Aug 18, 2017


So today I am 31 years old. In the past I have done a lot of different posts for my birthday. For several years I have done my age amount of things about myself, but for this birthday I'm going with 31 things I have learned in my 31 years, plus a few other random things added in. Some of them funny. Some them not so funny. Some of them maybe just things that happen to me...

1. Being a mom is really really hard. Watching my kid go through a delay felt impossible and heartbreaking. Having an active and stubborn and impulsive kid is exhausting.

2. Turning 31 is harder for me than turning 30 was.

3. I should just accept that I may never be able to make meatballs that taste delicious.

4. I really don't use the crazy math that I learned in high school/college. I use basic math to do home budgeting.

5. Being married is hard. You have to work at it every day. You are going to fight and not get along (you are two different people after all) but it's worth working through and worth fighting for.

6. When you are in a hurry you will hit every red light. When you have time or leave really early, you will hit them all green.

7. Don't go to college with your high school friends. You don't get a chance to spread your wings and find your own way.

8. If you are the cook of the family - your family will want to eat every single day.

9. Knee surgery is horrible. It's painful and the recovery is long (it's been almost 9 months and still not 100%). Honestly I would say altogether it is worst than child birth (there's at least a see-able end to that pain).

10. If you have kids, toys will take over. If you have two kids are two different ages, you basically feel like you live in a toy store.

11. Some days you slay the day, other days you wear two different shoes and clean five poopy diapers.

12. As much as working out sucks sometimes, it can be a day changer and if you can just get through it, you will feel better. I go by the same rule as I once heard Lindsay Brin from Moms Into Fitness say, when you really don't feel like working out commit to 5 minutes and usually after that 5 minutes you just keep going and before you know it you are done and feel better.

13. We go by the rule around here that it's okay to go to bed angry as long as we go to bed together. We have learned that we get more angry and snippy with each other when we are tired and cooler heads prevail in the mornings when we can finish talking about whatever we were fighting about before but this time a lot more rational.

14. No matter when anyone tells you, you can't stock up on sleep so I find it completely stupid when people tell you to sleep while you can when you are pregnant.

15. Picking a boy's name was harder than picking a girl's. We even have a spare girl's name but got nothing when it comes to a boy's. Picking out a baby's name is a big deal because they are stuck with it for the rest of their life. No pressure or anything.

16. Moving with two small kids is really hard. Strike that. Moving is really hard.

17. Having a creative outlet has been a game changer for me. There is nothing that helps the anxiety like having a way to create and relax and process.

18. Social media is awesome but it is also really sucks.

19. Owning a shop (Our Beautiful Mess Shop) has been amazing and I love that I decided to start this journey and try to be a #girlboss. But it has also been hard and I am still learning so much. But what's the most important part of this is that it has been really good for me and I am so proud of myself and all I have achieved so far with my shop.

20. I hate winter and the cold and especially ice. But I would hate to live somewhere that didn't have all four seasons.

21. I have days where I get a ton of things done and I am so productive. And I have days I eat cookies and watch YouTube videos during naptime. Both kinds of days are so drastically different but both kinds of days are necessary and there's nothing wrong with either.

22. Going through the recovery process from knee surgery was easily one of the harder things I had to go through. I was definitely more mentally hard than I expected but of course it was physically hard (I can't say I'm done with with the recovery process). But the most mentally trying was definitely experiencing secondary infertility and the three miscarriages. I struggled for a long time and I know I'm definitely not the same person I was but I chose to let myself grow and be stronger from those experience rather than let it cripple me and my life.

23. When you chose you live a healthier lifestyle, it will have a more lasting impact than just focusing on eating healthy and exercising for weight loss. Weight loss will be a result of that healthier lifestyle but it will last and you will feel better for not just looking for a short term fix.

24. I don't know what power Mickey Mouse has over my child, but I am a fan when we are just having a tough day.

25. Always carry snacks. Either I get hungry or I have two hungry kids so always carry snacks.

26. It's really hard to maintain a blog when you go through a year long writer's block. But somehow I find something even if the content has been lacking a bit...

27. There is nothing quite like your toddler coming at your with their mouth wide open ready to give you the biggest sloppiest open mouth kiss. It's gross and sweet at the same time.

28. I used to regret leaving all the colleges and not really settling and never really knowing what I wanted in my early twenties but I don't anymore. Sometimes it makes me sad I didn't have a normal college experience but all those experiences led me to where I am now and meeting the hubs so I wouldn't change them or go back and make different choices now.

29. Apparently your stomach toughs a bit when you become a parent and you can handle the smells from come from your kid. But there has been a few moments that it has come close for me. The worst was definitely when Addison threw up goldfish. It was by far the worst throw-up ever. Although recently on vacation Connor threw up cheese and French fries all over me and that was pretty bad. But mostly my gag reflex is not so sensitive when it comes to my own kids but with other kids I'm done.

30. I have been keeping a journal since I was about in 3rd grade. I wasn't always the best at writing when I was that age but I have entries from way back when I was that age and that is crazy and a little funny. I love having all those journals from all those years. I have quite the collection of journals full of my life.

31. There are consquences, good or bad, to every choice. Life isn't about being perfect. Life is really hard and sometimes you are swimming and sometimes you are just treading water. But it's all a journey and all those moments are good and bad and everything in between but they are part of making you who you are and it's good to embrace all of it.

Well, there you have it. 31 things I have learned or just random things in there. I'm going to spend the rest of the day relaxing and spending it with my family, so have a great day and a great weekend! And until next year...

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