Jun 14, 2018

Bump to Baby: 8-11 Weeks

8 Weeks

You are now the size of a cranberry seed and you are growing so fast from week to week. Right now you are hard to measure in length because you are growing rapidly but some of that is just in your legs and arms while other times it is in your height and weight. You are slowly starting to look more baby like now even though your toys and fingers are webbed. Your tail is gone and you now have lips, a nose, and eyelids. You are starting to move more even if you are way too small for me to actually feel anything and your heart is beating nice and strong.

The queasiness adventure just keeps on rolling. There are definitely days that have been worse than others but mostly a lot of queasy. It's been really tough finding things to eat when everything just makes your stomach roll. I actually had my first real bout of morning sickness this week which I remembered how much I hated throwing up. And of course yours siblings were standing over me telling me they were ready for breakfast all the while. It was a tough morning. Truthfully mostly this week has just been pure exhaustion. I have had no energy. I'm not sleeping well at night despite being so tired. I'm getting up anywhere between once a night to five times in night to go to the bathroom which is really annoying. It's just a lot of the same where I don't feel good and I'm really tired. It's been a tough week.

Being pregnant is hard and truthfully I hate being pregnant. It also seems weird to say because I keep doing it but turns out the end result is pretty worth it all. The first trimester is hard because it's exhausting and finding things to eat is impossible. The second trimester you start feeling better but you start struggling to find clothes that fit. The third trimester is pretty much all bad. I haven't had the easiest pregnancies with both times developing serious pain in my shoulders from some skeletal issues once the babies get bigger. But at least that comes later. It's this first trimester that always hits me hardest. I haven't had too much morning sickness this time around but the constant queasiness is hard and has definitely influenced my feelings about food right now. I just hate feeling so off and tired. I hate getting up in the middle of the night then despite being so tired struggling to fall back to sleep because pregnancy insomnia seems to think it's funny. I pretty much struggle all nine months of pregnancy, but I go through it because it's all worth it.

(Sunday, May 13 - Saturday, May 19)

9 Weeks
You are now an inch long, about the size of a cherry. Your head is straightening and you are looking even more human this week. Your ears are starting grow, your toes are visible and all your vital organs are beginning to develop. You are moving around but I definitely won't be feeling you for awhile yet. But those movements meant your muscles are starting to develop, even if they are very small and all your movements are spontaneous right now.  This is your last week as an embryo before you become a fetus.

This week has actually been a bit easier than the last few. I haven't been quite as tired. I have been dreaming all night every night which doesn't give me the best sleep, but I don't have to have a nap
every day at least. Not to say that my energy is back because it definitely is, but at least not napping all afternoon is a step in the right direction. My queasiness has actually been better this week too. Although I say that but I have also thrown up twice this week, which includes barely coming to a stop in a random neighborhood before it all came up. That one was rough. Normally it gets worse if I haven't eaten in awhile. It's really frustrating that that I'm hungry but instead of being able to eat I get sick. A lot of my symptoms really eased up a bit which has caused me some anxiety, but then I do something like throw up because I'm hungry and I'm reminded that everything is just fine.

It's funny to say but I think that Stella Cat knew I was pregnant before I knew - or at least knew officially. I always had an idea because I had gone through early pregnancy symptoms so many times before but it wasn't official until I actually took a test. However Stella started sleeping on me at night, which maybe wouldn't be that unusual except that unless it was the dead of winter she didn't sleep on me all night. But she was very clingy and even if I pushed her off so I could move, she just moved right back. The only times she had been so determined to lay on me before was when I was pregnant with Addison and Connor. She was part of the reason I started to suspect that there was something more than PMS symptoms going on. Of course I had already started to suspect because I had some odd symptoms going on, but she just helped confirm to me that I should probably take a test, which of course turned out to be a nice strong positive.

(Sunday, May 20 - Saturday, May 26)

10 Weeks
You are now officially a fetus! Congratulations! You are about the size of a kumquat or an prune depending on where you look. You are about an inch and half long. Your bones and cartilage are forming now, including now small indentations on your legs which will form your knees and ankles. Your arms, which already have your elbows, can flex even if they are still tiny. Your tooth buds are also starting to form under your gums. Your vital organs are also busy with your stomach now producing digestive juices and our kidneys are producing a large amount of urine. All your systems are busy developing and you are growing and changing so quickly.

If the throwing up wasn't enough to reassure me that I was pregnant than the random nosebleed I got was definitely a sign. I only ever get nosebleeds when I'm pregnant. When Addie it was only once and Connor it was always later in pregnancy, but you have already given me one and I haven't even made it out of the first trimester! I have noticed lately that in the evening I don't look too different than normal but the evening I have a much bigger belly that looks somewhere between a bump and just a big chubby. Gotta love the bloat. Mostly it's just been another week of queasiness and struggling with food. I have definitely struggled with morning sickness a bit more. And although I thought I was past the extreme exhaustion, I seemed to battling that again thanks to dreaming all night and just plain not sleeping well.

