Nov 7, 2018

Seven on the Seventh

1. For the last week or so I have noticed an awful smell in the pantry. It was driving me crazy and I had no idea what it was. Finally I asked Rob if he smelled it to which he did, but we didn't know what it was. The next couple of days I just kept trying to figure out what it was. Then one evening when I was getting a bowl of cereal, I discovered what had happened. I had gotten some potatoes a month or so ago and apparently forgotten about them. They had somehow liquefied and that was the awful sell. The shelf has a gross stain and we had to do some major clean up. But we found the cause of the awful smell at least. But how does that even happen? I have never had that happen ever! I had had potatoes start growing but never turn to liquid. Weird and really really gross.

2. For the third time in his little life I took Connor to get his haircut. I wasn't sure how it was going to go because it wasn't thrilled about the first two times. But I figured that as he gets older it will continue to get easier. So I took him first thing in the morning to just get it done. There was another little boy there - a little younger than Connor - who screamed for fifteen minutes while getting his hair cut. I was truthfully a little nervous about Connor would do, but the screaming didn't bother him and then it was his turn. He chose the Captain America motorcycle - I wasn't sure how that went actually - but he held on to Cap's shield and watched Paw Patrol and just sat there. He flinched a few times but not a peep out of him the whole time. He was completely chill. He desperately needed the haircut because his hair was in his eyes and over his ears which I think was starting to bother him. But I can't get over how much older he always looks after a haircut.

3. Last week when Rob was taking my 32 week pregnancy picture I made a comment about it was easier to take my picture than the 32 month old (meaning Connor who just turned 32 months and I just put up his monthly letter last week). He had to stop and think about it because it had him really confused. I told him I am 32 years, Connor is 32 months and Emma is 32 weeks. 32 must be our number at least for a week. (Rob is also 32 years actually - but poor Addie doesn't fit into the number 32.)

4. Have you ever had a Monday that was so clearly a Monday? We had one of those last week. The kids were a pain getting up that morning. I slept terribly (not a shock considering I'm pregnant and just not sleeping well). Then Rob went to leave for work and the car wouldn't start so he walked with us to school so I could drive him to work (I needed the other car that day). I found a huge hairy spider when I was opening the blinds. And I fought the printer all morning just trying to print an order that had come in the night before. It was a scream in your pillow and go back to bed kind of day.

5. After going to bed at 8:30 (about a half hour later than normal) on Halloween, Connor was up at 5:40 the next morning. Yikes! I knew it was going to be a rough day. He was a little cranky all morning but nothing too terrible. He started asking me for a snack at 10 which I told him no, that we would have lunch soon. At about 10:30 he headed upstairs. I followed a little bit later to see what he was up to. I found him asleep in his bed. I had no idea what to do. We hadn't had lunch. Naptime wasn't coming for another two hours. I figured he needed the sleep so I let him. I ate my lunch and started working on whatever I was going to do during the normal naptime and figured I would just let him sleep. It was just odd. He ended up getting up just shy of 2:00. Apparently he really needed the sleep.

6. Since we got the Traverse and we moved over Connor's car seat, Rob has taken over driving the Equinox. He told me he had been having trouble with it starting lately. Then last Monday he went to head to work as we were heading out to walk to school. He popped up next to us and told us that he would be walking with us that day because the car wouldn't start and I would need to drive him to work that day. Rob ended up driving the Traverse the rest of the week since I didn't the car. Friday Rob was off and we decided we needed to deal with it because we really needed our second car. We tried again and the car still wouldn't start so we called AAA for a tow to the dealership. He came out and tried jumping it but nothing. He said it might be the starter. We got it out of the garage and he towed it off to the garage. A few hours later Rob got a call that the car was done and it turned out that it was the battery (the odd part was that the last time the battery died, the key got stuck in the ignition and we could at least jump it but not this time). They also changed our headlight (we asked them to) because on the Equinox, you actually have to take off the entire front of the car in order to change the headlight (it's stupid and the worst part about that car). Of course it cost a dumb amount of money but at least it's working again and we are back to to cars.

7. Since getting pregnant I have dropped two different plates of food on the floor and made a huge mess. Of course in the seven some months I have been pregnant two plates doesn't seem like a lot but considering I have never before done it means I'm not doing great. Both were plates of pasta. When I dropped the plate yesterday I lost it, calling Rob crying. Addison brought me Kleenexes and Connor asked me what's wrong. Rob determined me that hormones were to blame for my crying about it and reassured me there was still plenty of food left. I think I was actually more upset about the fact that I got spaghetti all over my only pair of comfortable maternity pants than the fact that I actually dropped another plate.

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