks which meant I couldn't take care of my kids, definitely not able to pick up Connor. Plus I was on pain killers and my knee was hurting pretty bad so I was mostly just laid up.

For the first week the hubs worked from home doing my job and his. Which he quickly discovered was close to impossible. He was definitely ready to go back to work the next week at which my mom came out and helped out during Rob's working hours. After that week, Rob took the next two weeks off which also happened to be Christmas and New Years. It was after the New Year that we didn't have any idea what we were going to do.

I was starting to get around better but we both seemed to have some doubts that I could make it through the day alone. I wasn't on the crutches anymore but my brace was still set at only a 30 degree bend and it was hard to get around. I was able to pick up Connor and carry him around. But I wore out quickly.

But I was ready to get back to "normal." I knew we weren't going to be anywhere close to normal for awhile but this was one step closer. The first day at being home alone with the two kids was actually a short day for me because I had a PT session and a knee follow-up appointment. It just so happened to be a good way to get my feet wet. The morning went well. We all survived. I was a bit worn out but I made it. And it just so happened that that day I got full range of motion with my brace. I was also cleared to sleep without it on, which meant I would hopefully get better sleep each night. And I was cleared to do a little walking without the brace on once the kids went to bed (they have a way of taking your feet out from under you and my knee still needed to be protected some).

We celebrated getting full range of motion then life continued as normal. Rob went back to work the rest of the week and I took care of the kiddos. We didn't do much I'll confess. We watched movies and hung around the house. But I had some learning to do. During my PT session in the morning was a little tougher when I had two kids running around and icing my knee for 20 minutes after that PT was near impossible thanks to those same two kids about. I had to stand up then pick up Connor when we got off the floor. Getting up and down from the floor constantly was harder and more painful than I thought it would be. I couldn't crawl after a very fast Connor who got into everything. Basically I struggled to keep up with him.

But I decided to just focus on one hour at a time. And before I knew it the week was up and the weekend flew by. With the new week looming we had to figure out Addie going back to school. Rob took over drop off and I decided to try pick up. The first day of pick up, carrying Connor across the parking lot was pretty exhausted and I was done but I did it. We then worked out Rob working from home the afternoons I had PT in order to help me out with the kiddos after PT when my leg was pretty done.

So although I was making it through the days, I'm struggling regularly. I get worn out easily. Addie is constantly moving and talking and going. Connor doesn't stop exploring and checking out things he shouldn't be. Plus that boy seems to be attracted to my knee and has tried to hit, kick or just crawl across my bad knee many many times.

Being a mom is hard work and endless and trying to do that while recovering from knee surgery (which is no joke by the way) is really hard. I hurt a lot. I've been hit in the knee occasionally. I count the hours until the hubs get home (who am I kidding?! I did this before the surgery too!). I struggle with frustration and exhaustion and sometimes pain throughout the day.

But everyday I can do more. My knee is getting stronger - my quad is slowly getting stronger. So although so much of my focus is recovering and getting back on my feet again, I am back to being a (solo) stay-at-home mom again.

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