There are so many things I forgot about when it comes to pregnancy and one of those things is my intense breakouts. I apparently am not one of those women who get nice clear skin with a beautiful pregnancy glow. No, no, my face breaks out like I'm a teenager all over again. It's really quite frustrating to be fighting acne now in my thirties with my third kid on the way. I have been doing my best to combat the acne with some natural face wash and even more with face masks which I have suddenly started loving. I would definitely prefer the pregnancy glowing but I have not been so lucky with any of my pregnancies and I think this one might be the worst yet in regards to breakouts. But if the end results is a baby then I'll take the bad acne for a few months. I just wish they didn't hurt so much.

(Sunday, May 27 - Saturday, June 2)

11 Weeks
You are still pretty small but you are growing pretty quickly each week now. You are looking even more like a human these days. Your features are much more distinct now with hands and feet developing, ears almost in their final spot, a little nose with open nasal passages, and even a tongue. Your hair follicles are starting to form even if you might be bald when you are born. You even have fingers and toes on your hands and feet with growing nail beds. Your body is finally starting to straighten and lengthen. You are doing all kinds of moving in there from stretching out to somersaults.

This week was a rough one. I'm pretty sure I spent the entire week
just throwing up. On top of that I also got sick which definitely didn't help matters. So I was even more tired because trying to deal with pregnancy plus a sore throat and a cough was a terrible combination. Then the drainage started and that upset my stomach even more. I only had one day where I didn't throw up actually. And all the other days it was at least twice a day. I had one day that I kept nothing down which was a terrible day and I spent the majority of it napping. I have definitely started to pop too. At times it has made me feel very uncomfortable because I feel just chubby even though I know it's really just a growing belly. Your dad always calls my growing belly my abs of steel which is just his way of telling me that I am anything but chubby.

It's still going to be a bit before we find out if we are having a girl or a boy but I always find it's fun to think about it now. And we have done our fair share of talking about it. Addie's thoughts are that she would like a sister but she would be okay. Connor has no clue what is happening. I told Rob that a boy would be nice for Connor to have another boy around when we are around their cousins but I also have a lot of adorable girls' clothes I would love to use again. But really we don't care although we will be finding out as soon as we can!

Chinese gender chart = GIRL (I found a site where I just put in my age and the month we conceived and it told me girl so there you go.)

Heartbeat = GIRL (If the heart rate is more than 140 then it's a girl, if less than a boy. The heart rate was in the 150s. Although I should note that this has never been true for me. Connor actually had a higher heart rate than Addison.)

Cravings = GIRL (If you crave sweets then girl. Sour means boy. Truthfully I haven't wanted either one but I have eaten more sweet than sour, although what I really wanted for awhile was salty. But mostly I can't find anything to want to eat. Apparently my life is just full of aversions these days.)

Mayans = BOY (The Mayans add the age of the mother and the year of conception. If the number is even the it's a girl; if it's odd then it's a boy.)

Necklace over palm of hand = BOY (If the necklace swings back and forth then it's a boy. If it swings in a circle then it's a girl.)

Morning sickness  = GIRL (Bad morning sickness is supposed to mean girl. And I have done a lot of throwing up lately. This one is much closer to how things were with Addison than with Connor although I did throw up with him during the first trimester than every single day at the start of a new week which my doctor told me was just because of the change of hormones.)

Baby's father's weight = BOY (If the baby daddy gains weight than it's a girl. I think this is just a funny wives' tale which is always why I keep this one around but how could it mean anything at all!?)

Clumsy = BOY  (Don't hand me anything you don't want dropped because I am a mess these days. Apparently more clumsy means boy.)

What side I sleep on = BOY (I actually sleep mostly on my back I think but that's just because I'm sick, but I do get the most comfortable on my left which means boy.)

Hands constantly dry = BOY (I don't get how this is a thing but I guess it is.)

Cold feet = BOY (My feet are always cold. I wear socks around my house in the summer always.)

Headaches = BOY (I have had some killer headaches this pregnancy. There was one that just took me down for a day, it was so bad.)

So if you go by this then we are having a boy. But I this is the first time I actually think we are having a girl. I don't know why exactly but I truly think this one is a girl. I thought my first two were both boys and I was only right once so there's that. But that doesn't mean these aren't fun to do and think about until you can actually find out what we are having. We don't really care one way or the other. We have one of each already and both are amazing so we just look forward to having this third one no matter girl or boy.

(Sunday, June 3 - Saturday, June 9)

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