Aug 17, 2018

32 // Happy Friday

1. I love the Great British Baking Show. It is so proper and polite. The American cooking shows like Cutthroat Kitchen stresses me out and upsets me, but I love how calmly sweet (pardon the pun) this show is. I watch it whenever I see it on PBS.

2. I hate long fingernails. I can tell the moment they start to get too long and if I can even barely see them over my finger then they have to be cut. I just can't stand them long.

3. I hate listening to books. I also hate reading books on a screen. I want the real deal.

4. I used to know how to read music. I played piano for a bit so I learned before I was old enough to be in band. Then I was in band for 8 years (I started on the baritone then was switched to the tuba in seventh grade.)

5. The first time AMC had the big tubs of popcorn at the movie theater (or at least the first time we got it), I was so excited. We didn't go to the movies a lot and I love movie popcorn. I was carrying the tub between both hands. We were about to walk into the actual theater when suddenly I fumble and lose some of the popcorn. I didn't trip. I wasn't carrying anything else. I just seemed to have lost complete control of my hands and fumbled. I was laughing really hard but I was also secretly sad to have lost some of the popcorn out the tub I knew was too big for me to actually eat it all.

6. I have been married for 7 years now and I have yet to figure out how to sign my last name in a way I like. I just don't like my signature and I haven't found a way I like yet. That v in the last name really messes up my groove. Maybe by 10 years I'll have it figured out.

7. I really like cream cheese. I seriously love the stuff. Unfortunately dairy can make my PCOS worse and even worse is that I really can't have too much bread (carbs makes my stomach hurt) so I can really eat bagels. I think about bagels and cream cheese way more than I should though.

8. I find action movies where the military or secret service or police or whoever is fighting a "bad guy" who is invading the USA really annoying. I know it's all for action-sake but I hate how they make the non-hero "good guys" completely incapable of defeating them and like they can't do anything right. It really bugs me.

9. I think my toes look weird without nail polish, but I rarely paint my fingernails because I always chip them so fast.

10. I can't drive at night without my glasses. I have pretty bad night vision.

11. I love getting mail. I think snail mail is just really fun.

12. Rob and I once watched The Adjustment Bureau. I didn't do anything else throughout the whole movie but actually watched it. But it wasn't until the end of the movie that I realized it was a sci-fi movie (spoiler alert). I don't know how I didn't know but somehow I made it all the way through and as the credit started I turned to Rob and asked him if this was a sci-fi movie.

13. I hate pruny hands.

14. I wear the top of my shoe through with a little hole with my toe because I kick my toes up. It's only on my left foot.

15. I hate going to the dentist because I become super aware of my tongue and feel like I have to swallow every second.

16. I have a pretty low resting heart rate. It is about 55 on average.

17. I hit my elbows an insane amount of times. Rob finds it hilarious at this point because I can find anything to hit my elbow on and it's always in the most painful spot that makes my whole arm go numb.

18. Babies are great (I have two already and one on the way) but I am completely and totally freaked out by the cord. It's so creepy when it falls off. But what really gets me is the soft spot. I am completely freaked out when you can see their heartbeat in their soft spot. It gives me shivers just thinking about it.

Hey that me and my soft spot.
19. I am often given compliments about my handwriting but about 90% of the time I don't love it. It's a mix of print and cursive and I have been writing like this since high school.

20. I have fought with acne for all of my teenage years. After meeting Rob my face started clearing up (perhaps because that man makes me happy) but with my pregnancy with Addison and now again with this pregnancy (girls are pesky) the acne is back. Although I know it's hormones it's makes me self-couscous. As if I wasn't already fighting a crazy battle against the scars and trying to repair my skin and this definitely doesn't help.

21. When Addison was younger than Connor now and we were at the old house, she freaked out in her crib in the middle of the night. We both shot out of bed and sprinted down the hallway. However I was half-asleep and smashed into the wall full speed into a wall. I knew it hurt but I didn't feel it. Once we knew she was fine, the pain started. I was seriously seeing stars and couldn't put weight on my foot. I thought I broke it. Turns out I didn't, but my toes actually have a weird split where I ran into the corner. They don't lay together like they used to. Literally the pain we go through for our kids...

22. I was really nervous when I opened Beautiful Mess Plans Co which is my planner sticker shop. I still had Our Beautiful Mess Shop at this point and although it did well it was a mega success. It also wasn't making me happy. So I was searching for something else and got myself into the planner community. Rob was on board and loved the idea from the start. It is doing really well and I am enjoying what I am doing now. I can stay home still and still make a little extra money for our family and that makes me feel good about finding that balance.

23. I don't listen to a lot of podcasts because I just lose interest and most of the time I would rather listen to music, but I am completely addicted to the podcast My Favorite Murder. Those women are funny and the stories are crazy. I love the long podcast with the featured murders but my favorite is the Monday Hometown Murders where they read letters from listeners and those stories are hilarious. I listen to it mostly while cooking or working on shop stuff (there is cussing so headphones only).

24. My favorite game is Clue and I can't wait until Addison is old enough to play because we just can't play with two.

25. I love DC TV shows (Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl) but hate their movies. I'm not as big of a fan of Marvel shows (although I do watch Agents of Shield) but love their movies.

26. I love how my hair looks curled and I personally think it's the best for it because it gives body and life (I have really fine, thin hair), but I hate actually doing it. I haven't really found the quickest way I like that works the best. Plus in the summer it's just depressing to spend the time doing it since it just falls in the heat. Maybe that's why I like fall so much - because my hair always looks the best.

27. I love a clean house but hate cleaning.

28. I am more likely to turn off a movie if an animal dies than if a person dies. I struggle with animal movies quite a bit. I don't watch any animal-centric movie.

29. Sometimes I end up taking a nap in the afternoon when Connor is napping and I always feel so bummed when I do because although I needed the nap I don't like that I used that alone time to sleep instead of do something I wanted to do.

30. Buying new school supplies was my favorite part of the year. I liked the fresh start. Also it took a while to stop thinking of a year in terms of a school year, but now that Addison is back in school I'm back to thinking of years that way. It's kind of sad because Rob doesn't get summer break even if the "year is over."

31. I am addicted to Guy's Grocery Games. I like that it's a fun competition show and I like that they are often so generous. Plus it is pretty funny.

32. I find airplanes completely fascinating. They are so big yet they fly through the air. But I am also a nervous flyer. The landings and take-offs are the worst for me and also the whole being trapped thing but I will fly when I have to. I might also be a little more nervous because I have seem an insane amount of the show Air Disasters and often it is just a flunk thing or pilot error.

And that's it. 32 random facts and stories about me in honor of my 32nd birthday tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!
Happy Friday!

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