Mar 9, 2017

Pink Cloud

It's a lot like our Black Cloud, in fact it is part of our Black Cloud except it involves a pink eye.

Yup, that's right we had a bad case of pink eye here and it was pretty much as awful as I would have thought it would be.

So last Thursday Addie came back and I noticed her eye looked a little irritated. But I didn't think too much about it since it was a windy day and we walked home from school that day. So I just figured her eyes were reacting to something in the air.


as the day went on it only got worse. So I started looking up pink eye. It was pretty much confusing because there was a lot of information of all kinds out there. It could be allergies causing pink eye. It could be a virus causing pink eye or bacterial pink eye. But eye drops will only really help if it's bacterial but how do you know if it's bacterial? I don't want my kid to go blind.

So after talking to my mom after it she suggested giving her some allergy medicine to at least rule out allergies. She went down for quiet time and all seemed okay. But when she got up her eye was bright red and that seemed like a bad sign. But the longer she was up the less red it got so I figured that was a good sign. The drainage which was a thick mucus type of drainage came back as the day went on however. That evening we actually had a Parent-Teacher Conference and I asked her teacher if she had noticed this earlier in the day, which she hadn't. But she asked to keep her updated on her.

The next day she seemed a little better actually. She didn't have school that day and Connor was under the weather, but she was a bit better. Her eye had a little bit going on but nothing major. But by the evening she was feeling awful. She ended up falling asleep in our bed at 6:30 and had a temperature of 101. We woke her up, got her changed and put her back to bed in her own bed without any fuss. The girl was clearly not feeling well.

The fever was gone the next day but now she had drainage in both eyes. It was getting worse and we discussed what to do about it. I had read that pink eye would clear up on its own sometimes it would take days, sometimes weeks. In her case she seemed to be getting worse. That morning when she woke up she couldn't open one of her eyes because it was crusted over from the night. We had to use a warm washcloth to finally get her eye open.

But as the day went on it got a little better, so we let it be.

Then Sunday and she couldn't really open either eye in the morning and her right eye was bright red. We were constantly clearing out her eyes she had so much. There was even enough that when she blinked it would get stuck on the top eyelid and cross in front of her vision. She was miserable. We had been wiping her eyes so much that under her eyes were just raw and red since her skin is so sensitive.

Basically it was awful. So we decided it was time to take her in because she couldn't go back to school like that. Our doctor is through College Park which has many offices and one of those offices was an after-hours walk-in clinic, so I decided to go there. Unfortunately we ended up waking 2 hours before we were seen to be told she had pink eye which took a total of 1 minute of the doctor's time. The poor girl was miserable but had watched a lot of classic Mickey on my phone.

So we got antibiotic eye drops. We gave her the first dose as soon as we got home which is a crazy experience trying to give a 4 year old eye drops. And about 30 minutes after giving it to her, her eyes began to swell. I then remembered that she told me that could happen and to call back if it did and they would give me something else. But by then the clinic was closed and since it was after-hours wouldn't be open until 6pm the next evening. Which is why I was really glad I went to the clinic I did because I called her doctor the next morning and they were able to look at her file see everything that happened the day before and give us new medicine without actually having to go in for an appointment.

So now 2 drops in each eye for 10 days. It's pretty much as awful as it sounds. But finally her eyes were on the mend. So she missed school on Monday because they wanted her on the antibiotic for 24 hours and we tried on Tuesday but she had a little drainage that morning so they sent her home (they are a little more cautious with her being in preschool since they give each other everything!).

But yesterday she was back at school. Her right eye has a tiny bit of red left but otherwise they look good. The skin under her eyes is slowly healing and getting better. And she is definitely feeling better.

The most amazing part of this whole story is the fact that the hubs, Connor and I all managed to avoid getting pink eye. Somehow. I don't know how. But whatever fates were in our corner, I'll take it.

So that is our first experience with pink eye and I seriously hope that was our last.

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