Jun 21, 2017

Our Next Adventure, Part II

Check out Part I here

I last left off with us selling our house in about 12 hours. Luckily we were able to have our closing date and the new owners taken possession a ways out so we had time to find a house, but we really needed to get ourselves in gear to actually find a house. 

So the afternoon after all the paperwork was signed on the house and put under contract, we went out house hunting with our realtor. We had been searching houses on adding them to a list but they were quickly disappearing - houses are selling fast around here - and houses were necessarily quickly being added back on. Honestly we were a little worried. Once upon a time I was worried about being able to sell our house but now I was worried about finding the right house for us. 

There was a few houses still left on our list so we started checking them out. We knew we wanted to stay in the area because everything was here. Our doctors, Rob's work, our favorite stores, our church. We didn't want to go too far but that did mean our choices were even more limited. 

We went to some houses that are closer to where we currently live and started looking around. The first house was empty and wasn't horrible but there was too much that needed to be done in that house just to update it. We left and headed to the next one. The next one was definitely on the higher end of our price range but was massive. There was a lot of square foot to the house but it smelled like a smoke and just didn't feel right. The third house we never even made it up the stairs because we knew quickly it wasn't the right house. Then we headed to the last house closer to where we are now but again it didn't feel like the right house. They were nice enough and the areas were great but just not right. 

So we headed farther south (I told Rob I would go south but not west - in fact earlier that day Connor and I went for a drive to see the area the farthest house on our list was to see if I would be actually willing to go that far south and it wasn't bad at all). This neighborhood was definitely nicer and new. There is a ton of construction in the area, but it was still in the Olathe school district which was a major deal breaker for me. 

We went into the first house, which is one that Rob and I had looked at online and both really liked, and we loved it from go. It was beautiful and open and everything we were looking for. The more we looked around the house the more we liked it. But we wanted to see the few other houses right in the same neighborhood that were slightly different in design. 

They were definitely all nice and beautiful. But when we walked into a house that was almost exactly the same as the first house that we loved except for a little extra space, we knew that was the house. We actually ended up going back to that house to check it out after we finished looking at the couple other houses on the list. We knew this was the house we wanted. 
So we made our decision. The house is still under some construction but will be ready by our closing date and we are so excited. It was everything we want. We have a three-care garage now. It's open. The living room, dining room, kitchen and a bathroom are all on the same level. The garage leads into the kitchen. There is a corner pantry. We have all four bedrooms up the same level. The master has a beautiful bathroom. The laundry is on the bedroom level (I am so pumped about that!) Two of the bedrooms have a jack and jill bathroom. The fourth bedroom has its own bathroom. We also have a basement which isn't finished at this point but we will definitely be adding another bedroom, bathroom and an entertainment area at some point, plus there is plenty of room to leave unfinished for storage.

This is exactly what we are looking for. The backyard isn't big and we will have to get permission from the Homeowner's Association (never had one of those before!) to fence it in and build our kids another playhouse but it shouldn't be an issue. We will have plenty of room for that and for them to have space to run around. We are walking distance to the local elementary school which is perfect for us having two kids who are fast (too fast) approaching the school age.

The neighborhood is new and we will be around construction for a bit but we are so excited. We are sad we have to wait so long to move it but it will be worth it. And it also gives us plenty of time to pack up this house and do what we need to do, plus summer is busy so it should fly by.

We are so excited that we were able to find our house. We can finally feel like we can relax and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be, although I was really drained by the time we were done with it all.

But our house sold (quickly, crazy!) and we found our house quickly so things are definitely good for us right now.

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